37.2  Unexpected Truth

I see, that’s an easy-to-understand description.


『But, they were such rare existence to the point that even I, one of the oldest Demon Gods, rarely met them.
Their presence is so thin since they always sleep all year round.
In the first place, even someone of my status never spoke to them or managed to find them on my own.
Actually, this is the first time I heard about them having an ego, and strong enough to make a contract on top of that.』


They’re like super duper ultra rare devils eh…


「Anyhow, so that’s the reason Topazia always seems to be sleepy.」

And as compensation for that, she could use extremely powerful sleeping magic that could even force Aiogias to do his best to resist.」


Even the demon king himself said―― “It was such dangerous sleeping magic that might affect me too.”


「Is it… really that powerful.」


Hee… A magic that not even the demon king could resist eh.


Well as a result of that incident, AIogias and his followers completely lost their face.
Aiogias ended up tasting his first failure… against the youngest sister that he underestimated nonetheless.
Even his followers that became more and more impudent before that were affected by it.」


That became a good medicine for them, and the demon king was also satisfied with the result.



I see… As a result, the sleeping princess joined Rubyfia’s faction, and became a black star and reminder for Aiogias.


「… Well then, I guess the break is about over.
Feel free to take a look around the room, Jilbagias.
You don’t actually have to watch over me doing my job.」


The demon king revealed a grin as he handed over the empty cup to the butler.


「――Naturally, it’ll be different matter if you want to help me do my job.」

「Today is my holiday.
I’ve to study and train.」


I stood in silence while saying so.




「Father, the matter of helping you with your job aside, can I come again later for inspection study?」

「Are you that curious?」

「Because I’ve to learn the situation around the 『Current』 demon kingdom ―― As much as possible.」

「Well, I don’t really mind if you’re willing to do so.」


And once again, the demon king was looking at me as if he looked at a rare creature.


「… Well, that’s right.
I’ll give this to you.」


As if he had suddenly recalled something, the demon king opened the drawer of his desk and took out something from it.
It seems tidying up something was his forte.


「This… It is a present that I got from the night elves but I never actually used it.
Take it, you can use it to take notes during your lesson.」


He gave me a notebook.


It had a strange, smooth texture and tanned color with a whitish hue.


「What is this? This… Feels really smooth on my skin but…」


This wasn’t cowhide―― This material was softer, and more delicate.
And yet, it was as elastic as snakeskin.


「It’s a high-elf skin.
Naturally, from a forest elf.」


I was so close to discharging my nasal mucus due to how surprised I was upon hearing the demon king’s reply.




In short, something like a noble of the elven race, their lineage was truly noble and sacred.
Strong magical power, soul that was closer to that of a spirit, lifespan that was far longer than normal elves, they could live for thousands of years.


Due to my previous status as a hero, I had exchanges with various races and elven race wasn’t the exception but, even with that, I had only two elven acquaintances.
As for the high-elf, they’re much rarer than human royalties or nobilities.


This is something that happened prior to your birth, Jilbagias.
That time, the alliance launched a surprise attack on the demon king castle.
Have you heard about this story?」


… Demon King Castle Assault Operation.


「――I know.」


That’s how I died after all.


A forest elf saint is there amongst those raiders.」




Elven saint.
Different from our church’s 『Holy Attribute』, only the high-elf maiden who received powerful blessing from god of light were allowed to call themselves 『Saint』.


For such a noble existence who was far more noble than those royalties and nobilities in the human society, to appear in that kind of suicide tactic――


「How did that saint-something joined that raid?」

「I don’t know but, I hear that she secretly slipped into the squad to kill me.」


You must be kidding me right!?


No, wait a minute.
I got a really bad feeling about this.


To be honest, one of those two elven acquaintance of mine was a high-elf, and a saint on top of that――


If it was her then…


If it was that extremely competitive woman who didn’t care about her status, or lifespan then…


She most probably did something as reckless as that…


「The raiders met total annihilation but, we somehow managed to capture this saint alive.
When I handed her over to the night elves, they were literally dancing non-stop.」


What the…




That hope was snuffed out as soon as it appeared, I was simply… Speechless.


The saint was actually handed over to the night elves, the epitome of cruelties, master of tortures whose hatred toward forest elf ran deep in their blood――


I didn’t even dare to imagine just how gruesome her ending was after she was handed over to the night elf.


Anyhow, this notebook seems to be made from her skin, and this processing skill…


「And that’s how the demon king castle got their elf skin production factory.」

「Production… Factory?」

It’s in the residential area of the night elf.」

「The high elf is still alive!?」


I was really surprised.


Those night elves actually didn’t kill a forest elf!

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