word of god

Chapter 6: spirit

God created the body of Adam out of the dust and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and he became a living soul. But Adam, after all, had a dusty (physical) body and could not have the same limitations of spiritual life as god (spiritual), and to give real human happiness requires not only physical satisfaction, but also spiritual satisfaction. It is necessary to increase the spiritual power of human beings and overcome the physical power.

God created man as a son and did not for no reason prevent him from distinguishing good from evil. Man and snake were created by god and what the creator could do (eating the forbidden fruit).

The original sin of man is the body of dust, the imperfect body (of dust, like animals), and this is the limitation of man.

Ps 51:5 ”I was born in iniquity, and sin was in my mothers womb. ”

The fetus has no sin, no thought of sin, only the body of sin (the dusty body).

Human beings distinguish animals from spirits given by god.

Human beings: a body, a soul, a soul and a beginning;

Animal: body, soul, spirit, beginning and ending;

Plants: a life without a soul without a soul has a beginning and an end.

People and animals are two different things. Animals have no such qualities as love, conscience, morality, spiritual need, fairness, compassion, sense of humor, creativity, sense of time, self-awareness, and taste. People not only care about the future, but also pass on the accumulated knowledge from generation to generation. If people are only higher animals, then a persons life, and even the whole human life will be meaningless, I really can imagine a pigs pig live and the whole pig species have any significance.

5. According to evolutionary psychology, human nature is generally selfish and tends to pursue selfish interests by any means. Natural selection requires men to make frequent coitus with different women. According to this evolutionary concept, it is natural for women to have sex under certain circumstances. Even parental love is said to be genetically engineered to ensure the survival of future generations. This idea emphasizes that the key to ensuring the longevity of the human family is to pass on genes to future generations.

On the other hand, the bible and the ”wordofgod ” show that god did not create man for the simple purpose of having children. We are made in the image of god to reflect his attributes, especially love, justice, wisdom and power. When we combine the unique characteristics of human beings, we will understand why the bible and the ”wordofgod ” place human beings above animals. The bible and the ”wordofgod ” clearly show that god not only put the desire for eternal life in the hearts of the men he made, but also decided to create a new world of justice in which man could enjoy endless life.

7, Darwins ”on the origin of species ” published in 1859, the world immediately become morally corrupt, no longer believe in god, influential persons think that tide weak leave the strong rise of claims to them, in the competition, the inevitable is better than a strong, sharp cunning or deceit weak will and trust of others, they concluded that people like jackals in India, but is a social animal, like a big name like jackals bullying, bullying is taken for granted.

If, in the garden of Eden, respectively, to the person directly good consequences and life, man should have without going through the suffering of the trial, there will be no spiritual growth, can not overcome the limitations of the body and dust will be self-righteous, people do not realize everything comes from god, not to the glory of god, ultimately the purpose of gods creation, people can not enter the perfect, can not find true happiness.

Then a serpent (satan, gods tool, created by god, controlled by god) entices Adam and eve to disobey gods command and eat the evil results of the good. Sin comes into the world through one person, and death comes through sin.

10. Now, under the effect of different evil consequences (fruit of wisdom), human material civilization has made great achievements, but humans still pay attention to the pitiful material civilization from the soil, which has no improvement in spiritual life, and the spiritual life is becoming increasingly vulgar.

”If you live according to the flesh, you will die; if you die by the spirit for the wickedness of the body, you will live. For whoever is guided by the spirit of god is the son of god. ” (ROM 8:13)

12, ”what is planted is the flesh and blood body, and what is raised is the spirit body… The first man is from the earth, from the earth… And having the form of earthy, we shall also have the form of heavenly… Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of god… The perishable must become the unskillful… The words of death swallowed up in victory came true… The sting of death is sin. (1 cor. 15:44)

The name of the Lord is the name of the doer, and it is tenses, history and present all for the purpose of testing man, to overcome the power of the flesh with spiritual power, and finally to give him the body of the spirit.

Sanctification refers to the spiritual development in the life of gods disciples. The holy spirit lives in believers, pointing out sin and changing their character. Man develops into a divine nature, rebuilds the fellowship with god, everyone brings glory to god, and finally god gets all the glory, so that the kingdom of god with love is completed, and gods creation plan is completed.

If you think that original sin means stealing a fruit like this, you are naive and underestimating god. According to the ”wordofgod ”s, original sin = dust body.

The dusty body is not only right, it is also precious. Sin is not wrong, but it is out of sight, which is not what god wants, so try to be spiritual and live with god forever.

All that god has created is very good. Mans original sin, his dusty body, is not spiritual. Throughout history, god has been testing mans spirit to be with him forever.

Is it not a very small thing for god to judge satan? Satan is also a creation of god, but an instrument of god, all for testing man by the dust into the spirit to be with god forever.

God is omnipotent, satan is gods creation of the archangel, and later arrogant depravity, god created, in addition to god itself, everything from god, god created, sovereignty in god.

For thousands of years, mankind still did not believe, Jesus came to no avail, god MAO method. So we theologians take this stick and help god to make man spiritual.

The Christian interpretation of original sin is the same as the godless, but they believe that sin is not the dust body but the ancestor who ate the forbidden fruit. Jesus atoned for his sin, and by believing in him he was free from sin. We sin against the dusty body, and when we have a spiritual body, we are not to die eternal life.

You believe that only Jesus can forgive SINS, but you believe that and have no proof. Death is the separation from god, and sin is out of sight. There is no evidence that believing in Jesus, because Jesus is already atoning for his SINS, he is not guilty, he is not dying, he is with god, its just that christians believe, and not so sure.

23, avoid sin and death. Just believe in Jesus. This is funny and god is boring. According to the theologians, the exoneration of the dusty body to the spiritual body is a process in which god is sought and satan refers to the sin nature of man.

An animal has a simple mind and does not know how to worship.

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