Since Maria is the one asking the questions, itll probably be about love and stuff.
Haa, if she asks me how I feel about her, how am I supposed to respond now?

I was certainly attracted to her, but to what extent?

Talking about my feelings in such a weird situation, being observed by so many eyes I wasnt going to enjoy this at all.

Marias lips parted and I felt a few beads of sweat pop out from my skin.

In any case, things were about to get really awkward.

Jared how do you know so much about Magic?


Marias mind had been swirling with so many thoughts.

Nothing was going according to how she expected at all.

After her last conversation with Serah, she was given the next card to play with Jared.

Do nothing romantic.
Dont take the lead this time.
Was what her mentor told her.

Maria had been a bit confused when she was told this, but Serah went on to explain.

Jared has to take action too.
The fact that he asked you to come with him means he is probably going to make moves.
So, you should sit back and relax.
Let him make all the moves, and see how much youve progressed.

So as not to seem too pushy, it was best to let the other person take action as well.

Maria didnt think this, but Serahs advice was something even Serah didnt quote adhere to.

She chased after Neron unilaterally for so long, yet she dared advice her junior to exercise patience.

It was a bit hypocritical, but considering the fact that Serah had matured since getting together with Neron, it was possible she didnt want the young girl to make the same mistake she did.


I shouldnt ask him anything related to romance.
I should ask him something neutral, but also very deep.
Hmm, maybe in the line of his interest?

It was with this mindset that Maria asked the forbidden question.

A question that not even Jared could have expected.


Oh, shit!

More sweat poured out of my body.

I was in serious trouble now, wasnt I? Maria had to ask the one question I couldnt be honest about.

Theres no way I can tell her about my past.
How would I even bring it up in this situation?

Would I say Hey, Im actually an from the past.
Remember Lewis Griffith, the Great Sage? Yep, thats me!

Hell no!

I didnt want Maria to see me as an oldie.
Things would definitely break down between us if she found out.

But, then again

If she loses her feelings because of this, shouldnt that be more of a reason to go along with it? I dont want to lead her on, right?

No! No! No!

I had to think of this from another angle.

If I exposed my identity as Lewis Griffith, it would simply be weird.
I would be causing too much damage.

We need a response from you, Mr.
Its a simple question, right? The Pope suddenly got close to my face, startling me for a brief moment.

So answer it! He snapped.

The audience also gave me fervent stares, and I could feel Marias wide eyes looking at me diligently.

It looks like I have no choice


With my eyes closed, I blurted out something I had been hiding for so long.

I have actually felt attracted to you ever since we first met at the Ainzlark Exams.
Your cute face and aloof expression I like them a lot!!!

I had to choose Share.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I heard the audience give a loud cooing sound as they smiled in exhilaration.

Stupid bastards.
Why would they be happy about hearing another persons secrets.
I thought in embarrassment, glancing in Marias direction.

Her face was flushed with so much pink that I worried for her.

Her eyes looked watery, and she looked away the moment our gazes met.

Ah, I forgot! We arent supposed to communicate with each other outside the game.

It seemed what I said was too much for her to bear.

Damn it what have I done?

Now that I had said this, there was definitely no way I could tell Maria I was Lewis Griffith.
If I did, she would be so disgusted at me.

I mean, who wouldnt be?

An old man having feelings for a young girl? For real?!

But, I cant help my body

The only advantage my answer provided was that it set the pace for a topic of romance.
Now that the mood was established, Marias next question would definitely fall under that category.

Now that its my turn, I guess its time to push it

Whats the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? I asked with a smile.

Now these are the questions youre supposed to be asking! I thought to myself with a smile.

Marias face turned even redder, making me realize I made a mistake.

I-Ill choose Share Maria murmured.

Eh? Is it that embarrassing?

Somehow I grew more interested in what she was hiding.

I actually had slight feelings for Stefan when we were kids

HOLYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIT!!! The congregation burst out in response.

A-ah My jaw nearly dropped in surprise, but I made sure to pull myself together.

I never expected this bombshell.

Is that why Stefan was against the marriage? Was the feeling mutual? Just how old.was she when

My mind was swirling in thoughts, and before I knew it, it was Marias turn to ask.

H-How do you know so much about Magic?

What? The same question again?

I thought she was going to ask something about romance.
Why did she come back to a question I obviously didnt want to answer?

Pope, isnt that?

Its not against the rules to re-ask a question that hasnt been answered yet.

Ah, what?! Things were getting awry, for real.

Could it be that she already suspected something?

If so, then how much does she know?





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