Tyrant Of Rome

Step to industrialization

Roman had made it back to Rome. He introduced the Three-field system and he had a hard time making a moldboard because he didn know what it looked like. Luckily Roman had the help of the system. The system had given him a instruction manual to build a moldboard.

The farmers who had started doing the Three-field system were impressed. If one crop failed failed they still had 2 other. And with the Moldboard was a great help to plow the land. A few days after these developments The emperor had called for all Citizen of of Rome to gather in for a speech.

”Citizens of Rome, I am introducing new jobs for you to do. The Jobs you can joins are, Wcmonalds, blacksmith assistants, and a whole lot of clothes stores. All these jobs are paying 20 silver coins per hour! ”

The citizens of Rome were shocked. 20 silver coins per hour? The most they were getting payed were 30 copper coins per harvest.

”We have many Jobs coming across the empire as well. We will also be opening a ”special job ” that will help with our war against the Eastern Romans! ”

The citizens were happy. 20 sliver per hour? They could buy a lot of food with that. The farmers were disappointed, how come did they get only 30 copper coins for every harvest? The farmers had to give up 50% of their crops to the government as tax.

”Your majesty! I don think its fair that we only get 30 copper coin for our harvest, we even give you 50% of the harvest! ”

Roman nodded. He knew if he wanted the farmers not rebel he would have to raise their pay.

”How about we raise the pay from 30 coppers to 25 silver coins? ”

The farmer who had spoken was delighted.

”Thank you, your majesty! ”

Roman looked at the man and started walking away. He had other plans, he needed to industrialize.

The Eastern Romans who planning on invading The Western Roman Empire quickly stop. The Sassanids had invaded from the east. Their invasion to the west had to stop for now. The Huns and the Mongols were now headed towards to balkans. Roman wanted Rome to industrialize but how do you industrialize?

Next chapter: ”Step to industrialization ”

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