The audience also gave me fervent stares, and I could feel Marias wide eyes looking at me diligently.

It looks like I have no choice


With my eyes closed, I blurted out something I had been hiding for so long.

I have actually felt attracted to you ever since we first met at the Ainzlark Exams.
Your cute face and aloof expression I like them a lot!!!

I had to choose Share.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I heard the audience give a loud cooing sound as they smiled in exhilaration.

Stupid bastards.
Why would they be happy about hearing another persons secrets.
I thought in embarrassment, glancing in Marias direction.

Her face was flushed with so much pink that I worried for her.

Her eyes looked watery, and she looked away the moment our gazes met.

Ah, I forgot! We arent supposed to communicate with each other outside the game.

It seemed what I said was too much for her to bear.

Damn it what have I done?

Now that I had said this, there was definitely no way I could tell Maria I was Lewis Griffith.
If I did, she would be so disgusted at me.

I mean, who wouldnt be?

An old man having feelings for a young girl? For real?!

But, I cant help my body

The only advantage my answer provided was that it set the pace for a topic of romance.
Now that the mood was established, Marias next question would definitely fall under that category.

Now that its my turn, I guess its time to push it

Whats the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? I asked with a smile.

Now these are the questions youre supposed to be asking! I thought to myself with a smile.

Marias face turned even redder, making me realize I made a mistake.

I-Ill choose Share Maria murmured.

Eh? Is it that embarrassing?

Somehow I grew more interested in what she was hiding.

I actually had slight feelings for Stefan when we were kids

HOLYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIT!!! The congregation burst out in response.

A-ah My jaw nearly dropped in surprise, but I made sure to pull myself together.

I never expected this bombshell.

Is that why Stefan was against the marriage? Was the feeling mutual? Just how old.was she when

My mind was swirling in thoughts, and before I knew it, it was Marias turn to ask.

H-How do you know so much about Magic?

What? The same question again?

I thought she was going to ask something about romance.
Why did she come back to a question I obviously didnt want to answer?

Pope, isnt that?

Its not against the rules to re-ask a question that hasnt been answered yet.

Ah, what?! Things were getting awry, for real.

Could it be that she already suspected something?

If so, then how much does she know?





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