n her face.
She tried to comfort her: “It’s okay.
It’s not your fault.
You don’t have to apologize.”

Liu Cheng nodded with a smile in her eyes.

Both of them had their own thoughts during the meal.

In the afternoon, class two and class four were in the same class for physical education.
After the physical training, Liu Cheng took the ice water to Guan Lei’s side and handed it to him with a shy smile, “Guan Lei, you must be thirsty after exercising.
This is the ice water I prepared for you.”

Guan Lei, who was sitting on the stairs, looked up and looked at Liu Chen coldly, “I’m not thirsty! I don’t need it!”

Guan Lei’s voice was a little loud.
Many of the students looked over.
Being rejected in public made Liu Cheng so embarrassed that her face instantly turned red.

However, thinking about Guan Lei’s identity, Liu Cheng tried to convince herself that Guan Lei was being polite.
Then, she stepped forward and tried to hold Guan Lei’s hand, trying to force the ice water onto his hand.

However, before Liu Cheng’s hand could touch Guan Lei, Guan Lei’s arm blocked it forcefully.
Liu Cheng staggered and tried to pounce on Guan Lei.
Unexpectedly, Guan Lei dodged her, and Liu Cheng fell to the ground with a bang, she fell to the ground in an extremely awkward position.

Liu Cheng was so embarrassed that she quickly got up and sat on the ground.
She did not even dare to cry out in pain, afraid that she would attract more students to see her embarrassed side.

However, when she glanced at Guan Lei, Liu Cheng’s eyes turned and she looked at Guan Lei pitifully.
She said with tears in her eyes: “Guan Lei, Can you help me up?”

Guan Lei looked at Liu Cheng who was sitting on the ground and said with a look of disdain: “People who fall easily are not well-developed in the brain.
If you have time, go to the hospital and get a CT scan of the brain.”

The students next to him instantly burst into laughter.
Liu Cheng sat on the ground in embarrassment.
She did not know whether to continue sitting or to get up from the ground.
She was extremely conflicted.

Jiang Xue, who was at the side, looked at Liu Cheng.
She did not understand why Liu Cheng was suddenly interested in Guan Lei.
Could it be that there was something fishy about Guan Lei’s identity?

However, as Liu Cheng’s good friend, Jiang Xue still went forward and gently helped Liu Cheng Up.
“Chengcheng, Why are you so careless? What if you hurt yourself?”

With Jiang Xue’s appearance, Liu Cheng managed to save herself from some embarrassment.
She said softly: “I’m fine.
Thank you, Xue.”

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