“What’s your current cultivation level?”

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“I can unleash the strength of an immortal.
However, with my combat experience and level, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to fight a few immortals.”

Lu Xiaoran understood.
Tongtian had accounted for everything.
Because every small world was monitored by the Heaven Dao laws, the cultivation of the disciples Tongtian arranged was not too high but was enough for them to deal with a few people.

In this way, he would not be discovered by the Heaven Dao and could also protect himself to the greatest extent by successfully cultivating to the Immortal Realm.

It could be said that every step was already accounted for.

However, since the other party had ulterior motives, the price Lu Xiaoran had to pay after becoming an immortal was definitely not low!

In short, he still had to be careful and see how Tongtian treated him.

If the other party was good for him, he would be nicer to the Jie School.
If the other party was not good to him, he would also be heartless.

In any case, he was not afraid that others would say that he was heartless.
It was fine as long as he and his disciple could live well.

“For now, I’m not worried about anything else.
The only thing I’m worried about is the mastermind.
If the other party appears, it’s up to you.”

“I understand.
In addition, Master told me that once your cultivation increases to the Immortal Realm, you can’t go to the Immortal World.
You have to go to the Primordial World.”

Currently, most places in the three worlds were controlled by the Heaven Dao.
Only a few places were not controlled by the Heaven Dao.

However, almost no one could enter those places.
Therefore, strictly speaking, only by going to the Six Paths of Reincarnation and some places in the Primordial Land could one avoid the surveillance of the Heaven Dao.

Lu Xiaoran was currently in the lower realm and the Heaven Dao was temporarily unable to monitor him.
However, once he arrived in the Immortal World, the Heaven Dao would definitely capture him immediately.

After discussing this matter, the two of them bade farewell.
Lu Xiaoran returned to the valley and continued to supervise the disciples’ cultivation.

Only when his disciples cultivated quickly could his cultivation increase quickly.
The higher his cultivation, the safer it was.

At the same time, a golden divine decree also landed on the Divine World’s Profound Heaven Cliff.

In the next moment, a figure suddenly flew out from the cave of the Profound Heaven Cliff and enveloped the divine golden light.

He opened the divine decree.
There was only a short word on it—kill!

This word was filled with extremely dense killing intent, as if the air was emitting a dense smell of blood!

A moment later, another figure also arrived beside him.

“Senior Brother Futu, what’s going on?”

Futu said with a solemn expression, “Master ordered me to attack Lu Xiaoran.”

“So soon? But we haven’t set up the Hundred Monarch Realm formation yet!”

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“God Monarch Realm experts aren’t ordinary people… Although the entire Divine World is huge, it’s only one of the 3,000 worlds.
The number of God Monarch Realm experts here is ultimately limited.

“However, since Master has already said that he wants us to start attacking now, we can’t delay any longer.
You know that Master doesn’t like it when others disobey his orders.

“But can we take down Lu Xiaoran with just the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation?”

“Now that things have come to this, we can only give it a try.
However, although I haven’t gathered a hundred God Monarch Realm experts, there are still many people with extremely good luck in this world.
If I can choose some Supreme God Realm experts with relatively powerful good luck, it might be enough to make up for the Hundred Emperor Formation.”

“If there’s really no other way, I’ll get the baldies of the Bodhi Temple to send all of their Supreme God Realm experts.
That will also be enough.”

“This is also a good idea.
At the very least, it will allow us to set up an additional grand array.
It will be relatively safer.”

“Protect me.
I’ll immediately find those Supreme God Realm experts with good luck.”

In the valley, Lu Xiaoran was training his disciples when he suddenly heard Han Zhen’s voice.

“This brat Han Zhen is quite efficient.
He found a system so quickly.”

Without wasting much time, Lu Xiaoran immediately went to pursue that system.

Just as he left, a powerful aura spread in the valley.

Everyone who was cultivating immediately could not help but be shocked.

“This aura… someone has advanced again.
Moreover, this aura is very powerful.
This is the aura of a Supreme God Realm expert!”

“It’s Eldest Senior Brother.
Eldest Senior Brother broke through again.”

“Damn, is Eldest Senior Brother that awesome now? I remember that he just broke through a few days ago.
Is he breaking through another level in the blink of an eye? Isn’t this too fast?”

“Eldest Senior Brother is getting more and more awesome!”

Su Lingwu had a faint sad expression.

“In the past, the younger the disciple, the higher the cultivation.
Why is it that the situation is now reversed? Now, the older the disciple, the higher the cultivation!

“Could it be that times have changed? ”

As the saying went—what goes around comes around.

Lu Xiaoran, who was going to find Han Zhen, also suddenly felt that his cultivation had increased by another level.

This made him somewhat surprised.
On careful look, it was actually Lige who had increased his cultivation again.

“Not bad.
After Lige rose to prominence, he has been advancing triumphantly and has a very good momentum! Looks like if this continues, it won’t be long before I advance to the God Monarch Realm.
Lige, you can do it! I’ll work hard with you! You have to cultivate well.”

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At this moment, Yun Lige did not have the joy of breaking through.
Instead, his face was filled with confusion.

This was because at this moment, a screen had actually appeared in his mind.

What was even more dumbfounded was that this screen actually said—Young man, do you want to become stronger?

There was also a button below.

Yun Lige was puzzled.
However, he quickly used his mental strength to click the button.

This was because he was very curious as to which idiot had projected such a thing into his mind.

“Are you puzzled? You’ve already worked hard enough, but you just can’t cultivate to the God Monarch Realm?

“Are you wondering about how to become a God Monarch Realm expert?

“Are you thinking of obtaining more resources and cultivation experience?”

“This thing is somewhat interesting.”

Yun Lige continued to open the next step.
The words on the screen suddenly changed.

“We have the most professional guidance.

“We have the most abundant resources.

“In the God Monarch Chat Group, there is always hope!

“Join us and become a God Monarch Realm expert!

“Join us and look forward to the future!

“Every dog has its day! Don’t bully the poor!

“Be brave and say no to those who look down on you!

“After cultivating to the God Monarch Realm, you will become invincible in the world!

“Join now! You will be able to listen to the lectures of God Monarch Realm experts for free!

“The top five participants will also receive a huge gift bag worth more than a hundred million top-grade divine crystals.

“The rewards are quite generous.”

Yun Lige smiled and felt that it was quite interesting.

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It was actually a God Monarch Realm expert lecture and they were even giving away huge gift bags with more than a hundred million top-grade divine crystals.

Was the other party that rich?

Was the other party that domineering?

He decided to join and see if there was anything fun.

He was not afraid of anything bad happening at all.
After all, his master could protect him.

His master was a dignified Saint.
What was there to be afraid of?

Yun Lige did not even think about it and directly clicked to join.

He was not really interested in becoming a Monarch God Realm expert.
With his master’s guidance, he could easily cultivate to the God Monarch Realm.
Moreover, with his current cultivation, he could also fight those at a higher level.
He really did not care about ordinary God Monarch Realm experts.

He just wanted to have some fun with it.

The next moment, his page suddenly changed to a large frame that contained a small frame.

“Eh, another newcomer? I’m Kongming God Monarch Liu Yunfei.
May I ask where you’re from?”

Yun Lige narrowed his eyes slightly.

It was a God Monarch Realm expert.
It seemed like there was really something going on in this group.

However, he did not respond.

After all, after reaching the Supreme God Realm, he did not care about the so-called God Monarch Realm at all!

“Eh, looks like this new fellow Daoist doesn’t like to talk.
Fellow Daoist, can you change your name? Are you a man or a woman? Why don’t you say something?”

The person who spoke was God Monarch Kong Chen.

Another God Monarch Realm expert!

Looks like this chat group was not simple.
It was actually filled with God Monarch Realm experts.

However… what was the plan for so many God Monarch Realm experts to gather together?

Yun Lige did not believe that so many God Monarch Realm experts had only gathered together for cultivation.

How could there be peace in this world?

He would try to figure them out first.

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Thinking of this, Yun Lige began to respond.

“Greetings, seniors.
I’m… Ge Liyun.
It’s my first time here.
Please forgive me if I’ve made any mistakes.”

Yun Lige did not use his real name.
Who knew if the other party was friend or foe? It was better for him to keep his information private.

“No problem, no problem.
Basically, those who can come to this God Monarch Chat Group are all talented people.

“Brother Ge is probably also a famous genius in the Divine World, right?

“I wonder which family Brother Ge is from? Or perhaps you’re the beloved disciple of some senior? ”

“I’m just an itinerant cultivator with no background.”

After saying this, the entire chat group fell silent.

Yun Lige said carefully, “Seniors, did I say something wrong? Did I make you unhappy?”

After a moment, a person called God Monarch Hong Xiu replied,

“Those who can join our group have to be at least at the Supreme God Realm.
Moreover, they have to cultivate to the Supreme God Realm at a certain age!”

“Therefore, to a certain extent, your talent is enough to make us sweat with shame!”

Yun Lige thought to himself that he had been careless.

He originally did not want to show off, but he did not expect to do so.

It looked like he had failed to keep a low profile and had not learned his master’s skills.

He should have said that he had eaten millions of medicinal pills to cultivate to the Supreme God Realm.

He coughed lightly and continued, “It’s all luck.
I was also lucky to pick up an ancient God Emperor Realm expert inheritance.”

“That’s not bad.
Fellow Daoist Ge, you don’t have to be too humble.”

Yun Lige was about to reply when the screen suddenly lit up.

Immediately after, God Emperor Realm expert Kong Chen immediately said,

“Group leader, you’re here.
Everyone, please welcome the group leader!”

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