Tyrant Of Rome

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”Atilla weve found a thousand or so roman troops here ”

Atilla looked at the sight in front of him.

”Changetz, what happened to the troops we sent to take care of the Roman cavalry? ”

Changetz sighed.

”Apparently the Romans killed one of our officers and when our troops saw that they broke ranks ”

Atilla looked disappointed. Atilla looked at the thousand Romans and sighed. Where was their leader? Did he abandon them?

”Changetz there are troops from coming from our east ”

Changetz gather up his cavalrymen for battle.

Roman had come with an army of 10,000 or so, originally he was planning on bringing 20,000 but that was too expensive. He order his translator to say they come in peace.

”We come in peace! We come in peace! We come in peace! ”

Atilla looked at the strange sight. Was this a trap or did they want peace? Well even so he came here wanting himself a wife and he was gonna ask for a wife.

Both armies came closer and closer. Atilla and Roman stared face to face. Roman told his translator to say we will give you 3,000 gold to stop invading Gaul.

”Atilla the hun, please stop invading our province, we will pay you 3,000 gold ”

Atilla considered this. 3,000 gold was a good amount of gold but he needed more.

”I need more gold, I also came here looking for a wife, let me tell you this, if you bring me a good wife, Ill stop invading your province ”

The translator translated it to the Roman emperor. Roman told the translator to agree and make the deal.

”I want 10,000 gold and a wife ”

The translator looked shocked, 10,000 gold? He quickly told Roman what Atilla was demanding. Roman was pissed but he knew he had to to focus on the Eastern Roman Empire. Roman told to translator to agree to the deal but he wants a alliance of some sorts.

”We agree to your deal but we want you to help us against the Eastern Romans. ”

Atilla laughed. He wasn gonna help these idiots.

”Atilla this is a good time to weaken those Eastern Romans, these guys will fight on the main front while we will fight on the north of the balkans. We can steam roll through the Balkans. ”

Atilla nodded. It was a good idea to invade Eastern Rome especially since the balkans had a lot of treasure they could plunder.

”We will help you but I want the wife to be the pale women next to you. Goodbye see you in the battlefield, Romans. ”

The translator translated what he said to Roman. Roman was pissed. But he couldn say anything right now because he couldn do anything. When the war with The Eastern Romans needed he would have superior technology compared to the Huns.

Flavius Aetius had seen the peace deal from far away. He was glad his emperor had arrived before those Huns could kill his soldiers he hid. After the Huns had left he approached his emperor.

”Thank you your majesty, without you we wouldve died ”

Roman awkwardly smiled.

”Don worry about it Flavius Aetius. We need to focus on our attention on the Eastern Romans. While those two were chatting the Romans to the East had mobilized soldiers by the balkans and a naval invasion being attempted.

While the Eastern Romans had been mobilizing more west they had only left 10,000 or so soldiers to defend the threat that was the Sassanids. The Sassanids had taken notice of the lower troop numbers. The Sassanids just got the news Eastern Rome had been preparing to go to war with the Western Roman Empire. The Sassanids knew it was a good opportunity to invade the Eastern Romans.

Next chapter: ”New better way to farm! Three-field system ”

Yo guys hope you enjoyed it and yeah Ik my writing skill needs improvement. And as anyways have a good day.


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