Chapter 1 (to another world)

*Hi everyone! This is my first time translate a Japanese novel in English (my mother language is not English) so I think I make some mistakes.
I really appreciate if someone corrects my mistake.
I hope you have fun ^^


When I wake up it wasn't the world that I knew.
After my job in hospital was done, I wanted to rest my tired body as soon as possible so I am going home early that day.
After I closed my eyes a light that dazzling like the sun flashing me, and my whole body feeling like tossed around somewhere.
When my vision returned, that was appear in front of me was not a familiar commuting road, it was an unknown forest where the trees grow.

The accident was not only stop at that, there was also a change in my body.
First, my body fell so light.
Even though my back pain had already become a chronic disease because surgery and bad sleeping or sitting posture, the pain is gone like it never exist before.
From the start my height was already not so high but now the line of sight was strangely low, the hand was small, and the legs were small.
The shoes I was wearing were fuzzy, all the shirts and jackets I wearing were big, and the chino pants were sliding down to my feet.

I was stunned for a while because I could not understand the situation I was in, but managed to regain sanity and I start walking until I arrived at a lake in the forest.
My throat is feel a little thirsty so I rushes to the waterside while searching something that I can use as container to drink the water.
The water in the lake is clearer than I thought, and even if I drink it should be okay, but even now I still I can't forget the shock when I see my reflection on the water while I scoop the water in my hand.
It was not my face that reflected on the surface of the water.
No, to say it correctly it was not the face of the present me.
(TL: Welcome back my shota baby ^^)

Even at the age of 40, a nurse from my workplace said that my face was a baby face and I look like a trainee rather than a long time employees, they said my face make them feel envious, but my colleague’s doctor and boss laughed at me saying that no dignity can felt from me at all.
However, the face that appears in the surface was a face of 10 years old boy that no problem in his life.
No matter how baby face my face it should have been this young.

This is a phenomenon which is happening to myself where I got myself arrived in unknown place.
This the first time I understand that when human beings exceed their limit they can’t think about anything.

I don’t really remember anything that happening from there.
Later on, when I am wandering around in the forest, I met a bad guys that pointed the knife at me.
When I surprised and tried to escape, I was attacked from behind and fainted.
When I wake up later, I got myself in carriage while wearing a shackled in my hand and feet.
When I arrived in a place like a town, I was dropped from a carriage and put in a cage.
There was an other person who was wearing a shackle in the same way as myself, but of course it wasn’t a Japanese.
I dont know why, but an animals ears are attached to their heads and their skin has scales.

Speaking of what I can remember it's just about this much.
After that, I finally understood that this place wasn’t japan or the earth that i know, this place is an another world, and I was caught by a bandit and sold as a “slave”.
Fortunately, I was able to understand the language here and I can even talk using it, so I am desperately trying to tell a man who seemed to be a slave trader about my circumstances but I was laughed at and I was beaten.
It was a very shocking for me who was living in a peaceful country like Japan before I came to this world and has been living a life unrelated to violence to get beaten up this much.

Several days passed and one day I was put out of the cage wearing a collar made of iron on my neck.
When the man who put the collar on my neck talked something, the collar warmed up for a moment but it quickly subsides.
Then I got on a horse carriage and was brought to a gorgeous mansion.
In that mansion I was told to washed my body with water and wrapped my body with big cloth, and then they brought me to the luxurious room while stand in front of many man that was already sitting in that room before.
A man that seems to be the oldest among the three men who has a cat ears grabs my arm and starts talking to other men.
What I understand from their conversation is that human tribe are a rare being in this world, especially the black eyes and black hair one are priceless.
And apparently the men seemed to look at me with sexual eyes.

To be honest, I have been aware of the fact that I am homosexual since the moment I arrived.
However, this is the first time I was seeing with eyes like that so I feel nothing but fear.
when I still in japan even the late bloomers like me is sometimes able to find a man that fit my type in the street, but I only looked and I had no experience at all, I was always busy with my work and when I didn’t notice it I was already become 40 years old virgin.

Because I felt danger from the man I tried to escape from the place, but they was immediately caught me and dragged me into a luxurious bed in the center of the room.
And in the end, I was raped by the 3 of them.
A tear falling from my eyes when I feel a pain because a foreign thing entered my butt hole for the first time, I got a dick in my mouth and I was raped until my consciousness flew.
Of course I have tried to resist them, but when I tried to resist them too hard I received a kicking and punching from the men, electric shock runs from the collar that I wear before coming here and it gives me severe pain.
And gradually I was losing my mind to resist.

The morning after they raped me my body felt so terrible.
I couldn’t see the anus directly, but I think it was ripped, The bleeding was intense, and the place where they hit me become a bruise, it was difficult for me to even move my body.
After that, I have been treated a man who seems to be a servant of the house, and I was confined to a room like a zashikirou where the sun cannot get in.
(TL: edo period room for confining criminals or lunatic, basically a jail) When I think that I graduated from being virgin by raped by that mans I was shaking and crying for several days.
The only meal that they give to me was a hard bread and a slightly soup for a day, however, because I didn’t have much appetite I don’t really mind it.

After that, every few days different men was taken to the room of the owner of the mansion and they were raped the same way as I get.
The owner, servants and the slave are not human like me, they are a beast man, such as dog ears men, cat men, or some who have a scales in their skin.
From their conversation I hear that apparently sex with human like me is very pleasant.
Compared to the Beastmankind, humans have a lot of magical powers in their body, (I also knew the concept of magic is in this world for the first time at this time) It seems that the magical powers bring a tremendous pleasure to the beastman when they link their body with the human body.

And the next shocking fact is that there are no women exist in this world.
I tried to gather more necessary information about how to life in this world but I don't really get much about it, a little information that I get is some of them have to get

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