139 Guan Lei’s Identity

Liu Cheng glared angrily at Guan Lei, feeling wronged.
She then ran back to her class.

Su Ni wanted to say something, but she was taken away by Sun Ling, who had rushed over.

Sun Ling did not know if she had been in a bad situation recently.
It had only been a few days since school started, but so many things had happened in her class.
Her students had either been beaten or kidnapped, now, there were even students who were accused of violating the privacy of others.
Sun Ling expressed that she had a headache.

Jiang Xue looked meaningfully at Guan Lei beside her.
After class, she made a call to Xiang Cheng.

“Brother Xiang Cheng, I have something to ask you.” Jiang Xue said coquettishly.

On the other end, Xiang Cheng’s voice was slightly hoarse.
After sighing, he asked in a hoarse voice: “What is it?”

Hearing Xiang Cheng’s strange voice, Jiang Xue frowned and asked tentatively: “Brother Xiang Cheng, what are you doing now? Why is your voice a little hoarse? Are you not feeling well?”

Xiang Cheng glanced at the young model who was kneeling between his legs, trying hard to please him.
He smiled and replied: “Nothing.
I just got up and my voice was not smooth.
If you want to ask anything, just ask quickly.
I have a meeting later.”

Although Jiang Xue was skeptical, she tried her best to convince herself that she was overthinking.

Jiang Xue adjusted her state of mind and asked Xiang Cheng on the other end of the phone: “I just want to ask, do you know our class’, Guan Lei? Does he have some background?”

On the other end, Xiang Cheng, who was fiercely grabbing the young model’s hair and was about to run towards the young model’s mouth, instantly wilted when he heard the word, Guan Lei.

Under the young model’s shocked gaze, Xiang Cheng was embarrassed and angry.
He kicked away the young model who had no sense and he roared at Jiang Xue: “Why are you asking him? Don’t come looking for me about him! Unlucky!”

First, Guan Lei caused his family’s shares to plummet.
Then, Guan Lei made him lose face in public.
Xiang Cheng could no longer bear to hear Guan Lei’s name.
During this lifetime, Xiang Cheng wished that he could stay far away from this Guan Lei and never meet him again.

After hanging up the phone, Xiang Cheng was so angry that he smashed his phone on the head of the young model who was looking at him: “What are you looking at? Get lost!”

The young model covered her forehead which was injured by Xiang Cheng.
She picked up her clothes in a panic and left cleanly.

The young model did not expect that the dignified second generation of the Xiang Group could not do it!

Jiang Xue, who was yelled at by Xiang Cheng for no reason, looked at her phone in shock.
She was not stupid.
To be able to make Xiang Cheng lose his composure like this, Guan Lei must not be simple.

Even if he did not have a backer, it was possible that he had something on Xiang Cheng.
It seemed that she had to get closer to Guan Lei to find out the truth.

Therefore, after class, Jiang Xue went to Liu Cheng’s class to have lunch with her.

“Sigh, I’m so worried about Brother Xiang Cheng! I don’t know who this Guan Lei is.
He is not even afraid of offending Brother Xiang Cheng.” Jiang Xue casually told about her worries.

Liu Cheng looked up at Jiang Xue and comforted her: “No one dares to mess with the Xiang Family in Rong City.
Don’t worry, Xiang Cheng is probably just planning something.
He won’t let Guan Lei off easily.”

Jiang Xue frowned and sighed.
She did not relax her frown because of Liu Cheng’s comfort: “I know that.
But I heard from Brother Xiang Cheng that Guan Lei seems to have a big background.
Do you think there is a bigger family, like those with the surname Guan?”

Liu Cheng bit on her chopsticks as a whimsical thought flashed through her mind.
With the surname Guan and the one of similar age, there was only the Young Master Guan from Hai City.
But then Liu Cheng shook her head and denied her own thoughts.

Young Master Guan was always active in Hai City, and the Guan family’s base of operations was in Beijing.
No matter how Liu Cheng thought about it, she did not think that Guan Lei would be the famous Young Master Guan who never showed his face in public.

Besides, with Guan Lei’s look of never-getting-enough-sleep, how could he be the legendary violent Young Master Guan who had fought his way out of the kidnapper’s lair!

Suddenly, the image of Guan Lei kicking her to the ground in the morning flashed in Liu Cheng’s mind, and she was shocked.


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