at her sister had no intention of marrying Gu Chusheng, so she asked herself to marry Gu Chusheng, and Chu Jin took her place and married Wei Jun, the son of the Marquis of Zhenguo.

    At that time, everyone thought she was crazy, exchanging a good family affair for a disgraced boy who no one dared to touch.
The father, who loved her, naturally would not allow it, and Gu Chusheng had no intention of agreeing to her either.

    No one supported her in this relationship, it was she herself who tried to follow Gu Chusheng to Qianyang by all means, Gu Chusheng was moved by her friendship and thankful for her unfailing support in times of crisis, so he married her.

    She stayed with him at the border and spent the most difficult six years, giving birth to his child.
And he rose through the ranks, returned to Huajing, all the way to the official cabinet chief minister.

    If that was all, it would be a good story.

    But the problem is that Gu Chusheng always had Chu Jin in his heart, and the Marquis of Zhen Guo, whom Chu Jin married instead of her, was killed in battle when she first married, leaving only a 14-year-old to support the high family.
At that time Chu Jin was unwilling to guard the widow for Wei Jiao, so she got a letter of resignation from the Wei family and restored celibacy.

    When Gu Chusheng met Chu Jin, the two of them rekindled their old love and reconnected, and this time Chu Yu could not bear it.

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    After Chu Jin entered the house, she made a big fuss.
She lost her temper out of jealousy and wore down Gu Chusheng’s love little by little, and was finally sent to Qianyang by Gu Chusheng in the name of serving his mother.

    She stayed in Qianyang for six years until her death, a full count of twelve years with Gu Chusheng.

    Chu Jin asked yes.

    Why should she hate?

    Gu Chusheng did not want her, it was clear back then, she was the one who asked for it.

    Gu Chusheng wanted Chu Jin, she was the one who forced the two of them to separate on the basis that she had sacrificed herself.

    They may be at fault, but the fault lies in the fact that she, Chu Yu, should not have been obsessed and should not have liked the person who did not like her.

    The more the wind and snow grew, the more the man’s hurried and steady steps came from outside.
He has always been so, happy and angry, you can not see what he is thinking in the heart.

    A few moments later, the man opened the curtain and came in.

    He was wearing a purple embroidered python official uniform, wearing a golden crown, he looked much thinner, the usual handsome eyebrows with a few harsh taste.

    He stood in the doorway, stopping his steps, the wind and snow poured in, blowing Chu Yu a mouthful of blood smothered in her chest.

    She suddenly found that twelve years, no matter how deep the love and friendship, seems to have been put down.

    She looked at this man and found herself long out of love, her love has long since worn away in time, just can’t let go of the obsession.

    She is not in love with him.

    Having figured this out, she suddenly regretted these twelve years so much.

    Twelve years ago she shouldn’t have taken that step, shouldn’t have chased this thin lover to another country, shouldn’t have thought she could cover this cold stone with her warm heart.

    She slowly smiled away, as if she was still twelve years ago, she was still the first daughter of the General’s valiant family, holding a spear and looking proud.

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    “Gu Chusheng,” she gasped, and spoke softly, “if you have to be reborn, may you be able to be with Jun, and there will be no entanglement!” ”

    Gu Chusheng’s pupils suddenly shrank sharply, Chu Yu finished this sentence, a mouthful of blood spurted out sharply, Chu Jin screamed out in shock, Gu Chusheng hurriedly went forward and took the person into his arms.

    His hands trembled slightly and he hoarsely said: “A Yu ……”

    If you have to regenerate ……

    Chu Yu’s final wish echoed in her mind before she died, and she suddenly understood something.
With Great ecstasy pouring into her heart, she stood up abruptly.

    Old Lady Chu, who was chanting next to her, was startled by her, and seeing her stumble and hold the door open, she rushed to the main door and stared at the arguing Great General Chu and his wife.

    Chu’s wife Xie Yun was being supported by Chu Jin, arguing with Chu Jianchang, who was on the verge of rage, controlling his emotions and saying: “What kind of family is the Marquis of Zhen Guo’s house, allowing you to marry whoever you want? Gu Chusheng that kind of weak scholar, and Wei Shi Zi have and comparable? Not to mention the Wei son, even the Wei family’s only 14-year-old Wei Qilang, are better than Gu Chusheng! Even without this relationship, I will never let my daughter marry him!”

    “I don’t care what you want Ayu to do, All I know is that she is still kneeling inside after being beaten by you!”

    Xie Yun’s eyes were red: “This is my daughter, I don’t care about the others, I want her to be safe and sound, if something happens to her on her knees today, can you return my daughter to me?”

    “She has been learning martial arts since she was young, you underestimate her.” Chu Jianchang frowned: “She is thick-skinned.”

    “Chu Jianchang!”

    Xie Yun raised her voice: “Do you still remember that she is only a daughter!”

    “That’s why I’m not on the military stick.”

    Chu Jianchang blurted out, Xie Yun was so angry that she raised her hand, her whole face turned red, and was about to swing the slap down when she heard Chu Yu’s urgent and joyful cry, “Father, Mother!”

    That voice was not like usual, it contained too much.
It was as if a traveler had traveled thousands of miles and experienced the vicissitudes of life.

    The two people faintly froze, turned their heads, they saw Chu Yu rush over and jumped into Chu Jianchang’s arms.

    “Father ……”

    The warmth came suddenly, Chu Yu almost cried out in pain.

    Still alive, everyone is still alive.
Everything has not happened yet, her life is completely okay, to start all over.

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