appeared from his spot.
When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the entrance of the cave.

When Lu Xiaoran instantly appeared, two roars filled with fear suddenly sounded from in front of him.
Then, two black and furry figures turned around and ran faster than rabbits.

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.

He had never expected that the culprits who brought Qin Zimo here were actually the two bears that he had chased out of the cave.

Had these two black bears transformed into spirits after cultivating hard?

They kept bringing this beautiful woman back to him.
It was probably to get him to leave the cave.



He shook his head and swept his gaze over the ground.
He was somewhat speechless as he looked at Qin Zimo who was covered in mud.

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This girl was quite lucky.
She was comparable to those protagonists.

She was actually still alive after being tortured to such a state.
Moreover, based on the speed of the cultivation technique in her body, she would probably wake up soon.
“We were strangers who met by chance and can be considered to be fated.
Originally, I should have helped, but I’ve always been a person who doesn’t get close to women, and I don’t like to have too many interactions with women.
As for you, I’ll take responsibility.
I still have something to do and will take my leave first.
If you can survive, consider it as the heavens protecting you.
If you really can’t wake up and become a wandering ghost in the netherworld, don’t blame me.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran stood up and turned to leave.

The moment he turned around, Qin Zimo’s eyelashes trembled.
She slowly opened her eyes and swept her gaze over his back.
It turns out that you’re not heartless.
In the end, you still saved me.

Unfortunately, as soon as she said this, Lu Xiaoran used the Great Void Chaos Steps and instantly disappeared from his spot.
This shocked Qin Zimo.

What speed!

It turned out that he actually had such a terrifying strength.
However, looking at his age, he did not seem to be much older than her.

Could it be that he was the holy son of a certain holy land?

However, before she could think further, several evil auras began to slowly float over from afar.

Qin Zimo’s eyes turned cold.
He immediately gritted his teeth and rolled into the cave.

Her current injuries were still very serious.
If she were to encounter the remaining surviving demon cultivators, she would really die without a burial place.

However, just as she arrived inside the cave, she immediately felt her hair stand on end!

The spirit energy in the entire cave had already turned into a dense mist.

In fact, the mist on the cave wall had even condensed into a liquid.

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“Hiss! This… this is a cave? This is simply a blessed land! Why did that guy give up on such a blessed land?”

Just as she was feeling puzzled, her gaze landed on the ground and she felt her scalp turn numb again.

An extremely exquisite array formation was engraved on the ground.
She believed that her attainments in array formations could already be said to be top-notch in the entire younger generation of the Great Zhou Empire.

However, at this moment, when she saw this array formation, she was instantly convinced.

The foundation of this array formation was even stronger than her master’s!

Moreover, her master was one of the top array formation masters in the entire Great Zhou!

“The spirit energy in the spirit stones in this array formation is almost exhausted and the array formation is about to lose its effectiveness.
Looks like it must have been forged by that guy just now.
No wonder he gave up on this place.
This place was originally an ordinary cave, but he used an array formation to build it into a blessed land.
Such methods really rob the fortunes of the world.”

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