Ch18 – “What are you pretending to be such an upright gentleman for?”

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Trigger Warning: (Dubcon) Orgy



The interior of the house was very simple, its dominant colour ashen white.
Everything was kept brand new, without any part having been specially designed.
Half of the area on the second floor was an outdoor balcony arranged with huge beach umbrellas and a few lounge chairs.
In this home that looked like a blank canvas, the only thing that stood out was green– light green, lush green, forest green, dark green, juniper green… Different types of greens were intertwined, giving a sense of vitality and hope.


At a glance, it was full of green plants.



Bai Tang’s feet were already in better shape, and there was no pain when he’d walk on his heels.
He hugged the little German Shepherd and observed the new environment with some vigilance.
He saw that there was a large plant wall between the kitchen and the living room, connecting the ceiling and the floor.
When he looked closer, he realized that the wall was actually a hollowed-out shelf, covered with creepers, and several jade green rootstocks curled out and hung down.



Bai Tang looked left and right nervously, caught the alpha in the kitchen with his peripheral vision, and then quickly moved the tiny stems and leaves back to the shelf.


Jiang Yunshu was rinsing the rice with his hands, but his eyes had been carefully observing Bai Tang’s situation.
From the beginning, Bai Tang had been standing in front of the wall of creepers nervously not knowing what to do, like a thief.



He waited patiently, and after a while he saw Bai Tang lift his thin hand just to get a few straggling creepers back to the shelf.
One of them was particularly disobedient.
It got up, down, up, down.
Bai Tang was at a loss.
His eyes were trembling, his fingers were fidgeting.
He glanced at him several times.


Jiang Yunshu immediately withdrew his eyes and pretended not to know, devoting himself to stirring the rice that had been washed for more than ten minutes.
The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, like the kind smile of an old father, and there was a sense of accomplishment that the kitten he had been raising for a long time was finally willing to stretch out a paw from his cage to test the outside world.


When he saw that Bai Tang was lurking here and there just near the kitchen, he just said, “Bai Tang, there are two bedrooms above, which one do you like?”


Bai Tang didn’t even think about it, and said timidly, “….Sir should choose first.”


Jiang Yunshu then said, “Then I’ll take the one on the left.” The sunny room on the right had better lighting.
He glanced at the creeper wall on the way, and saw the disobedient little root wounded around several times on the shelf.



Bai Tang subconsciously responded, “Okay…Thank you, sir.” Only later did he realise that something was wrong.
He wasn’t allowed to sleep in a bed, let alone have a room that belonged solely to him.
However, the alpha gave only two options when asking questions, a type of questioning that could easily trap others.
The typical example of this fact was what just happened.


But he had already answered.
When Bai Tang was struggling to save his situation, he heard the alpha say, “Bai Tang, come up with a name for the dog, I don’t want to use my brain and have a headache.”

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This was quite ingenious.
I threw the job to you because I didn’t want to do it. The active-passive relationship changed instantly.


Bai Tang looked really hesitant.
He really wanted to name the dog.
He dreamed about it every night when he went to bed that if he had a pet, what name would he give it.
He had already thought about the name.
He asked tentatively, “Sir, can we call it Heitang?”


“Yo mbegrf,” Aljcu Tecrte tbbxfv tlr ilqr jcv joolgwfv.
“Pa’r j nfgs clmf cjwf.”


Bai Tang didn’t expect Alpha to be obliging.
He was stunned for a moment, then his expression smoothed out, surprise stained his pale face.
He lowered his head to look at the little German Shepherd who was rubbing against his arms, and whispered repeatedly, “Heitang! This is your name.
Heitang, Xiao Heitang.”


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“What’s wrong?” Jiang Yunshu naturally took over the rice bowl from Bai Tang, all the while knowing that Bai Tang was actually looking for a substitute for a small table.


Bai Tang’s eyes locked on the small speakerbox on the ground.


Jiang Yunshu’s tone was doubtful.
“There shouldn’t be room for the two of us there.”



Bai Tang wore an indistinct expression, his sight drifting to the flower pot shelf.


Jiang Yunshu expressed his resistance.
“It’s very dirty.”


In short, Jiang Yunshu followed wherever Bai Tang wanted to go, and finally, with a firm attitude, compelled Bai Tang to take the first step- sitting at the table to eat.


After dinner, Jiang Yunshu took a bath and went to sleep.
The siren in his head kept blaring.
He remembered that in his previous world, he was over fatigued and his cerebral blood vessels ruptured.
At this moment, he finally felt a little bit of fear, not because he was afraid of dying again, but because he was afraid that after his death, Bai Tang would have no protection.


The next morning, Secretary Xu came to the company and saw his boss sitting upright.
He did not know how long he had been studying oncology.


Secretary Xu had long gone numb from this sight.
“Good morning, President Jiang.”


Jiang Yunshu bobbed.


Secretary Xu was about to do other things when his nose suddenly moved.
He wondered, “President Jiang, do you smell something strange? A fishy smell.”


Jiang Yunshu was deadpan.


“No? It really smells.” Secretary Xu sniffed left and right.
“It smells a bit like… a food market.”



“No.” Jiang Yunshu’s face was solemn.
He just wanted to get rid of any living presence.
“Go to work.”


Secretary Xu left with a bewildered face.


Jiang Yunshu let out a relieved sigh.
He put the neatly cut, needle-strewn pork hidden under the table back into the refrigerator, opened the window, and sprayed out the air freshener.


In fact, every morning, he would go to the food market to buy 3-4 catties of pork, and then put on several layers of plastic bags and bring them to the office for a ‘surgery’.


If he didn’t keep practising, not only would the sensation in his hand worsen, but his hand movements would also become further unstable.
Besides, he could bring home the pork to cook after using it, wasn’t that a plus?


It was just that he didn’t expect Secretary Xu to arrive early today.
Jiang Yunshu had just finished cleaning up, and he hadn’t had time to ventilate yet.


Fortunately, he was not seen, otherwise, Secretary Xu’s expression would’ve been something like, “Shocked, the president is cutting pigs in the office” and a “shocked my mother, you actually have such a hobby“.


Jiang Yunshu was drawing the key points while thinking about whether Bai Tang had gone to bed, whether he had woken up, and whether he had breakfast.
At that moment, the phone rang.
When he checked it, it was an unfamiliar number.


He picked it up.


“President Jiang, why did you leave the hospital without telling us good brothers!” The other side said, “We can’t have a good time without President Mr.
Why don’t we play to our heart’s content tonight?”



Good brothers? The original owner’s friend? Jiang Yunshu frowned slightly.
He said, “All right.


“Nice!” The other side was very excited.
“The address has been sent to your phone.
See you tonight at 8 o’clock.”


A baffled Jiang Yunshu looked at the phone that was hung up.
Couldn’t this person listen to what he’s going to say after ‘you’?


He immediately made a phone call to tell Bai Tang that he would be back later this evening and that the housekeeping aunt would come over to cook for him when the time comes.
It was still the former beta aunt, so that he wouldn’t be afraid.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, Jiang Yunshu went to the appointment venue on time.
The place was an unknown hub for elements full of debauchery.
The music playing was deafening, the handsome, scantily clad boys on the stage swayed their hips and danced, and the people below the stage screamed and revelled.
He passed through the crowd expressionlessly and was taken to a private room.


Jiang Yunshu was already thinking of leaving.
His mind was filled with the self-consciousness that his family couldn’t come to such a place.
When he was about to turn around and leave, the door opened and an alpha draped over his shoulder, jokingly raving, “Why didn’t President Jiang go in as soon as he arrived? Everyone’s here waiting for you.”


Jiang Yunshu seamlessly shook his hand off his shoulder and kept a distance from the alpha.


The smile on the alpha’s face momentarily froze, then he hooked Jiang Yunshu’s neck again and raised his eyebrows.
“Why are you acting so unfamiliar lately? Okay, you go ahead and play first.
You can be on top!”


The tip of Jiang Yunshu’s nose was filled with the strong smell of smoke.
He felt a little unwell, but he didn’t know that the scene behind the door would almost make him spit out last night’s meal.


A fair-skinned, naked young man was pressed by several tall and robust alphas.
His mouth was open to the extreme, his legs were spread to the widest extent, his face was mixed with tears and saliva, and there were a few drops of bright blood on the ground.



“There’s only one omega tonight.
President Jiang wouldn’t mind if we played first, right?” With a playful smile donning the alpha’s face, he pointed to the other side of the room.
“There are a lot of betas over there, all of which are fitting for President Jiang’s tastes.
Go pick and choose?”


Jiang Yunshu felt a burst of nausea and his complexion was extremely poor.
He suddenly shook off the alpha’s hand and walked out.
His voice was also extremely cold, “Sorry I won’t be able to keep you company.”


The alpha was shrugged off repeatedly and he looked like he was about to make a scene He snorted coldly and taunted, “Oh, come on, President Jiang, what are you pretending to be such an upright gentleman for? You’ve fucked around so many times.
Wasn’t it you who always played the craziest every time?”

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