As a matter of fact, Bai Tang didn’t care if the alpha was fooling around at all.
He stood quietly in the same place and saw the alpha take out the results and show it to him. 


Jiang Yunshu said with difficulty, “But I heard from those people that Jiang—I, should have been cheating before, repeatedly… Did you know?” He confessed because he believed that Bai Tang had the right to know.


Bai Tang lowered his eyelashes.
How could he not know? He’s an omega, not a beta.
He could smell how disgusting the alpha was whenever he would come home, but he didn’t care at all, not even in the slightest.
After all, he had long held a severe dislike for Jiang Yunsu. 


This was enough for the present Bai Tang to confirm that the alpha wouldn’t harm Heitang.


Bai Tang met Jiang Yunsu when he was 16 years old.
He clearly remembered that it was a summer evening.
A plane had flown over at a low altitude, bringing with it a deep roar.
He had been helping out at the grocery store opened by his grandmother and had happened to meet Jiang Yunsu who had come to buy water. 


Attraction sparked at first sight. Jiang Yunsu was attracted to the youthful and alluring Bai Tang.
He couldn’t take his eyes away after just a single glance.
Bai Tang also blushed at the tall and handsome Jiang Yunsu.
When he was checking out, the alpha cheekily asked for the omega’s contact information.



Naturally, they became friends.
Later, Jiang Yunsu launched an extremely intense pursuit of Bai Tang. 


Not long after Bai Tang’s 17th birthday, the only grandmother who had loved him passed away.
He no longer had any relatives.


Jiang Yunsu dedicated himself to taking care of the heartbroken omega with all his heart.
In those days of agony, whenever Bai Tang cried until he fell asleep every night.
He would then open his eyes the next day and definitely see the alpha’s caring eyes.


Bai Tang couldn’t pay the tuition fees.
When he wanted to apply to be a financially struggling student, it was Jiang Yunsu who stood up and helped him pay the tuition for his second and third year of high school. 


After graduating from high school, on Bai Tang’s 18th birthday, Jiang Yunsu proposed to him, and as Bai Tang had already fallen in love with this alpha, he shyly agreed. Jiang Yunsu picked him up and kissed him.
Soon after, they  got their certificates and held the wedding.


On the day of the wedding, Bai Tang did not have any relatives present.
He followed the alpha at a loss, looking at one unfamiliar face after another. Jiang Yunsu‘s attitude was ambiguous despite the best man doing some unpleasant things to him during the process But Bai Tang was still very happy, so he wore a bright smile. 


After two years, Bai Tang thought he could understand this person’s heart completely.


The two spent their weeks blissfully until one day, Bai Tang proposed that he wanted to go to university.
But Jiang Yunsu did not agree, and so, they had a quarrel. 


Afterwards, Jiang Yunsu had weakly hugged him and told him he was so enchanting that he wanted to hide him at home and that he didn’t want anyone to see him.
His attitude was half coaxing and half unyielding.
He was determined not to give in.
Bai Tang naturally disagreed with him, so Jiang Yunsu started a cold war.


Two weeks later, Bai Tang compromised, but ever since then, the alpha seemed to have changed.
He seemed to have gotten tired of him.



An omega was extremely sensitive.
He tried to make him stay, determined to settle their problem, but the alpha didn’t cooperate and instead, his attitude became increasingly impatient. 


Bai Tang collapsed, crying secretly with the quilt in his arms every night.
He had poured out almost all his feelings towards the alpha.
He even reflected on whether the problem was with him.


A month later, his first love and marriage were completely shattered, because for the first time, Jiang Yunsu hit him. 


Bai Tang did not hesitate this time, and made up his mind to file for divorce.
But by then, it was already too late.
Only when both conditions of being abandoned by an alpha and being marked for life were met will an omega be taken to a centralized breeding facility.


That night, Jiang Yunsu had forcibly marked Bai Tang permanently. 


At that point, his fate had already been decided.


Only then did Bai Tang finally understand.
It turned out that it wasn’t that the good man became bad, it was just that the bad man was too good at pretending.
But the price he had to pay to understand this truth cost him dearly.
It had cost him his life. 


Author’s Feed: 


Jiang Yunsu had feelings for Bai Tang at first, but it wasn’t that deep.
His affections all depended on Bai Tang’s appearance to maintain.
Afterwards, he finally married the man who he thought looked like an angel.
Only after he took the said angel home did he feel that the angel had fallen from the sky, and after their interactions, he felt like, huh, that’s just it.

Team’s Feed: 

Abo Dammen: Jiang Yunsu’s the type of guy I hate the most.
Superficial playboy and a manipulative shithead.

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