Chapter 53 Once Upon a Time, There was a Cat

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Lu Xiaoran had just arrived at the next place when an intense explosion sounded from the previous direction.

The fluctuation caused the entire mountain forest to tremble.
Violent winds spread everywhere, and the plants fell out.

Lu Xiaoran shrugged as he looked at the wind that blew towards him.

“Fortunately, I ran fast.”

It was impossible for him to play the hero to save a beauty.
That was only meant for the protagonist.
If things went well, the girl might even devote her life to increase the number of members in the protagonist’s harem.

In his case, if he was lucky, he would only at most be thanked by the other party…

“Brother Lu, you’re a good person.”


“Brother Lu, actually, I’ve always treated you as a brother.”

Only a fool would save her.

“Yes, I should find a cave first.”

Lu Xiaoran swept his divine sense and quickly found a cave.
There were two large black bears inside who were discussing bear life.

“This will do.”

He teleported to the top of the cave and snapped his fingers, gathering a ball of flames in his hand.

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Controlling elements was the sign of one being at the Essence Realm.

Then he threw the fireball into the cave.


In an instant, an explosion sounded in the cave, and red light illuminated the entire cave.

Immediately after, two furious and somewhat fearful roars sounded.

As the cave trembled, two huge black figures quickly rushed out of the cave.

Lu Xiaoran took the opportunity to move into the cave.

“I’ll stay for a month.”

Then, he casually threw an array formation at the entrance of the cave.
No matter how the two black bears roared, they were unable to break through the array formation.

The two bears tried for two hours before leaving unwillingly.

Lu Xiaoran set up a few more defensive array formations to completely isolate the cave from the rest of the world.
Then, he set up a powerful spirit gathering formation.
Only then did he begin to enter cultivation mode.

Three days later… Lu Xiaoran had finally perfectly comprehended the Battle God Art.



He let out a shaky breath, and his eyes were even brighter.
They contained lightning bolts that were filled with might and were especially charming.
“I’ve already comprehended the Battle God Art.
In that case, I can cultivate three top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques at the same time.
One is the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, the other is the Great Void Chaos Steps, and the last is the Battle God Art I just learned.
If I cultivate all three cultivation techniques at the same time, I wonder how quickly my cultivation will increase.”

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Lu Xiaoran was in a good mood and was about to swallow some medicinal pills before entering a meditative state to increase his cultivation.
His divine sense automatically scanned and discovered a lifeform at the entrance of the cave.

“Is this…?”

He struck his divine sense and scanned it, but he could not help but be slightly stunned.

That life was actually none other than the female cultivator he had encountered a few nights ago, Qin Zimo.
“Why is she here?”

At this moment, Qin Zimo was clearly severely injured.
Not only was her clothes tattered, but there were also many injuries on her body.
She was even unconscious.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but feel somewhat conflicted.

If he let the other party stay at the door like this, it would be troublesome if the pursuers arrived and also discovered her.

After thinking for a while, Lu Xiaoran suddenly slapped himself.

“Is there a need to think about that? Lu Xiaoran, oh Lu Xiaoran, it’s already like this, but you’re still hesitating.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately rushed out of the cave.
His two hands grabbed Qin Zimo’s legs and pulled her into the valley beside him like he was pulling a dead pig.

“Hah, isn’t that enough? As long as we pull her far away from the cave, even if the pursuers catch up, they won’t be able to discover my cave.”

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran smiled knowingly and turned around to run back to his cave to continue cultivating.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed.

Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation also increased to more than 90% of the first level of the Essence Realm .
He was just a little bit away from breaking through to the second level of the Essence Realm.

His face lit up.

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Cultivating three top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques at the same time was indeed much faster than cultivating two cultivation techniques.

“Looks like I should be able to break through to the second level of the Essence Realm today.
However, cultivating three top-grade Martial Monarch Realm experts at the same time really makes it a little tiring.
Looks like top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques aren’t easy to cultivate.” Actually, Lu Xiaoran was already quite heaven-defying.
It had to be known that his three disciples were using Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques, but they had yet to completely comprehend the perfected concept of their cultivation techniques.

On the other hand, he had long comprehended the perfected concepts despite having cultivated all three cultivation techniques at the same time.
Moreover, he had relied on these cultivation techniques to crazily increase his cultivation again and again.

However, just as Lu Xiaoran was about to step into cultivation again, his divine sense that was spread outside swept over Qin Zimo’s figure.

Lu Xiaoran: “???”

The other party was still in a coma, but the cultivation technique in her body had already begun to circulate slightly.
Spirit energy was slowly gathering and gradually healing her injuries.

However, the problem was, how did she get here?

He teleported outside and frowned.

“Her cultivation technique has only been circulating for a short while and her divine sense has yet to awaken.
Logically speaking, it’s impossible for her to have the strength to crawl here.
Could it be that a ghost moved her here?”

However, Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze around and did not sense any traces of cultivators.
“Forget it, I’ll throw her further away this time.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran grabbed Qin Zimo’s two ankles and ran into the distance like he was pulling a dead pig.

The mountain path was bumpy.
Qin Zimo, who had just recovered a little, suffered countless hidden injuries in the blink of an eye.

This time, Lu Xiaoran directly pulled her to the valley next door.

After throwing it into a bush, Lu Xiaoran clapped his hands and teleported back to the cave to continue cultivating.

A week later, Lu Xiaoran woke up from his meditation again.
His cultivation had already broken through.

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The third level of the Essence Realm!

Originally, he was at the first level of the Essence Realm.
With a cultivation of more than 90%, he was basically at the second level of the Essence Realm.
In this week, his cultivation had increased by a lot, instantly pushing him to the third level of the Essence Realm.

Lu Xiaoran’s lips curled up.

“It should be because Li Ge and the other two made another breakthrough and increased my cultivation by a lot, so I broke through to the third level of the Essence Realm in an instant.”

Lu Xiaoran felt extremely good about this.


Before Lu Xiaoran could be happy for a second, the divine sense that spread out made his face darken again.

In the next second, he appeared outside the cave.

It turned out that Qin Zimo had appeared at the entrance of his cave again.
Although she was still in a coma, the cultivation technique in her body circulated on its own and healed a lot of her injuries.

“Could it be that there are really ghosts in this valley? But that’s not right.
Even if there are ghosts, wouldn’t my cultivation at the Essence Realm just scare them off?”

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