The autumn rain in September is slightly cold, and the sound of the rain coming from the courtyard is mixed with the sound of chanting Buddha fell into the ears, making Chu Yu a little confused and sleepy.

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  She had a chill on her body, and her knees hurt like pins and needles, as if she had been kneeling for a long time.
Outside was the familiar and distant sound of noise.

    “She will be married soon, kneeling like this, what if she breaks her knees?

    “I can’t hear you say that these things are unreasonable, let me ask her now if she has taken half a step out of the General’s House? If not , what’s the punishment?

    “Now that you have beaten and scolded her, what exactly do you want?” The woman’s voice is tinged with tears: “Do you have to force Yu to die before you will stop?

    Who is it?

    Chu Yu’s thoughts were a bit scattered , she raised her head, in front of her was a compassionate Goddess of Mercy, incense draped around, so that the Bodhisattva’s face was a little blurry.

    This jade statue of the Bodhisattva made Chu Yu’s heart a little surprised, because this Bodhisattva statue was buried when her grandmother died.

    And her grandmother’s death has been nearly ten years.

    If the jade statue of the Bodhisattva surprised her, after the gradual return of her sanity, she heard the voice outside, Chu Yu felt more surprised.

    That voice is clearly her mother’s who passed away four years ago!

    Where is this?

    She was surprised and gradually remembered the last moment before her delirium.

    It was supposed to be winter, and she was lying under a heavy blanket, surrounded by black smoke from the burning of a poor quality charcoal stove.

    Someone rolled in the curtain and brought a child less than eight years old.
She was dressed in a long dress made of aqua-blue marsh brocade with a feathered crane cloak, and round pearl earrings dangled from her ears, gently rising and falling with her movements.
She was nearly thirty years old, but still carried the unique innocence and brightness of a young girl, very different from that of her lying in the hospital bed.

    She and the woman in front of her were born at the same time, but the person in front of her still looked like the beginning, but she already looked like the vicissitudes of old age.
Her hands were rough and full of scars, her face was full of fine lines due to long-term sorrow, a pair of her eyes were dead and desperate, not the same as the general’s young lady. 

    The woman came forward, respectfully bowing to her, as she had done in the general’s house: “Sister.”

    Chu Yu had no strength, she sluggishly moved her gaze to the child next to the woman, quietly looking at him.

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    The child sees Chu Yu, not the slightest bit close, but took a step back, quite a bit scared.

    Chu Yu’s breathing was a little late, and the woman noticed that her emotions were fluctuating and she pushed the child and said to the child: “Yan Qing, call the lady.”

    The child came forward and respectfully called out, “First Lady.

    Chu Yu’s pupils suddenly shrink sharply.

    First Lady? What First Lady? She was clearly his mother! Clearly she was the one who gave birth to him in October!

    “Chu Jin ……” Chu Yu trembled, she wanted to curse out of her mouth, but when she touched her sister’s calm appearance, she suddenly realized.

    Verbal abuse din’t work.

    At this moment, she had long lost the sword in her hand and the sword in her heart, she wanted this child to call out to her mother, need to be in front of this sister Xu Ken.

    She looked at Chu Jin pleadingly, Chu Jin understood what she meant , but she smiled, pretending not to know, she went ahead and tucked her quilt and said gently: “Chu Sheng will come later, my sister doesn’t need to worry about it.”

    Chu Yu knew that Chu Jin would not let her hear Gu Yanqing’s mother, she grabbed  her and starred at her with a deadly gaze.

    Chu Jin quietly looked at her, and after a long time, slowly smiled.

    She waved her hand and had someone send Gu Yanqing down, then looked down at Chu Yu’s eyes.

    “My sister doesn’t seem to be able to do it.”

    Chu Yu couldn’t speak, Chu Jin was telling the truth.

    She couldn’t , her body had failed long ago, and she had pleaded with Gu Chusheng many times, wanting to go back to Huajing, wanting to see her father – the only man who had been good to her in her life.

    However, Gu Chusheng rejected all her requests, and now that she was dying soon, Gu Chusheng finally returned to Qianyang and said he will take her back to Huajing.

    But she couldn’t go back, she is destined to die in this foreign land.

    Chu Jin looked at her, her expression slowly cold.

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    She spoke plainly, and Chu Yu gave a reply by staring at her with her eyes.

How can you not hate?

    She was a proud child of heaven, but she has fallen step by step to today’s situation.
How can you not hate?

    “But, why do you hate me?” Chu Jin spoke gently, “Have I ever wronged you, sister?”

    The words made Chu Yu freeze.
Chu Jin lifted her hand, as when she was young, and tenderly covered Chu Yu’s hand.

    “Every path is chosen by my sister.
Ah Jin has always listened to her sister, hasn’t she?”

    “It was my sister who wanted to elope and marry Gu Chusheng, and Ah Jin helped her.”

    “It was my sister who wanted to earn military honors for Gu Chusheng to go to battle and lose her body, and it had nothing to do with others.”

    “It was my sister’s wishful thinking to marry Gu Chusheng, no one forced her, didn’t she?”

    Yes, it was she who wanted to marry Gu Chusheng.

    Back then, Gu Chusheng and Chu Jin were engaged in a marriage, but she fell in love with Gu Chusheng.
At that time, the Gu family was in trouble, and Gu Chusheng was implicated and relegated to the border.
Chu Jin cried to her and complained that she was afraid of going to the border to suffer, she saw th

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