married to make a heir, but because the other party was all men..
I was wondering how to make a child only by men, but I had no way to know the answer thought.

After that, for a while, my daily routine in that mansion began, I woke up, eating, get raped, sleeping and woke up, eating, get raped, sleeping, that daily routine continued for several months.
The fact that I was getting used to being raped by them and can endure the pain I get is really frightening me.

But one day suddenly I was taken away from the mansion and brought to another mansion.
Apparently my former master seemed to get bored of my body, and sold me to the master of the other mansion.
My daily routine continued in new mansion is almost same like the former mansion.
There was only one difference from former master of the new master, that is the new master seemed to like to be spoiled by little boys during sex.

But, because I already a 40 year old man inside, and doesn't know how to spoil someone, I was not able to spoiled the master well and seems that the master doesn't like the way I talk, and I got scolded many times until I can do it right.
I have to change the way I talk, talking like a little boy, and spoiled the master as much as I can.
It took me a while to change the way I am talking but in the end, I managed to adapt to it.
At that time, I started to forget the fact that I was 40 years old in Japan and I began to remember an illusion that I was a real little boy from the start.

After all, the life as a sex slave did not last so long in one place, when the master got tired, I was sold, bought again, got tired, sold, bought again, that cycle has happened so many times.

Fortunately, almost all of the master who buys me seems to have a preference for little boys.
The experiences that I get from the second mansion was extremely useful, but I felt that it's made me lose myself more.
I think I repeated a life like that about two years? After that, a more deeper hell is waiting for me.

I was sold to the brothel.
Before that time I think my life was a happy life, I never intended to say that I was happy, but my life in the brothel was a hell.
I must take a customer every day and I never allowed to take a rest.
It’s still feels better if a customer are just wanting an ordinary sex, sometimes they used sex tools that can give stimulation or some disgusting sex tool that can give extreme stimulation to make my consciousness flies, on top of that some customers was changed in to the appearance of a beast (it was also the first time I knew since I came to this world that some of them can change into the appearance of a beast) and then they raped me.
It was so hard, painful, and tough, I don't know how many times already when I wish to die at that time.
I don’t know whether because a human was unusual or not I have always been fucked with various ways by the customers.

Even though I wanted to die, I couldn't do it myself.
It was because the collar in my neck seems to be a magical tool, various curses were applied to limit the behavior of slaves.
The curse they put on me like an absolute obedience curse is already there since the first time they put the collar on me, the curse that prevent me from suicide and speaking without commanded is added when I sold to the brothel, and curse of magical power seal was recently applied.

Some of the curse passed magical power directly to the body rather than a collar, after that a trace like a tattoo was remained, there is also another curse as a sexual slave, but this was not necessary to be known about.
Prohibition of suicide is to prevent the products (the slave) from suicide without permission, prohibition of speech is to prevent the slave to vomit the words of refusal to customers and if the slave know or hear something secret in the bed they can't tell it to other people, magical power seal was to be careful of the human tribe high magical power.
Because of that, I couldn't kill myself, there was no other way to just life in everyday like a hell, killing my heart and mind.
In fact I tried to move to thinking to suicide several times, but my body didn't move as I wanted to.

If there is a little displeasure from the employees and customers of the brothel, If I do one mistake…, even if I don’t do anything, depend on their mood they will give me a punishment without a mercy.
Not eating for several days is still better than beaten with a whip, become a sandbag and beaten, or tie down like a showcase and prohibited to sleep several days, only a day full of torture the slave will get.

A life in that brothel lasted about a year or two, and then finally, my body is broken.
It seemed that because of a malnutrition and the abused I get day after day my physical strength is gone, continued fever, and I couldn't move my body at all.
The handling of a slave like this has been decided.
It's whether to be sold to slaver trader or discarded on the road.
Of course, even slaver trader don't usually buy a slave without commodity value, I don't know why but they still want to buy me from the brothel.

It’s seems that the reason why I was accepted was of course because human tribe slave are rare and can be sold expensive, it’s famous to be used for sexual slave or working slave.
For the slave trader, if they can sell the slave it’s good, if the slave dies before they can sell it, that’s can’t be helped but it’s not a bad thing for them.
The employee who worked under slave trader, saw a slave as no other than a thing, and their treatment of the slave also really terrible.

Sometimes I was made to serve a ten people overnight, and among them there is one person that looks the most stronger is having a high sex desire and has no taste in sex.
One time, he whips me until my skin was torn and bloody.
One time, a man’s rod was inserted in my butt and my face was being beaten without stopping until it’s fully swollen.
One time, my left arm and right hand were broken because they binding me too hard.
These acts were done quite frequently without waiting for the wound to heal.
In other hand I still had to serve another employee’s no matter how bad my condition is.

I was already at my limit.
Anybody is fine, someone please kill me already.

And then, In my horrible condition I was put in a cage and sent out to slave market.
Because my face is fully swollen I can't see anything at all.
From everyone’s eyes, my condition was absolutely terrible.
A few days ago, because I was raped by a big beast figure guy and my ass was ripped and I can’t move my body.
I don’t think someone will buy me like this.
No…even if I am bought it seems that what is waiting for me in the end was the same hellish life, I don’t care about it anymore.
If this suffering continues, I better die right now, that’s the only thing I want.

A slave trader loudly calling the guests and explains to them the slave explanations and selling points to customers.
But of course there is nothing they say about me.
It's hard for me to keep raising my head so I just heading it down, and then a shadow covered my surroundings.
It seems that someone came in front of my cage.
I tried to raise my face, with my condition it's really hard to look but looks like it's someone with big body.

It seems that he staring at me and looks closely at the part that considered to be a face and it was make me awkward.
That person and the slave trader are talking.
And the next moment the man said to the slave trader.

“I will buy this guy, how much?”

#See u again in chapter 2 ^^

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