29. The Demon King’s Children


Good day indeed , decades after the destruction of the birthplace of my previous life, I finally met with the Demon Prince as*shole behind that tragedy, the ba*stard that I had to kill no matter what!!!


I hate the Demon King and his army.


Demon King’s 4th child, Emergias.
You’re the reason why I’m here today!


He was the most hated existence in my life.
How many times have I dreamed of that night? How much I wanted to turn back the time to that fateful night… and strangle him to death with my own hands! How much I want to avenge My father, my mother, and―― Everyone in the village――


『Ououou! What a terrifying storm.
Or should I say, fury that was akin to a volcano on the verge of explosion.』


Suddenly, I felt a soft touch on my hand.


Ante appeared since who knows whe―― No, was this an illusion?


But, Ante seized my hand that was already reaching toward the obsidian knife on my belt.


You must suppress your fury for now.
It’s still too early.』


Her brilliant yet murky eyes were looking straight into mine.
My field of vision suddenly dyed with red light, and then returned to normal.


Ante brushed my cheek, and then cancelled the illusion.


And then, the first thing that I saw upon snapping back to reality was the green-haired demon race ―― Emergias who was looking down on me with a dubious look on his face.


「… What’s the matter?」

「… Sorry, it’s nothing.」


I took a breath to regain my composure and straightened my back.


「I was just really surprised since you suddenly spoke from behind.」

「Hah, Ya got startled eh?」


The tips of Emergias’s lips rose up as he rustled my hair.


「You’re getting startled since your beloved mama isn’t with you right.
Don’t worry, ain’t gonna eat you as long as yer act like a good child.」


The one who murdered my beloved papa and mama was you, a*sshole.
Feel free to underestimate me till I slit your throat.


After I barely managed to control my rage, everyone started their self-introduction.


「You should’ve received a brief introduction about us beforehand but, let us personally introduce ourselves.
I’m Demon King’s eldest son, Aiogias.」


The Demon King’s 1st child, Aiogias cupped his hand on top of the round table, introducing himself with a smile on his face.
But, contrary to his smile, I could see a cold glint in his eyes.
As if to say 「If you don’t even make the minimum preparation, then you’re nothing more than a useless piece of trash.」.


「――In addition, a man who will soon become a Demon King.
I wouldn’t mistreat you if you chose to pay respect to me.」


Suddenly, it felt like the air in the room became cooler.


「… I’ll be troubled if you forget about me you know?」


The 2nd Demon King’s child, Rubyfia, who sat right on the opposite side of Aiogias said so without even trying to hide her dissatisfaction.
Her red hair and red eyes blurred as her magical power caused a phenomenon akin to a mirage.
She looked like a dragon who realized that her most favourite treasure was about to be snatched.


「I’m not forgetting about you though.」


Aiogias replied with a composed smile.


「――You didn’t forget but, the one after that.」


It was a mocking smile.


Aiogias remained composed even when Rubyfia was glaring daggers at him.


According to the general information, Rubyfia was around 50 years old, while Aiogias was around 70 years old.


They were twenty years apart but, Rubyfia’s bearing had actually rivalled Aiogias.
Her magical power was kneaded perfectly and looked like it was ready to explode anytime now despite looking like a calm vortex.
This woman was the epitome of boiling lava, quiet yet deadly at the same time.


On the other hand, Aiogias had no opening at all.
Despite his young age-by demon race standard of course-, he already looked like a veteran.
He looked calm on the surface and yet, something about him reminded me of predators who ambushed their prey.
He clearly trained both his body and mind, a perfectionist to himself and the others.
That was my impression of Aiogias.


――And suddenly, Aiogias’ line of sight returned to me.


「It’s as you can see.
We’re currently divided into two factions.
And this seat arrangement is a reflection of that.」


So the Demon King was sitting between the two as a bumper zone between the Aiogias faction and Rubyfia faction.


The members of Aiogias faction were Emergias who crossed his arms with a grumpy look on his face, and the 5th demon king’s child, Spinezia who seemingly didn’t give a sh*it about the current situation―― Which was natural since she was stuffing her mouth to the brim with food.


The member of Rubyfia faction was the 3rd demon king’s child, Diagias who―― The heck, what in the hell is that guy doing in this situation―― was busying himself trying to fix his hair while holding a hand mirror in the other hand, and the 6th demon king’s child, Topazia who had long since entered the world of dream.
I mean, seriously! What in the hell are they doing here!?


And right in this occasion, the 7th demon king’s child, Jilbagias-in short me- was sitting right in the opposite side of the Demon King, which happen to be right between the two factions too――


No, wait a minute… This is…


「… What’s the matter? If you want to say something, just tell us.」


Rubyfia who crossed her arms under her splendid pair of bre*ast said so with a sharp look on her face.


「Nothing… I just feel that everyone has… Such unique personality…」


Demon King, Aiogias, and Rubyfia, the three of them frowned upon hearing my remark.
I realized that we really are families when they made that kind of expression…


「… Jilbagias.
You’ve to think carefully about your own future too.
It should be obvious which one is better though.」


Aiogias recovered quickly and said so with a confident smile on his face.


The green bas*tard(Emergias) aside, you can say that along with Spinezia who had 『Completely』 transformed into a food fighter a while ago, Aiogias’ faction did have the most decent lineup


「In terms of power, our faction isn’t falling behind.」


Despite what Rubyfia said, seeing that her side was composed of a little girl who had already fallen fast asleep and a lanky gigolo who was busy fixing his hair was a bit…


Well, whether as families or subordinates, everyone was connected in various ways.


In regard to faction, I agree with Platy.


「I shall restrain myself from either faction.」


Don’t give a shi*t about it, just give them a cold shoulder.


「It’s not a matter of whether you like it or not.」


Aiogias squinted his eyes.


「You’ve to choose your allegiance.
You’re not allowed to take a neutral position.」


Rubyfia didn’t say anything and just looked silently toward me, it seems she had the same opinion.


Oioi, are you kidding me? That wasn’t the face that you should show to a five years old kid.


But well, I judge that bringing my age in this kind of situation wasn’t a wise choice either.


But again… Upon thinking carefully, it was truly humorous to see these two, whose age was more than fifty and seventy, were actually talking about factions to five-year-old kid.


I unintentionally giggled to myself upon realizing just how hilarious the current situation was.


「What are you laughing for?」

I just think it’s funny to see both of you trying desperately to get the attention of a five-year-old kid, are you two at your wits’ end?」


Both Rubyfia and Aiogias looked at each other’s faces upon hearing my question.


「Come to think of it.」

「You are right.」


Even the Demon King who was looking at the situation with a solemn look on his face ended up turning his face to the side, smiling as he also found that this whole situation was truly hilarious.
Oi, I can see your smile, you know.


「Five years….
Five years old eh.
Come to think of it, I did hear that despite your appearance, you’re still really young inside.」


Aiogias was also looking at my face with a troubled look on his face.


「That matter completely escaped my memories seeing the way you speak and conduct yourself.
I mean, you’re literally an infant.」


Even Rubyfia heaved a sigh as she spoke with a dumbfounded look on her face.


「Indeed, it did look like we’re at our wits’ end when we’re desperately trying to get the attention of a five years old kid… For now, that’s it.」

「How rare, I happen to feel the same way as you… For now, that’s it.」


Aiogias chuckled lightly as he shrugged his shoulders, and leaned on the backrest of his chair with a relaxed look on his face.


「But―― I will say it again, you should consult with someone intimate with you and consider the future that you should choose before you grow up.
No one will think that you’re a selfish person for choosing a winning horse.
The day you’ve to decide about your future will come for sure.」


「Whether you’re going to survive or die―― Your choice will decide your own future.
We can overlook you for the time being due to your age but, there’s no place for weakling in this place.
If you’re scared of pain, don’t show yourself in this place again, EVER.
And lastly, let’s get along as fellow Demon Race.」


Seriously… Aren’t you guys actually getting along really well with each other? Your speech is literally in sync.


And then, they didn’t seem to be willing to let me free of their rein but, every demon king’s children in this place, they―― clearly had their own position.


I guess that’s the way they showed their resolution.


「――So a neutral party isn’t accepted.
I understand.」


I replied quietly.


I had to decide which side was my ally and which side I should consider an enemy.


If that was the case―― The answer was simple.
My enemy was EVERYONE in this place.


Simple is the best, not that I would tell any of them about this though.
That was my decision, and Platy supported that.


You want me to choose between life or death, eh? Sure, let’s play your game.


If everyone was my enemy―― The end waiting for me is――


I felt something like morbid darkness spread in my chest.


I had no idea whether they realized my intention but…


Rubyfia licked her lips, while the smile on Aiogias’ face became more solemn.


「… When will we start the meal? I’m already famished.」


The green bas*tard grumbled.


「 There are some girls waiting for me, you know.
I’ve to go back ASAP.」


Diagias said so as he snapped the hand mirror close again.
Oi, what in the hell is this fu*cker talking about?


「C’mon-munchmunch- bring the main dish-munchmunch-already.」


Spinezia still wants to eat while she’s in the middle of eating.




Topazia was sleeping like usual, calm and serene.


Everyone was my enemy… Or so it was supposed to be but.
I’ve already exhausted my willpower in the first meeting with them.


「The only redeeming thing about this meeting is its delicious dishes… Oops, could it be that you’re still drinking your mama’s milk?」


The green bas*tard asked with a faint smile on his face.


Whatever, let’s ignore him.


You’re the only one who will absolutely die in my hands after all.
And that’s including your papa and mama.


Eldest brother… Aiogias

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