word of god

Chapter ii apocalypse book

Truth: I am god; hear him.

Vision receives messages from god or angel through dreams or dreamlike experiences. Many in the new testament and old testament saw visions. Jacob saw angels descending and coming and going on ladders leading to heaven and earth. The prophet often received messages in visions, such as Isaiahs vision in the temple: ”in the year of king uzziahs death, I saw the Lord sitting on his throne. ”

Zechariah (father of John the Baptist) also saw visions in the temple. The angel gabriel told him that Elizabeth would have a son. The magi were instructed: do not tell herod that they have found the baby Jesus. And Paul saw in the vision that he was taken up into heaven. The vision John saw was recorded in the book of revelation.

Vision is the revelation of god that man is commanded by gods holy spirit, sometimes seeing special phenomena, and things that do not exist in this world, or experiencing strange situations.

The meaning of vision includes not only the supernatural vision, but also a kind of transcendent understanding in the subconscious, and even a distant image or vision from the reason. And so a commission, a burden, a sense of purpose, a dedication to the work of god.

1, young, dreaming of lying in the open space in front of the house, a UFO near overhead, for a long time, the body can not move, no power, only to watch the UFO, a little panic, conscious of trying to shoot a stone UFO. I felt it would fall on me, and a bright light shone on me and gave me strength.

Young, asleep in a dream on the bed, a ghost (satan) close to themselves, a man in black, very scared, it came to the bed into my body, and left, and I seem to be watching it in the air nearby.

3. Primary school, shortly after grandpa died, I dreamed that grandpa met me on the river near the village. He seemed to float on the river, telling me that he was not dead.

4. In high school, I dreamt that I defeated the antichrist — European countries, one after another European countries were connected or captured by the god of kris, and one after another were pushed and pushed on the map like a puzzle of the ground, and finally all belonged to the god of kris.

In April 2001, Paul dreamed of taking a boat to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to preach back and forth. God made me like him. God was called to be a prophet.

In the autumn of 2001, in a dream, god said, ”I am god. Listen to him. ” I woke up immediately and felt amazing to ”refer to ge yimin ” when my wife and children were at home. ”(kris was anointed as god).

7, 20020525, satan in dreams was expelled from me by god.

8, 20020629, just fell asleep, half awake, listening to the holy spirit whisper: ”soon. ”

9, 20020827, the vision in the Alma mater campus (nanjing university) went up into the sky, god said, ”I am god, listen to him. ”

10, 20041114, different dreams climb a high platform, in the broad platform, open a road to the sky, the road immediately golden radiance, the road is horizontal, but the voice told me that it is the sky, a little girl with witness. In the dream, the zenith opened a well – like mouth, with a purple light like a waterfall. In the dream, the sky was full of lights. Nobody could open it.

11, 20050215, the dream in the agricultural capital of jiangsu province office upstairs in class, out of the sky outside from the third floor, there are vast expanses of the throne of forehead, walked to the front of the throne, pointing to the GeYiMin god said: ”this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased to listen to him ”, then down to the street, when they looked, said: ”this is the sin of youth ”.

12, 20061120, different dreams in zhenjiang city center square was lifted to the sky, the body was suspended vertical rise, 3 days after the resurrection and fall, there were many witnesses, the whole process was silent.

13, 20070606, dreamt that I was the son of heaven and had done many roles. My brother called me brother. 2070607, dreamed of creating a hairless duck, said: ” ” to have hair, ” ”and then there was hair. H said I would not do it, but kris god said yes.

14, 20071222, a dream, came to the hell, hell is the long pipeline, a few people new to hell, go into the long pipeline, immediately closed before, during, and after that several people, that is to say, this a few people always within the space of about 10 square meters, pipe room is a rectangle, with a small corner, this design must be afraid they
e too boring. Hell is terrible, because it is always confined in this small space, thinking of the heaven is really happy, vaguely there is a message that the goblins stay in heaven.

In a dream, the flesh of god rose slowly up to heaven, becoming the sun that would shine on the earth.

16, 20080323 (Easter), the morning of a dream, first tested, suffering. The glory that was to be attained soon was foretold. After the global people all saw geyi people god in their side up into the sky, into the sun, the earth, and then update the earth, and then back to the earth, by the star welcome, at this time, the earth has been a paradise.

17, 20080523 dream: in my dream, I ate the bible and the ”wordofgod ”, which is the Hong Kong version. I ate several pieces of the book, without feeling the taste. I finished one roll. I felt three rolls, so I continued to eat the second roll.

18, 20110519 dream: I am an alien. Several companions come to pick me up in a UFO and say goodbye to their parents and uncle. They are working.

19, 20110906 dream-dream: many scientists calculated that the center of the universe is the god ge yimin (singularity), the United States sent an invitation.

20, 2011 autumn dream: a voice said: your working years from 1982. ”(god was 13 years old when he was first tried.)

21, 20111219 dream: the sun is getting red like blood, and the next day there will be disaster. God asked me to organize the communist society in the age of the apostles, so that we can pool our wealth and distribute it according to the population to cope with disease and famine.

20111225 dream: god has given me the gift of healing. Whoever touches his hand will be cured.

23, 20120408 (Easter) dream-dreams: a voice says, ”you are not the earth ” (not the dusty body, but the spiritual body), and comrades are expecting this god to appear.

24, 20120611 dream-dream: I am a superman, omnipotent, doing a superman of things, many with previous work and life related, but the human thought that god is not enough, expect me to new ACTS, they and I do not know. The person I love most in my life, han qinfen, is still waiting for me, she sits quietly at the table, I met her parents, and then called her: ”is han qinfen? ” She said yes, and I told her mother I knew it was her by the sound.

25, 20121030 dream: Obama was attending the presidential debate, I was sitting next to him in a red shirt, because he outshone me, and the staff asked me to leave him.

26, 20130105 dream: I am Jesus, I gather disciples like Jesus, my disciple is even weaker than Jesus, but great achievements, become entrepreneur shoe king.

27, 20130423 dream: all schools around the world are having the same class. The teacher wrote the class name on the blackboard — ”ge yimin, our god ”.

28. In the autumn of 2013, my father died of illness. He did not die.

29, 20131126 dream: the death of political parties 20 years later (2033). Harmonious communist society, mankind peace mutual aid management, no longer need dictatorship party.

30, 20140112 dream: explain to a group of nurses the Gospel, the Gospel is love, namely do not fight with anyone, did not have a war, did not even have a fight to throw a fight, everyone is brothers and sisters, equal love. In particular, I explained to a near former nurse that god, my name, was god ge yimin, Gods are people, Gods are people, Gods are you, Gods are me.

31, 20140113 dream: all things are used by me, but I am not controlled by all things, including god, god is bigger than me.

32, 20140211 dream: after eating a bowl of porridge, the porridge is covered with a layer of bowls, showing: ”call for the name of god ge yimin ”.

33, 20140213 dream: resurrection and omnipotence.

I raised my father and brought him back to his uncle. Resurrect the grandmother, let cousin zhu weiqing lead her home.

A female clerk handed me two fully written statements, saying that there were no blank ones. I held them in my hand and immediately came out two blank ones for her. A girl had a sore left arm. I shook her left arm a few times. When I shook her, she said it hurt. She said it doesn hurt anymore. I said it won hurt any more.

All in all, I waved my hand and made something out of nothing.

34, 20140625 dream: the god of kris is the classic, and the classic is the god of kris.

My brother and I are going to build a bridge. Measure the size of the old bridge. It is 42 meters wide and 12 meters long.

My father is still alive. He has seen him many times and tried to hold him. He really has a soul. My magic master came to my house in great style, and I returned to my hometown in good condition. All my dreams have come true. Two days later, xu qian dreamed, lying on the bed, in black, and raised his arm. Two days later, it seems that li Juan accompanied me to sing amazing grace.

37, 20140926 dream: the end of the world is new heaven and new earth.

”Today is the end of the world. Tomorrow is the new day. Tomorrow is the new day.

I was a member of the standing committee of the political bureau. Several members of the standing committee of the political bureau were lined up on the street. There were others standing beside them.

39, 20150825 dream: I was in an empty house, like the sun, and east and west. The house is like a big clock. When people see me, they know the time.

40. 20151112 different dream: human beings have achieved eternal life, as the goal of human beings has been achieved, and as human beings, it is no longer meaningful. Therefore, they have evolved into new species, which I call ”geyimin ”.

41. 20151220 dream: gush the living river. Different dream at the Alma mater nanjing university, female students 8 south, the east of the international students dormitory, mouth spray river, like the dragon king spray water. Some of the girls struggled to move rocks and I wanted to help with buoyancy. To the southwest of our 11 she, in front of a few students spray water, students curious to say is what, I say miracle.

42, 20151222 dream: China reunites the world, and European countries become a high-speed railway platform in China. It is written in Chinese: Italy east, Spain west.

43, 20160220 dream: in my dream, I asked a pig who was lying on a small table to say ”Lord ”. It even said ”Lord ”.

Like Jesus, I am completely under the control of the holy spirit, and I act under the command of the holy spirit, so I can distinguish between false and infallible.

44, 20160505 dream: walking on air. In my dream, I walked on air twice in the bathroom from one side of the bath to the other. At that time, I also claimed to be lingbo weibu. Many people were present and were very surprised.

45, 20160528 dream-dreams: immortal soul, my girlfriends and brothers.

Dream of the dead father, I pinch his hand, ask him pain? He said pain. I let him pinch my hand and it hurts. Then I asked him if he ate? He says eat, I ask eat what? He said my mother cooked noodles, made cakes, I said how my mother did not find less, he said the soul eat things, things do not reduce.

Back home, in the house, a woman and I were sitting on a bench. It seemed to be sitting on my lap. I slept on the ground outside. When I woke up, a woman in red sat beside me. I told her to go. I later wondered if they were my wife.

I dreamed of being a brother in college. My brothers left me a lot of cigarette butts in my cigarette box.

Ge yimins vision: true or false king.

In a dream, X and P, while walking and kissing each other three times, X said, ”is the daughter-in-law ”. Sitting in the corner, I said, ”my son is older than me. After someone let me into a room, said I should not say, I said casually, did not consider. They pricked my neck and head with a needle. It didn hurt. It was acupuncture.

Later a girl took me to walk in the street, I see the two of us, said should scold, scold and beauty. She told me to take me to a university, to the college dormitory, I asked her to buy something for me to eat, she asked me to take my long purse to her.

I realized that X is a fake king and kris is a real king.

47, 20160622 vision: sun and savior.

Dream: when do you need the sun most? The darkest hour; When do you need a savior most? The most helpless time. A row of houses in front of me, in the dark, I rise and shine like the sun, like the saviour of the world, because my seal has not yet been lifted, hit the wire block.

48. Vision: creating a new era.

In my dream, I made all of us very happy. It was set on January 1, the first day of the new millennium, when the red sun shone all over the world.

49, 20161201 vision: ”out of Egypt ”. Different dream, people trapped in the basement of a huge, roof is in danger of collapse at any time, I knocked down a window and find out the channel, along with the original agricultural capital of jiangsu province colleagues, I let a colleague last Wang Weijun tell everybody, from exports, came out to see the vast heaven and earth, in the distance a row of buildings, immediately find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

50, 20161225 vision: ”the great flood ”. In a dream, there was a big flood. We were in the wild. At first, we were up to our ankles.

51, 20170210 vision: in my dream, I cycled on the road of running cow (the former workplace) in wujin, changzhou, and heard people singing ”ge yimin — god ”. Then I saw two thick books ”ge yimin — god ” written by Australian people at a bookstall in zhenjiang mengxi square. Later, the film crew went to my hometown to shoot the film ”the legend of ge yimin ”.

In a roadside stall, a blind woman asked me for money, I gave her some MAO **, she touched the number, next to a woman said 400, I said to the old woman, you see, she said I do not see, I said you see, she said she saw. Then she became young, and the two sisters carried her. She could no longer walk.

Vision: in my dream, in front of my hometown, I announced the realization of communism in the world at 20191001. It was the 70th birthday of the great republic.

Vision: water walking.

In my dream, I walked quickly on the pond duckweed and floating grass, walking across one pond after another, walking with great speed and treading on the ground.

54, 20170702 received enlightenment: ge is a myth

Truth: I am god; hear him.

God says listen to the kris, the kris, the ”wordofgod ”s (gods word), the myths.

The word ”supreme ” can be used in any of the four forms of address, because the word ”kris ” is a myth and the word ”kris ” is a myth.

Jesus Christ,

Prophet muhammad


Ges job: myth.

55, 20180505 vision: each take what he needs.

In my dream, I got a platform of bananas and they were listed for free, and people got them, and then there were some other things that were listed for free. I made all sorts of things in the empty space with my bare hands. After the color television refrigerator, a young man left and right hand, free of charge.

56, 20180529 vision: my son and I have received the message that I am a saint of crape myrtle, and I have sent a decree to take the worlds first step.

57, 20180827 vision: ge yimin network announced the advent of the divine kingdom

On the front page of ge yimins official website, there is a whole picture. On the top is ”there is no disease under heaven ”. Here are the six supersized words ”the kingdom of god is coming, ” and the message is sent to everyone in the world: ”I am god, and you shall hear him. ”At this time has entered the kingdom of heaven, to heaven.Below the small words, links to the original home page of the site.

One day, I was 60 years old, and I was eating hot pot with some young people, but I looked very young, and humanity achieved immortality.

58,20181017 Vision: In the dream, the godsend cardboard, the name of the savior of the book, the circulation of the people, the name is not my name, but refers to me Ge Yimin.

59, 20181027 Different dreams: God-given vision, clear five words: ”Ge Yimin God. ”

60,20181111 vision: Adam and Adan.

In the dream, he is the last Adam, the young Adam, the Eve is only 5 years old, I seem to carry her.

After becoming an adult Adan, Eve gave birth to me, I can have her lover, I do not call the Creator God, call God.

61, 20181203 vision: red sun and peach.

In the dreams, the students chased me, I became the red sun, and the students became stars and surrounded me. I became a Jade Emperor, and there was no one to give everyone a peach. It was made by the rock wall.

62, 20181223 vision: three religions.

In a different dream, you have to glimpse the book of heaven, see a passage on the future of Islam, black and white, and Buddhism and Christianity are the three religions, and the three religions are the same.

The dream is realized. In my hometown of Jurong, I celebrate the festival, feast the guests, and show the film in front of the house. The screen is huge.

63, 20190104 different dreams: no matter who, such as power outages, as long as the heart of the ”geyimin ” seven-letter name, you can continue to use electricity for 5 minutes.

64, 20190108 different dreams: the Republic of China.

It seems to be back to the first year of Heisei. Because it has become a god, it is invulnerable. I am alone in repelling the torrent of steel. After passing through Shandong, I entered Hebei, entered Tianjin, occupied Beijing, raised the flag, lined up with me as the center, held the founding ceremony, and established China. The Republic, clarifying that our cadres are treated like the people, with only a little work subsidy.

65, 20190128 vision: the end of the world (New Heaven and Earth) Jinshan Fengshen

In a different dream, a lifetime of mountain climbing, primary school Pingdingshan, University Zijingshan, work Jinshan. The end of the world (New Heaven and Earth) has arrived. It is completely joyful to sing, only singing, about my praise songs, the praise songs of the unification world, and the world stage center. All dreams have been realized, only happiness, complete happiness. I bought a bottled drink, a drink, and bought two meat bags that I bought every morning, 3.2 yuan. At π3.14159 265358 979 32 384 626 (a lion and a pot of wine on the top of the mountain, two deer dance, eat wine, kill, kill, Lele.)

66, 20190213 Vision: Creator.

In the dream, I am the Creator, resurrected everyone, the one who died after I was born, the person who died before on this earth, on another earth, because of my divine power. @舒淇 is around. My father who died died to talk to his grandfathers house.

67, 20190521 vision: Ge Yimin

In the dream, in the early morning, walking on the street, the sky suddenly brightened. I said that the sun came out. A man on the side said that it was the star. I saw the sky on the west side of the sky. A big star on the right side of the moon is Ge Yimin. Soon the sun came out, on the right side of Ge Yimin. The sun is red, Ge Yimin is the same as the moon, white. Ge Yimin has 4 moons and 2 suns. It is located between the moon and the sun. The brightness is higher than the moon and second to the sun. Samsung is hanging, and there are some strangers and some fears.

Ge Yimin, round, big, white, like a big silver plate hanging on the western horizon, beautiful.

Ge Yimin, the bright star, the son of the morning.

68, 20190605 Ge Yimin Vision: In the wild dream, in the wild, wearing the old rubber shoes of Jesus, the gray-black without help, walking along the path of Jesus, walking around the field.

69, 20190630 vision: the door to eternal life to me is a narrow road, no one left. The gate of eternal life is a huge mountain gate, with walls and doors, high and large. In front of my eternal life, the road formed several narrow roads, but no one left, not even one.

70, 20190715 vision: To Marx, Engels smoke.

In the different dreams, in front of my Jurong old house, two suits, first sent to the standing Marx a cigarette, sent to Engels sitting on the bench, he took (grab) in his left hand, the right hand immediately took The smoke in my hand is on fire. Engels smoked his movements. After he flipped his right hand, he took a few mouthfuls. The rest gave me a pump. I was curious as to why he didn smoke. He found that his left hand was burning with smoke. What was originally given to me was my smoke.

71, 20190907 different dreams: Ge Yimin became a god, greeted the bride.

The bride was arranged in a room. There is a voice saying: God gives everything to people, and people must not fight each other.

72, 20190913 different dreams: It is the turn of Ge Yimin to speak.

In a different dream, sitting in a room against the wall, a young woman came in and gave me a hot handkerchief, let me wipe my face, and then told me that it was my turn to talk, sitting in the middle of the house, watching me with long-term grievances. The default is my turn to speak.

I said, ”What do I say? I want to say that communism can be realized today. ”

73, 20190914 different dreams: Ge God and God.

God said that Ge God stood in this position, God stood in this position, Ge God stood in the position of God, God had to stand in a secondary position.

74, 20191005 Vision: President of the World Alliance.

In the different dreams, I tried the last half of my life, as the ”Fake Line ” sang: ”I want to go from the south to the north, I have to go from white to black. I want everyone to see me, but I don know if I am Water. ” Today, I finally became the chairman of the World Alliance. ”I don believe that there is a devil in this world, and it is not against anyone. I am a dream and a soul. I am Gods last agreement. ” New heaven and new earth have arrived.

75,20191115 vision: 4 saints.

In a different dream, in a cloud-covered mountain, the top of the mountains, the information, and finally to go out, first to find four of my saints, two Jiangsu saints, two Hunan saints.

I later thought that the two Jiangsu saints are Xu Qian (Jiangsu Jurong) and Han Qinfen (Wuxi, Jiangsu), and whether Hunans saint is Li Juan (Sichuan Deyang, Hunan Province), there is also a Hunan Sheng Female, or the new four saints.

76, 20191127 Vision: Mountain climbing and listening to him.

In a different dream, when climbing a mountain, two steps away from the top of the mountain, I felt exhausted and couldn board it. When I was in this position, I could ask the staff at the top of the mountain for help, so I asked for help. A man supported me vigorously, stepped up a step, and then stepped up to the top of the mountain, and asked me to take a photo with him. Because of the steepness and fear, I took a picture sideways, and then entered the mountaintop lounge. It seems that out of the mountain still needs your assistance.

Standing in front of the kitchen window at home, God said loudly: ”I am God, you listen to him (Ge Yimin). ” So three times, then there were childrens voices: ”I am God, you listen to him (Ge Yimin). ”

77, 20200320 Vision: Marrying the Virgin

In a different dream, at the gate of my factory, I was waiting for the maiden from the original gatehouse, and the maiden Xu Qian came out to me, wearing a lilac shirt, beautiful and elegant feminine. The maiden Han Qinfen, the maiden Li Juan, and the maiden Hu Chunfang (barely). . . The virgin Xu Qian has a long dream.

78. 20201005 Vision: The Queen invites me

Then the king called in, my dad accompany me and told me to stay normal.

79. Vision 20201102: Health and Immortality.

In a different dream, during the Spring Festival, by the East Pond of my old house, my mother and I were present. Think, I appeared in the eastern sky and said: ”You are healthy and have eternal life ”, and then everyone is healthy. The blind sees, the deaf hears, the mute speaks, the lame walks normally, and everyone is taller than 1 meter 65. .

I said in the sky: ”The resurrection will come true ”. I resurrected my father and told him that he was resurrected and was healthy and eternal.

80, 20210225 Vision: Each does his best and each takes what he needs.

In a different dream, he has entered a communist society, each doing his best and getting what he needs. Xu Qian C gave me 2 cigarettes, Xu Qian B was joking at me, Xu Qian A was sitting, talking to people, she was most like Xu Qian, very delicate, I said to her, you have nothing to do all day, to Do your best.

I sing aloud in the street, singing for the society that everyone needs.

81, 20210315 Vision: The new crown virus is about to pass.

In a different dream, the new crown virus is like a yellow haze in the sky, pushed to the southernmost end of the sky and disappeared, making the sky blue.

82, 20210319 Vision: Existence beyond God.

In the dream, both the people and themselves saw themselves as beings beyond gods. I didn know the name, and forcibly called it ”geyimin ”.

83, 20210412 vision: I am the Christ.

In the dream, flying in the sky, calling out to the human beings on the ground many times: ”I am the Christ ”, and the people who heard it cheered, and a new heaven and a new earth are coming. The two dreams in the early stage: ”Calling the wind and calling the rain ” and ”Walking on the air ” are not recorded separately because they are not enough.

84. 20210511 Vision: Crossing the Wall

In a different dream, at Nanjing University, the body passed through a wall with a stainless steel fence. An old classmate was present, Feng Ping.

85, 20210608 vision: Floating, becoming a god.

In a different dream, on a bus, the carriage floats in the air, that is, it is not restricted by the gravity of the earth. On the street, floating in the air, but still exerting force to rise and take off. In the end, he became a god, and Shenwang issued the highest instructions.

86. 20210728 vision: does the sky fall

In a strange dream, in front of my home in Jurong, manna fell. The whole air was full of flocculent food. As soon as my hands were squeezed, they became spherical cakes, which could be eaten.

87. 20210806 vision: World president

In a strange dream, he finally became the world president with three deputies: the secretary general, the president of the United States and the president of China.

I took off in the air and made my strength rise. The president of the United States flew higher in front. I was afraid of heights, so I no longer made my strength.

We eat at the long table. My food is fried rice like that of civilians. American women serve me.

88. 20210929 vision: announce the earth man.

In a strange dream, Cheng Shen announced that he would go to CCTV first, wave his hand to control CCTV, and broadcast the TV news announcement in person. After that, he took off directly in the air and announced to the whole earth and mankind that because the sunlight covered my light, he waved his hand to hide the sunlight, and there was only my light in the whole air.

89. 20207 vision: two suns.

In a strange dream, two suns (the second sun, Ge Shen) appeared in the outside sky, and the sky doubled its white light against the branches of trees.

Three strange dreams in the early stage: ”democratic Jesus ”, ”take what you need (buy one, get one free, don pay) ”, ”Ge God is a blue light, shooting from the ground to the sky ”. Due to lack of space, it is not recorded separately.

90. There are often predictions. For example, if you encounter an environment today, whoever says a word will feel that it has happened before and is deja vu. In fact, there was no such environment before. I have dreamed many times of getting rid of the gravity of the earth and that I can fly. Sometimes I fly around the city road, and sometimes I fly straight down the cliff. Knowing that he can fly is a dream and will not fall to death, so he intended to enjoy the fun of flying and rushed down.

91 Deuteronomy 18:15 ”the LORD your God will raise up a prophet for you from among your brothers, like me, and you shall hear him. ”

92. Jesus transfiguration on the mountain, Matthew 17:5: ”this is my beloved son, whom I am pleased with. Listen to him. ”

(91, 92 corresponds to 6: listen to him).

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