spear that was inherited by His Majesty, the Demon King is basically the first Demon King, Raohgias――In other words, your grandfather―― Enchanted spear created with his own life.」


With his own life, eh.


「That sounds a lot like what the dwarf did.」


Just like dwarven’s 『True Strike』.
Once in their lifetime, the dwarves, the race whose blacksmithing skill sublimated into magic, could create an extremely terrifying magic weapon in which they pour their entire soul in it.


「That’s it! Corre… how do you know about it?」


Sofia who replied so upon hearing my muttering was looking puzzled right now.


… Oh shi*t.
I’m supposed to act like I don’t know anything that she didn’t teach me yet! And this devil before me was the one who controlled all of my curriculum!!


「… I read it, in the book.」


In desperation, I replied with whatever first  came to mind.


Different from the old me.
The current me had properly learned demon race letters, human race letters, and currently learning elven race letters.
I even read books, who knows how many books I had already read at this point.
And thanks to my young body, I could pretty much learn anything.


Ironically, it was thanks to the devil’s education that I changed from someone who hates studying to someone who loves studying…


「Ah, the history book that you read 371 days ago does have a description about dwarf races.
It isn’t explained in detail but, it seems you read the book properly, huh.」


Sofia was looking in the air, nodding as if she understood it.


… SAfeeeee.
Seriously, this fella even remembers what I read!


I might be doomed this time if there was no description about dwarf race in the book that I read!!


Let’s stop muttering something that came out into my mind like that again in the future.


「… Well we’re strayed from the topic.
So, can you continue?」

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You’re absolutely right Jilbagias-sama, 『Demon King’s Spear』 is enchanted weapon.
The first demon king gained the power of 『Soul Eater』 after making a pact with a devil.」


So that’s the origin of the demon king’s incredible strength, 『Soul Eater』’s heretic art.


Our pan humanity alliance was aware of that name but its true nature was wrapped in mystery.
The Human race had no way to infiltrate the demon kingdom to conduct secret investigations, thus barely aware of the domestic situation in this place.


I urged Sofia to continue while surpressing my rising heartbeat.


「『Soul Eater』 is the authority of devil Cannibal, it’s magic that converts the soul of the prey eaten by it into magical power.
And then, with that magic, the first demon king used almost all of his mana to create 『Demon King’s Spear』 so that its holder can inherit that ability.」




That isolated demon king’s power.


And that soul eater’s heretic arts.


Everything was due to that spear huh…!


「Thus, the demon king’s contest is literally the contest to become the spear’s wielder.
There’s zero meaning in just holding it.
Only after one survived the competition, and slaughter did one gain the right to wield the spear and gain control over all retainers.」



Honestly, the inside of my mouth was parched.


To sum it up.




… Though I swore just a while ago to not speak too much, I couldn’t help but want to ask a question.


「In a chance that spear is lost… things will get, really messy, right?」



Sofia nodded.

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「In the case, that spear is lost―― Without 『King』 that wields great power, the demon race’s unity is pretty much a pipe dream.」


I noticed that there was some sort of sarcasm in her voice when she said those words.


「But then, I doubt someone in this world has strong enough power to destroy that spear.
I mean, it’s enchanted with the devil’s authority and the crystallization of the first demon king’s soul you know? In the first place, His majesty Demon King is always carrying it around with him, destroying that spear is pretty much impossible at this point.」


I don’t care about that.


Yeah, I don’t fu*cking care.


Even if it was impossible, I was definitely going to 『Destroy』 that spear.


I found the weakness of the demon kingdom.
That was plenty enough for the current me.


「Oh right! There’s a book that telling the details about this.
It’s written by His Highness, first Demon King himself.」


Sofia suddenly loosened the buttons of the che*st part of her butler attire, and pulling out a jumbo-sized, dictionary-like book.



「My body is a library you know.」





I received the book while still half bewildered after seeing Sofia’s action.


It was a simple book with sturdy binding without any ornament or whatsoever.


Written on its cover was an equally plain title.


――『Chronicles of the Demon King’s Founding Nation』.


Next Chapter: 19/04/2022

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