34.2. Combat Style

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 And yet―― Why did he refuse my treatment?

Those wounds will only become a hindrance later if you leave it untreated.」

Platyfia spoke with a gentle voice as if trying to coax her son who seemingly had yet to snap out of his combat mode.

「You also don’t wish for that to happen right? Jilbagias, give it up, you’re already 『Defeated』 at this point.
Your situation won’t change for the better even if you’re insisting on continuing… Or else, are you going to wait till you passed from blood loss?」

… Maybe because he was too angry, blood was spraying from the wound on Jilbagias body along with a sound similar to that of gritting his teeth in frustration, making the colour of his skin darker.
Jilbagias who seemingly realized that this was the result of his own weakness ignored Platyfia’s anxious look, and heaved a deep sigh.

It only took a moment for him to release his magic shell.


Now, without any resistance, all of Jilbagias’ wound was transferred to the old man who stood behind him.


The body of the old man whose limbs were restricted with chains jerked for a moment before he raised a pained wail.
Blood spewed from all over his body.
The old man’s eyes opened wide as he vomited blood, fell on his back and stopped moving immediately.
He either died from the pain or passed out from the pain.

Seeing that he wasn’t breathing.
He should’ve already died.

The other human slave who saw that started to panic.
The cries of young humans was―― So loud.

「Be quiet.」

Platyfia then ordered her attendant to put a gag into the human’s mouth.
Thus, another round of fighting was about to start.

「Nevertheless, that old man is truly useless eh…」

Platy heaved a sigh since she expected the old man to last at least another session.
There were many human lives in the territory of the Reiji clan, that include the old folks.

The young women were used for breeding, while the young men were used as a labour force.
Though the weak and old were supposed to be executed when a region fell into the demon race’s hands, only in Reiju clan territory old folks could live till old age―― But, old folks of unproductive age were transported to the frontline to serve as the target of transpose curse, reducing the number of mouths to be feed.

If that old man really had more value to be kept alive, he should be able to survive another round of treatment, right? Though they could be used for treating fatal wounds, in terms of efficiency, should we just raise the young ones and kill the old ones? Maybe I have to ask Sofia again to recalculate the cost-effectiveness of this plan.

Platyfia was part of the new generation demon race.

Not just in combat, she received a higher level of education too――

Suddenly, her eyes caught the figure of Jilbagias who had already been healed standing up on his feet, glaring toward the corpse of the old man.

As if that corpse was the proof of his humiliation.
The look on his face, it was as if he was enraged, and filled with regret.


Jilbagias turned around when Platyfia called out to him.

The face that was painted with hatred wasn’t something that should be directed toward his parent.

 A chill ran down my spine upon receiving that gaze.
It was scary.
But―― He had a nice look on his face.

 I guess I couldn’t afford to look like a timid woman myself.

 There was only one word to express him, belligerent.
Without that, forget about becoming Demon King, even his step-siblings would ignore him.

 No doubt about it, Jilbagias was the Demon King in the making.

 To regain the glory of the Reiju-clan which fell to the ground for unjustified reasons.
To teach a painful lesson to the other Demon King’s women who always harassed me non-stop.

「Did you hate me?」

Platyfia asked such a question for some reason.

Jilbagias kept his silence.
His face was devoid of expression as if he tried desperately to swallow his rage and hatred.

「You can curse me, resent me, and hate me as much as you want, Jilbagias.」

――My adorable son looked really startled by my remark.

「I don’t care what you feel about me, I’ll do everything to make you strong, Jilbagias.」

 … That’s why.

「Now let’s continue.
Your previous move is not bad but, still too naive.
You should move like this.」

Platyfia twisted her body as she unleashed a counter thrust with her spear.
She showed Jilbagias how to dodge in that situation.

「You didn’t put enough strength in your waist.
Now try it as I tell you.」

At that moment, Jilbagias made a dumbfounded face, as if he just remembered that their fight was mock combat.

But, he moved according to Platyfia’s instruction immediately.
The way he moved, it was as if he was trying desperately to master everything.

「Yes, that’s correct.
Make sure you remember it… Now let’s start again.」

「… Yes, mother.」

The training resumed.

Or more like a death match from the outsider’s perspective.

That’s just how intense their so-called mock combat was.
Jilbagias was also using everything at his disposal.

Though the soldiers who used the training ground at that time were left speechless upon seeing the intensity of the pair of mother and son “Mock Combat”, there was a sudden commotion in the training ground.

 When I turned around, I saw His Majesty―― Demon King Gordesgias-sama had already stood on the training ground.

「Your Majesty!」

Platyfia stopped her hand and straightened herself in a hurry.

Jilbagias, who was covered in wounds, was kneeling on the floor, unable to stand on his feet.

「Why ar――」

Platyfia, who was always mindful about her appearance in front of the demon king, had met her husband when she was covered in dirt and sweat, unintentionally asking so with a wry smile on her face.

――Before she realized it, she seemed to have been completely influenced by the other demon king’s women.

The current her was the warrior of the demon race.
The side that she wanted to hide from her husband.

She then puffed her chest as she shook the dirt and dust from her body, looking at the demon king, Gordesgias’ face.


The demon king’s stern face had a light smile on it.

「… I heard that Platy is doing extremely dreadful training.
So I came to take a look.」

「It’s my honour, Your Majesty.」

And then, the demon king’s line of sight moved to Jilbagias.

「Jilbagias, keep up the good work.」

And then, the demon king Gordesgias turned around and left the training ground after he said so.

「――Yes, father.」

Still kneeling, Jilbagias replied with a barely audible voice that seemed like it came from inside the ground.

「Well then, let’s continue, Jilbagias.」

Platyfia readied her spear again.

――Because there were still remaining slaves to be used for Jilbagias’ treatment.


Platyfia… Wild MILF

TN: Check out my new project too! The Replacement for Suicidal Undead catches up with the raw.

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