Tyrant Of Rome

Improving Daily Life

y could buy a lot of food with that. The farmers were disappointed, how come did they get only 30 copper coins for every harvest? The farmers had to give up 50% of their crops to the government as tax.

”Your majesty! I don think its fair that we only get 30 copper coin for our harvest, we even give you 50% of the harvest! ”

Roman nodded. He knew if he wanted the farmers not rebel he would have to raise their pay.

”How about we raise the pay from 30 coppers to 25 silver coins? ”

The farmer who had spoken was delighted.

”Thank you, your majesty! ”

Roman looked at the man and started walking away. He had other plans, he needed to industrialize.

The Eastern Romans who planning on invading The Western Roman Empire quickly stop. The Sassanids had invaded from the east. Their invasion to the west had to stop for now. The Huns and the Mongols were now headed towards to balkans. Roman wanted Rome to industrialize but how do you industrialize?

Next chapter: ”Step to industrialization ”

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