2 Demon Prince Jilbagias

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Good day, this is former hero Alexander, reincarnated as demon prince Jilbagias-desu.

It’s been quite a while since I reincarnated.

It was only in the beginning that I managed to retain my awareness as 『I(Alexander)』, after that, I suddenly became sleepy and lost control over my own awareness, honestly, that was really dangerous for various reasons.

The most terrifying thing was when I had nothing to do and could only stare absentmindedly, there were so many times in those occasions that I almost lost a grip on myself.

――Eh? Who am I?

The moment I thought something along that way, it felt like I lost part of my memory.
It felt like you remembered the content of your dream when you just woke up, and forgot about it a while later―― that was what I felt whenever this happened.

I’m hero Alexander.

So when I say who am I, the answer was Hero Alexander!

I was breastfed while thinking about such a thing.

Well, I guess I shall skip the report about my life as a baby in demon king castle and focus on the thing that I came to understand during that time.

・It’s been two years since the demon king castle assault operation.

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In short, I was beaten to death around two years ago.
The assault team was wiped out.
And the demon king was―― as lively as ever.
The assassination had failed miserably.

・It seems that the Pan humanity alliance kept losing as usual.

And since the demon king was as lively as ever, the same could be said for the demon king army.
The border of the alliance was being shaved down bit by bit, and when I was living as a baby in the demon king castle, many small countries in the center of the continent were being destroyed one after another.

By none other than this fu*cking demon race.

・It seems I was born as the 7th prince.

Meaning that there were seven demon king’s candidates including me.
My eldest brother was 70 years old, and my eldest sister was 50 years old.
After that, each of my siblings basically had around a ten years age gap.

Well, though it wasn’t as low as the elves, for the demon race with a lifespan around 300 years, there was a pretty low chance for them to have a child.
Considering that there was a ten years difference between siblings, you could say that the demon king did his job properly to create more children.

But as the 7th child, it seems my chance to become demon king was pretty low, which I confirmed by the fact that I never saw the demon king again after he came to see my birth.
He was the embodiment of an indifferent attitude and the saying 「The more heir, the better」.

――And that was all the information that I managed to gather until now.
What, didn’t seem to be that important you say? I had no choice, I was just a baby.
There was a limit to the information that I could gather every day when all I did was eat and sleep.

「Ooobuaa… Bonbaa(Like hell I can do something about it either!)」

I was pondering alone in my cradle.

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About the reason why I reincarnated as the demon race―― I had no idea why this happened to me but, it didn’t mean that I could use my position.
My body might be that of the demon race, but my heart was that of a hero.

――Now think, what can I do in this kind of situation?

「… Babu.」

Dammit, brain job wasn’t my forte, to begin with.

I mean, we’re heroes, you know.
We’re the type who will say 「YES SIR!」 and run into the battlefield when the pope ordered us to 「KILL THEM ALL!」, we’re the frontline of humanity whose job was to kill the enemy! That’s why desk jobs weren’t our forte!

Well since it really couldn’t be helped, let’s just shake this cradle.
The frame of this cradle was made of bones.
Though it looks very much like the thigh bones and the skull of human-like creatures, I pretty much avoided thinking about the raw materials for the cradle.

I mean… some humans also… had the hobby of making stuffed animals from the corpse of the prey that they hunted.
That’s why no matter how evil the demon race, there was no way they would make the remains of their fellow race into ornaments… much less to say a baby’s cradle…

Or else, the demon race might really have such tradition.
I mean, these guys were always looking down on the other race and killing the strong huma— Ah, these guys might really have made a baby cradle from human bones.

Since that was the case, this cradle might actually have been made from the bones of a certain famous warrior…

THOSE FU*CKING DEMON RACE! wait till I’m big enough to wipe you out from this world.

「Bobaa, buubaba(I’m a hero)」

I raised my hands toward the ceiling.

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My blue-skinned arms were squishy.

Yes, they might be squishy for now but―― they would become extremely tempered arms as tough as steel when I trained them.
As irritating as it was, I couldn’t deny the fact that the demon race was far stronger than the human race.
Physical strength and stamina aside, even their magical power was on par with the elves.

Much less to say about this body, in which the blood of the demon king ran in its blood vessels.

Just how much latent potential was hidden within this squishy skin of mine――


It’s decided.

I’m gonna kill the demon king!

Well, I was a muscle brain in my previous life after all.

The only thing that I could do was fight.
Tempering my body, polishing my martial arts, all for the sake of the success in toppling the demon king.

Let’s do this, I’m gonna show him how a junior overtakes the senior!

I declared so in my head while clenching my squishy hands.

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「… Hogyaa.」

I felt all fired up upon making such a decision.

Rather, I started crying now.


A~h, it’s THAT.



My demon race nanny came in immediately as soon as my cries resounded in the room.

「There there young master, it’s time for your milk.」


… After I drank milk till I was full, I fell asleep while making an oath to subjugate the demon king.

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