word of god

Chapter 7 the book of eternal life

He who believes in god must believe in god. GOD: the creation and ruler of the universe. Paul ”so that we may receive the promise of the holy spirit by faith. ”

2. Lover, try to practice Agape. At least not against anyone. Jesus: ”love one another as I have loved you. This is my command. ” Paul: ”now there is faith, hope, and love. These three things, the greatest of which is love. ” God ge yimin: ”not against anyone. ”

The future of the world is in the bible (former American President Ronald Reagan). You will continue to absorb knowledge, to know your only true god, and to know Jesus Christ, god of the people, whom you have sent, so that you may live forever.

Preach the Gospel, good news about Jesus and god. This is the great mission Jesus left behind, the work of the holy spirit. Jesus: ”this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. ” Paul: ”pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, especially prophesying. ” God kris: ”believe in god kris for eternal life. ”

Prayer, that is, talking to god, can be very formal, such as reciting prayers from a prayer book, or informal, such as stopping at a traffic light to think of god in an instant. Prayer can be silent, it can be vocal, it can be private, it can be public. The main purpose of prayer is to maintain fellowship with god.

6. Think about god, the act of god, the origin of the universe, the purpose of life, the problem of death, the future and eternal life.

Try is to choose. Let the holy spirit prepare you in various ways. When the last step is completed, god will put you in the right place.

8. Perform miracles. Some of the most important miracles in the life of Christ were: virgin pregnancy, resurrection and ascension. The bible is full of miracles, like the miracles of the sea, and the miracles of fire coming down from heaven and walking on the sea. Of course, in a sense, any interaction between god and man is a miracle, such as the divine image of kris. May the holy spirit give us the power to do miracles.

And god met in a dream. God said, ”if any of you were a prophet, I would meet him in a dream. ” As Jacob dreamt of god on the ladder, so god of kris dreamed many dreams.

Revelation: the holy spirit tells people to think about the answer to a problem, such as telling you about your present unfortunate situation through strongly directed dreams.

An indication, for example, of an environment that you encounter today, and who says a word, you may think it has happened before, that there was no such circumstance before, and that is what the holy spirit prefigured in your subconscious.

Leadership. In the name of god, father and son, god the holy spirit, let us all believe in god, praise god, glorify god, and rebuild the garden of Eden on earth.

We are indeed destined to live in the world, and since the physical universe is constructed in such an amazingly skilful manner, I cannot conceive it merely to be a fact without reason.

The body is the same body, the soul the same soul, but a man belonging to the dust takes the body first and the soul second. A spiritual person places the soul first and the body second.

All these are gods plans. God had planned all the things for an infinitely long time ago. He had designed a wonderful plan of redemption because of his love. The god of the infinite, the god of the infinite, who looks upon us with divine eyes, has to suffer for the infinite integrity of the whole, it is his trial, it is his election, but he embraces man with infinite love, expecting him to do this and do that, to endure this and endure that, for it is according to the whole.

A heart filled with love becomes a heart of joy. Never let anything make you sad and forget the joy of the resurrection of Christ and the coming of god. I am not happy because I go out and look for what is inside. I have sought joy in all my pains, but joy is in my heart.

Discipline often paves the way for blessings, and if we accept it properly, it will bless us. God may punish and reprove, but he will never abandon man. He chastens with honesty, but his love never ends.

All spiritual growth depends on our hunger and thirst. When we seek to advance in spiritual life, may we not seek to increase our own spiritual satisfaction, but to be more pleasing to god and beneficial to man.

The way of god is the way he has been, and this is the way we are going to follow him. God will not let us go on paths that he himself has never taken before.

Nothing but god can satisfy the longing of an immortal soul. For the heart is made for him, and only he can satisfy it. With gods presence, all is enough.

The hour of trial is often the hour of blessing. Trial is our way of teaching our teachers in the pursuit of god.

When we are happy, we should not think that everyone is so happy. Think of and remember the pain of others. God has mercy on us, so let us also learn to pity others.

Trials, that is, not against anyone, that is the first pursuit of the mind, the second pursuit of the material, that is the communist society.

24. Try the soul:

(1) everyone does not fight against anyone. Notice, its everyone, not you.

(2) fairness and justice, equality between the rich and the poor, everyone gets the same living conditions. Don be so critical.

(3) if everyone has the same living conditions, it can be completely eradicated. Only money is the purpose of life now, so that we can get rid of the material and pursue the spiritual.

(4) spiritual ascension: find the original meaning and purpose of life, and solve the problem of who I am and where I will go, namely the continuation after death.

My solution is that the video series I tried for 28 years will be shown to everyone, and soon.I have not only thought, I have action, my long march. Its going on.

The present state of human beings is far from what I require. Teaching modern people who only pay by heart is spiritual, and casting pearls before swine.

The world is matter, consciousness, soul (god). Consciousness comes from the soul, but not from the soul. Consciousness is wrong. Consciousness is the combination of the soul and the brain.

Man must develop toward god; all men are gods.

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