25.2.Compensation For Breaking The Taboo

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Thus, the figure of Ante spreading her arms as she faced me was―― Ephemeral.
She exuded a bewitching charm that betrayed her child-like appearance.

Fuck, she ain’t different from a succubus.
What kind of plot is this?

Her conduct and speech which were far away from proper a Demon God made her even more bizarre though.

『Humph, getting cold feet now? Male instinct is mysterious after all.』

Ante made an artificial-looking, bewitching smile as she spoke with a pouting look on her face.

『… What are you talking about? This Mistress simply doesn’t wish your heart to break from this incident.』

Ante muttered so with a lonely look on her face as she brought her face closer to mine.

It might be just my imagination but, I get this feeling that she was heaving a sigh.

『This mistress is always by your side, that’s why This Mistress understands your feelings the most.
Your worn-out soul that’s covered with numerous wounds is crying in sorrow right now.』

And then, she gently hugged my head.

『This is the first time in my long, long life that I have seen such a miserable soul.』

… So even the Demon God herself had said that I’m one of a kind huh.
To be honest, I felt honoured by that.

『Do you know why taboo is regarded as taboo?』

It… Definitely not something that you can’t do, right?

『That’s one of them but, not everything.
Something that is so easy to break isn’t even considered taboo.
The essence of taboo is a crime.
Agony, suffering, hesitation, the culmination of those feeling when someone is crossing the line is what we know as―― Taboo.』

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Her murky eyes were sending a look of pity toward me.

『It means that you’ve to experience those feeling over and over again if you want to increase your power.
It won’t be a taboo anymore if you get used to it.』

So that means sorrow that made me feel like I’m about to vomit blood was the source of my power…

But, the human heart who keeps being tormented by that kind of sorrow will eventually―― Break.
And when that happens, it means that your contract with me won’t be fulfilled.』

… Ah, she has got a point huh.

Since it would be troublesome for her if my heart broke first, this fu*cking Demon God tried to comfort me so that I could stay sane longer even if just for a second.

『Fufufu, That’s right.
Good job in seeing through that.』

Ante revealed an impish smile as she told me so.


If that was the case, it would only make sense for her to suddenly put up such a creepy act to comfort me.
Her goal was to allow my mind to relax.

I… feel that way too.

Well it’s not a bad thing.
Here, shall I give you a nice lap pillow.』

Is this an illusion? I mean, it feels amazing.
Her thighs feel soft and smooth.

『Uhm, it’s ticklish.
Now then, enjoy this maiden’s thigh to your heart’s content.』

Maiden huh… Uhm.
Well, whatever.

Come to think of it, was this by chance… My first lap pillow?

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『Your previous life seems to be a lonely one without a romance story at all.』

Oh shut up.

My situation… didn’t allow me to have that kind of chance.

Ante didn’t retort back at me.

She just gently brushed my head.

Strangely enough, that simple action was enough to make me sleepy.
Even if the fingers of the Demon God were a mere illusion, honestly, it feels really nice.

『You need a rest.
The same goes for your soul.』

Slowly, I entrusted myself to the world of dreams.

… Leaving behind all those worries for now.
Taking a rest so that my soul won’t break in this kind of place.

At least, I know that you’ll have the fill of your fun… Demon Go—

I felt that I saw a glimpse of Ante’s smile amidst my hazy consciousness.

And it wasn’t the wicked smile of Demon God on top of that, her smile was too――

No… That must be an illusion too…


Nothing more than an illusion to her contractor.

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Now that he was asleep, there was no need to maintain that solemn expression anymore.

But, the Demon God maintained that expression.

She looked at the night sky as she let her contractor sleep on her lap pillow.

Her hand never stops brushing the head of her contractor.

Slowly, she was combing the silver hair of her contractor.

Sometimes, she was also playing with his horns, the symbol of the demon race.

『… Thee.』

The Demon God muttered amidst the silence.

『Might be this mistress’ last contractor.』

The Demon God had become too powerful.

In fact, her real body in her palace had already half-stepped into becoming a concept.

If not for her contractor―― Who smashed all kinds of limitations placed on her who had become too powerful, forming an equality contract with her-a a Demon God-, taking her out to the material world would be impossible.

Even now, staying in the material world like this was draining the Demon God’s power.


And yet, even more, power was pumped into her very being.

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Even if that power was lacking compared to the one from her own contractor―― Almost every single day, there would be someone out there, on the other side of the world who broke the taboo.

Even now, the Demon God felt that her true body in the palace was getting larger and larger due to the continuous supply of power.

Thus, he was the last one.
Though he managed to form a contract with her, the said contractor’s heart was on the verge of breaking.

There won’t be another person―― Who can make a contract with me after you.

Because no mortal could reach her palace.

And once that happens―― She will――


The Demon God stopped moving her hand and then gazed at the face of her contractor.

He was asleep, albeit with a grim look on his face.
He might’ve had a nightmare but he had already suffered enough even without that.

Unfortunately, the Demon God didn’t have the ability to lessen his suffering.

She was helpless.

That’s why she―― brought her lips closer, and kissed the forehead of her contractor.

Even then, she knew that it wouldn’t affect her contractor in any way.

Thus, the Demon God was looking at the endless night sky of the material world as she brushed the head of her contractor again.

As an expression of her affection.

As an expression of her love.

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