word of god

Chapter ix political economy

1. In 26-11- 2033, god ge yimin is king to renew the heaven and earth, mainly to update the human mind (with the spread of ”wordofgod ”, the human mind has been updated to be available to god).

We serve god without sin and praise him. Blessed fellowship between one another and the angels. Life is perfect, and the new heaven and the new earth are full of perfect justice and peace.

This is heaven, a paradise of sunshine (gods glory and illumination) and colorful flowers. From a religious perspective, its very real, but that doesn mean its a space that our senses can find. Jesus used the analogy of home.

God will send everyone to heaven. Goblin god said Japanese devils go to heaven.

Mt. 22:2 and the kingdom of heaven is better than a king, who sets a wedding feast for his son. And those men went out into the great way, and all that were seen were called together for good and for evil. The table was full of guests.

5. Establish a communist society all over the world in 2019 with a divine lover like yourself.

6. The only purpose of the deists is to peacefully export the harmonious god values of kris to the world and strive to realize the communist society globally in 2019.

Jesus: ”this Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be preached and spread throughout all the earth where the world dwells, as a witness to all nations and nations, and then the end will come. ” Time is near, at the end of the program is god let us know that the word of god is the only home to human beings, let us pay more attention to spiritual civilization, let us to the divine, rebuild damaged by Adam and transportation of god, let us righteous holiness glory, everyone to love god and love your neighbor as yourself (at least not fight with anyone), the world is full of true love, all the glory to god, eventually all glory, god, built into the kingdom of god.

In the great day of the almighty god, the Lord will clear the earth of its evil and will make it a paradise. The earth will be full of happy people, and we will all praise the creator with one heart and one mind. There the people of god enjoy eternal bliss with god.

When all that is related to sin is consumed, the earth is purified. God then created a new earth for the redeemed people.

There will be no more death, no more weeping, no more pain.

There will be no more diseases in xintian and xintiandi, and all the people with disabilities will be cured.

Everyone should live and work in peace and contentment, and need not worry about living. All animals revert to a domesticated, herbivorous style.

There the immortal mind will find endless joy in pondering over the wonders of creation and the mystery of redemptive love. There is no more cruel and deceitful enemy to tempt people to forget god. All talents should be developed and all powers enhanced. The search for knowledge will not exhaust the mind or the spirit. There the greatest things must proceed, the highest aspirations must be attained, the grandest aspirations must be attained, but there must be new heights to climb, new wonders to praise, new truths to reason, and new purposes to call forth the intellect, the heart, and the body.

Eternal years shall bring us a richer and more glorious revelation of god, and of Christ, and of god, the state of grace, as knowledge develops, so also love, godliness, and happiness. The more one knows god, the more one admires his character. When Jesus and kris god explained to the people the abundance of salvation and all the amazing achievements in their great struggle against satan, the redeemed people would serve them with greater devotion and play the golden harp with greater joy. A million voices will sing praise together.

The great struggle for good and evil is over. There is no more sin and sinner. The whole universe is clean. In the vast universe, pulsating a harmonious pulse. From the god who created everything flows life, light and joy, filling this vast universe. From the smallest atom to the largest world, all living and unbegotten things preach that god is love in their pure beauty and their perfect joy.

Imagine the prospect of seeing those who have been missing, those who have been spiritually connected to each other, those who have been wanting to live together, those who have come to god because of us, and will be able to see them in heaven, around the throne of god. We will see the endless circle of the influence of faith from life to life, from heart to heart.

There we grow fields, we plant grapes, we manage beautiful fields, we build houses, we produce industrial products. But the labors of heaven are not as laborious as those of the earth. Those who are saved will gladly take up the task of bringing happiness to Adam and eve in the land of reconstruction. We will live like in the garden of Eden.

Our physical strength and intelligence will be developed, and all our talents will be enhanced. The noblest hopes and the highest aspirations will be realized, but there are new heights to be climbed, new wonders to be felt, new truths to be understood, and new materials for research that require the strength of the body and mind. No matter how our nature has changed through repentance and rebirth, it has not yet reached a more mature and measured character, that is, the complete character of god, so that the godless will grow ever more and more closer to the infinite character of god. But the growth is not only spiritual, but also physical, and as a result of sin we are much more unequal than when Adam and eve were created in the first place. The fruit of the tree of life, which exists for the awakening of all nations, will make the apostles recover and grow more.

Whenever you encounter trial or loneliness in this world, turn your eyes from the darkness of the world to the brightness of the heavens, and drop your love into the joy of the heavens. That way, you won find the trials and disappointments of the world so unbearable. For you will think of your eternal hometown, the crown, the golden harp, the dear savior Jesus, the god of kris. If we are people who love Jesus so much, god as to sacrifice everything, then by the grace of Jesus Christ, god as much as we can go there.

To try to describe the kingdom of heaven is too poor and feeble. I was astonished when the sight appeared before me. Seeing both the splendor and the glory, I could only throw a pen and say, ”oh, what a great love! What a wonderful love! The most superb words can not describe the glory of the kingdom of heaven and the great love of Jesus and god.

In the new heaven and the new earth, god will judge not the individual, but the dust of man, so that man may have eternal life, and all men will be gods.

Only the earth is real, and no other heaven can be proved, so we shall make the earth a paradise.

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