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Chapter x the Christian communist manifesto

1. Now, the world has been globalized, and the human world has become a whole, especially economic globalization, as well as democracy, civilization, culture, art, Entertainment, games, film and television, music, sports and so on.

No country or individual can reject globalization.

2. Relying on each others economic activities, global division of production, and flow of factors of production among countries, capitalist production and lifestyle led by the United States are expanding the world day by day.

3. Since the neoliberal era (1980s) began, the conditions of workers in many countries have gone backward, and economic crisis and financial crisis are inevitable.

Economic progress cannot be made at the expense of workers, because the economy is for the people.

4. Global integration, the disappearance of socialist countries, the weakening of communist movements, and the cancellation of social programs and social welfare have all brought serious consequences, which have been suffered by most people in the world.

New liberal capitalism is no longer suitable for the development of modern society; it cannot make all countries progress; the worlds production and way of life must change. Visionaries are thinking about new world systems, mainly economic systems and democratic politics.

Although the neo-classical economics pursued by neo-liberal capitalism is still the mainstream of capitalist countries, it can no longer promote the progress of global and global people, but becomes an obstacle, and new economic methods must be studied immediately.

Globalization and neo-liberal capitalism have led to increasing polarization, a large number of poor people are suffering from increasingly tragic and hopeless conditions, and the environment is deteriorating in the developing countries, affecting peoples health for more than it pays.

8. Although there are other kinds of labor, the mode of production in which private capital employs labor, and the relationship between labor and capital determines the global politics, economy and culture, the principal contradiction of neo-liberal capitalism cannot be avoided, nor can it be eliminated. Therefore, class struggle is inevitable.

The relationship of modern society is mainly the relationship between capital and labor, while the natural exploitation of labor by capital is the principal contradiction of capitalism.

10. The new liberal capitalism does not recognize the exploitation and believes that the labor and capital are all compensated in production, but the capital naturally pursues profits and pursues maximized profits, so it must try every possible means to maintain the minimum wage. This is true in many countries around the world, especially in the developing world, where private companies are working as long as possible and increasing the intensity of Labour to minimise wages.

11, while capitalism is inherently unequal, but some times, such as 30 years after world war ii, the workers conditions or improved, now, the developed countries conditions to improve the working class is good, including high and increasing real wages, reduced working hours, the improvement of working conditions, a wide range of social programs, and through the national and direct labor contracts to ensure important economic and social rights. However, in todays globalized world, working class conditions in the vast developing countries are unsatisfactory or even deteriorating, and many poor people are living in despair and see no way out.

It is an improvement that capitalist womens Labour moves from family to employment, but the state has to reconcile family responsibilities, such as using institutions and planning.

13. If workers want to improve their conditions, they cannot rely on the benevolence of capitalists, but rely on their own political and economic organizations to organize themselves and force the capitalists to change the pursuit of maximized profits and form a fair and reasonable labor relations, so that the society can be stable and harmonious. Let labor be mutually beneficial, because capital exploitation is serious, volcano can erupt eventually, capitalist also can be not at peace eventually.

We stand for the ultimate elimination of the exploitation of labor by replacing it with socialism, ultimately communism, and capitalism. Under socialism, production is no longer for profit, but for the needs of man and of all the people.

What is communism? In the simplest terms, communism is the joint ownership of the means of production, and co-ownership is the democratic control of the means of production. Workers have a democratic grasp of the means of production, that is, communism. The basic economic unit should now be owned by workers.

15. The political and democratic revolution of capitalism is a kind of communist revolution that gives the kings private property, the state, to the communist party. And if the private property of the oligopoly group is given to the communist party, then economic democracy is given — all workers democratically elect the leader of the oligopoly organization, so that they can hire laborers to get rid of the situation that their living conditions are under the control of capitalists and realize liberation.

The fundamental meaning of communism is to realize democracy and freedom and achieve all-round development for all. Only when people get rid of the struggle for survival can they enjoy a better life, unleash greater creativity and push the society forward. Only when communism is achieved will the fate of mankind be in the hands of the working people. An economy under the democratic control of the worker, then, is free on the basis of the workers democracy-no more market fluctuations, no more unemployment.

Communism is not far away, material conditions are at hand. Communism is based on mass production. Mass production can guarantee the needs of the people. The expression of material abundance under capitalism is market saturation – the demand of the people is all provided by the market system of production. Then the conditions for distribution on demand are met.

Communism is really just around the corner. All it needs is a revolution. That is, a democratic revolution in which the laborer seizes his own living conditions and controls the whole system of social production. It was not successful in the past because the industrial base of mass production had not yet been laid, but the modern era was different, and industrial production had an absolute advantage over the production of small farmers.

Thus, all kinds of bad social phenomena, such as ecological destruction, environmental pollution and even crimes, can be eradicated. This is closely related to the struggle for survival and the profit-seeking nature of capitalism. The purpose of profit has been eliminated; the purpose of peoples needs has been changed; the struggle for survival has been eliminated; the struggle for freedom has been replaced by free association. People no longer strive for survival, but for development.

Since people live not only to eat, economic equality distributed according to need is not the result of equality, but only to realize the status and power of people — to create the basis of equality.

With the shift of the production function of the family and the service function of the country towards the social production service, the family itself will die out. Family crisis is deepening in this era, and social production is also deepening. The ultimate national demise of the realization of the human unity of the whole.

Private ownership is economic autocracy and public ownership is economic democracy. Economic democracy, is based on public ownership, it is mine, rivers, forests, communication spectrum, various natural resources of land occupied by the nation together, workers through democratic consultation way to organize production and distribution activities, everyone can use labor resources to feed their unconditional, labor value by way of welfare, job security, according to the dividend.

The opposite of economic democracy is economic despotism, which is based on private ownership, that is, the private ownership of resources. If we want to use resources, we must pay expenses. What organization produces under private ownership is violence or capital, laborer must obey violent owner or capital owner.

The development trend of human society is the expansion of peoples rights, first in political rights, then in economic rights. Political conflicts will never be resolved if economic rights are restricted. In Europe and the United States, private ownership countries, as a result of the economic system reform as a no-go area, the social crisis is always not solved, unemployment, environmental protection, terrorist activities, financial crisis, which turns on the society.

Political power from private to public, called political democratization; The possession of economic resources is constantly changing from private possession to joint possession, also called economic democratization.

23, private ownership will make social power and wealth differentiation, is now the world economic integration, so polarized belongs to the world, 1% of the millionaires have wealth equal to the remaining 99% were combined, it is very equal, so todays western system is not recommended and unsustainable, and the excessive competition can lead to war or nuclear war, is in danger of destruction of human, so abandon private ownership and return as soon as possible to persuade western countries public ownership, the human ability to move on. When it comes to the private market economy, which has a history of several hundred years, it has lagged behind the public market economy in the Internet age.

24, democratic autonomy should be people, in an integrated democratic society, people from the born equal, people not only have a common possession of social production, also have the corresponding responsibility and obligation to society, and that is ”from each according to his ability, to get ” on the basis of social framework, and establish a social control laws and regulations as well as to the regime of the right to vote and the right to vote, and so on.

Shinto economics provides the best theoretical basis for analyzing the capitalist system and the socialist system. It points the way for socialism and communism to eventually replace capitalism in the world, which is necessary for mankind to realize its social and economic development potential.

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