understandable for fellow Daoist to want to know who the opponent is.

“Actually, there’s no harm in telling you.

“The person I want to deal with is a cultivator called Lu Xiaoran.

Yun Lige’s heart skipped a beat.

Indeed, he knew that whenever the other party mentioned someone with great luck, it would definitely be related to his master.

Moreover, the other party was actually targeting his master.

Fortunately, he was smart and asked.
Otherwise, wouldn’t he be making a fool of himself and disappointing his master?

Since they wanted to deal with his master, there was nothing to say.
He would just kill them!

Yun Lige was about to curse when he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“If I scold him now, he will probably know that I’m Master’s subordinate.
Moreover, it’s very likely that he will directly kick me out of the group.
After all, he was the one who established this God Monarch Chat Group.”

No, I can’t scold him.
I can’t ruin Master’s plans just because I’m feeling emotional!

“Although Master is already a Saint and is not afraid of the threat of these small ants at all, as Master’s eldest disciple, I can’t let these ants disturb Master, right?

I have to think of a way to let this guy die without a burial place.
At the same time, I also have to scam him.
I have to make him regret going against my master.

Yun Lige thought for a moment and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
He already had an idea.

He would first deal with the other party before getting his junior brothers and sisters to increase their cultivation speed.
Then… hehehe… he would drag everyone into this group.
It would be best if they could join the Hundred Monarch Formation.
That would be even more perfect.

At that time, he and the others could directly deal a ruthless blow to the other party.

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Thinking of this, he immediately replied, “Lu Xiaoran? I’ve never heard of him.
He’s probably some small-time cultivator, right? Is such trash really worth the group master’s time?”

“Hehehehe… Fellow Daoist Ge, you might not know, but although this Lu Xiaoran is only one person and is unknown, his cultivation is definitely shockingly powerful!

“Not only is he powerful and had extremely high means, but his actual combat strength is also unfathomable.

:Putting everything else aside, just his methods of fighting those at a higher level are countless! ”

At this moment, God Emperor Realm expert Kong Chen could not help but say, “We can also fight those at a higher level.
As long as we have enough cultivation techniques, coupled with divine artifacts, array formations, and other support, it’s very easy for us to kill enemies at a higher level than us..

“However, what if I told you that Lu Xiaoran is able to kill enemies with cultivation techniques and weapons without relying on array formations?”

Emperor God Kong Chen was silent for a moment before saying, “It’s not entirely impossible.
It’s still doable.”

“Then what if I tell you that he can surpass two realms?”

“Two realm levels? That’s definitely impossible.
Group leader, you must be joking.”

“Sorry, I’m not joking.
This is how strong Lu Xiaoran is.”

The entire group was silent for dozens of breaths before erupting.

“What a joke! How is this possible? This is definitely impossible!”

“Group leader, can he really kill enemies with a cultivation that is two realms higher than his own? Is he still human?”

“I don’t believe it! How can there be such an abnormal person in our world?!”

Everyone immediately discussed spiritedly, and Yun Lige rolled his eyes.

A group of ignorant fools.

As his master’s disciple, he could already surpass two realm levels.
Wouldn’t his master be able to surpass four realm levels?

Moreover, his master was already a Saint.
Even if his master can surpass realms, these pieces of trash were still not his match.

Of course, these guys were simply unqualified to oppose his master.
How could a group of trash fight a Saint?

If they really could do it, then Yun Lige and the other disciples can just find a place to hang ourselves collectively!

The disciples of the Nameless Sect alone were already capable of destroying these trash.
Why would they need Master to do anything?

Thinking of this, Yun Lige sent another message.

“If that’s the case, the more the better, right? The chances of victory will also be higher.”

“I have some friends here who are also Supreme God Realm experts.
If the group master is willing, I can contact them and get them to join the chat group.

“Then, you can also give them some resources to advance.
With everyone working together, it should be easy for us to take down that Lu Xiaoran.

“Group Master, what do you think? ”

“Oh? If that’s the case, then of course it’s not bad.
However, ordinary Supreme God Realm experts can’t do.
Without some special abilities, they will only be cannon fodder in battle.”

“Otherwise, why do you think that I only gathered a few Supreme God Realm experts from the entire Divine World?”

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“Don’t worry, Group Master Futu.
I can guarantee that these friends of mine all have unique skills.
I guarantee that they won’t disappoint you.”

“Alright! If that’s the case, you can bring them in and I’ll take a look.”

“No problem, but they’re all traveling and training.
It won’t be easy to find them for a while.
How about this? I’ll write back to you on time in half a month or a month at most.”

“Alright! I didn’t expect Fellow Daoist Ge to work so hard just after arriving in the group.
I’ll reward you with another 100 million top-grade divine crystals.”

“Thank you, Group Master.”

The corner of Yun Lige’s mouth curled up slightly.
He had casually obtained another 100 million top-grade divine crystals.
It seemed like this Group Master Futu’s intelligence was not very high!

Now, he just needed to find his junior brothers and sisters and get them to quickly cultivate to the Supreme God Realm.

The people in the group were extremely envious.
They all asked Yun Lige to give out red packets.
That was a special function of the chat group.
They could put some resources in their hands, including divine crystals, natural treasures, and weapons, into a red packet for everyone to draw.

The items in the red packet would belong to whoever drew it.

Yun Lige simply ignored them.

A group of idiots.
How could he spit out the food that had already entered his mouth? What a joke!

What’s yours is mine, but what’s mine is still mine!

He felt that he was the only one who could take advantage of others, not the other way around!

In the end, it was only when that group master Tufu sent a huge red packet that everyone let the matter rest.

Yun Lige had naturally snatched many red packets and even obtained the title of King of Luck!

Sect Master Tufu had only given out ten million top-grade divine crystals.
He had snatched 9.9 million top-grade divine crystals alone!

This caused everyone to stomp their feet in anger again.

However, Yun Lige seemed to have disappeared and stopped talking.

Everyone was also helpless against him.

On the other side, Han Zhen was smiling and speaking nicely to a system.

“I was wrong previously.
I was ignorant.
Please forgive me, System.”

“Hmph! Han Zhen, as the saying goes, a good horse doesn’t turn back.
Since you chose to give up on me, why did you return? Aren’t you trying to make me laugh?”

Han Zhen smiled apologetically.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t blame me.
I didn’t know what was good for me previously.
How could I know that you’re the rarest system in the world? Aren’t I back now?”

I came back specially to bind and activate you.

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