25.1.Compensation For Breaking The Taboo

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The brilliant full moon was shining upon the Demon Kingdom.


I was looking at that spectacle as I leaned on the window frame of my room.
I could see the clear scenery of the capital city below from the Demon King castle which is located at high elevation.


Structures made from marble similar to the one used in Demon King castle were lined up along the street.
Honestly speaking, the reason why there were so many buildings made from marble was simply that there was a surplus of such material when they scrapped the mountain to make the demon king castle.


The white wall reflecting light, the lantern, and the torches―― Could be seen every now and then beneath the castle.
It looks so lively as if I could hear the voice of the citizens who live below.


How ironic.
Even though the demon race, night elves and majority of demon kingdom was called 『Denizen of Darkness』, they couldn’t completely live in the darkness.
They need moonlight, or torches, or lanterns for their most active period during the night.


Though there were numerous shacks or dilapidated houses around this place before they built the demon king castle, they were then demolished after the castle was finished, and rebuilt using stone material.
Due to the high frequency of the shacks getting caught on fire, trying to make the demon race, who was originally a cave dweller, treat fire with utmost caution seems to be quite difficult…


Thus, good day.
This is Jilbagias who locked himself inside his own room even though it was just morning(Night for humans) for us using  「I’m tired」 as a reason.


Yes, just a reminder, night for the demon race was akin to day for humans.
In a normal situation, I should be engaged in training or taking lessons from Sofia around this time.


But, I really am not in the mood to do anything today and just wanted to be alone.



Five people.


Is it a big number? Is it too little?


To be honest I had no answer for that but―― I felt enormous 『Power』 had flowed into me.


Despite being a hero, I broke the taboo of murdering my comrades who comitted no sin.
I felt that my body was brimming with power the moment I crossed that line.
It felt like my body became many times bigger.


In fact, according to Ante, my status just skyrocketed.
Since my magical power became too powerful in one shot, Ante kept the majority of my newly gained power till I needed it.

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Their death wasn’t in vain.
If I could keep this pace, it wouldn’t be that long until the time I challenged the Demon King again.


But―― Was it really okay for numerous people to die just for that?


The moment I asked myself that question, it felt like my heart was about to burst apart.




At the end of that fight, what was waiting for me was a rare, unreserved praise in the demon kingdom.


The night elf, beastfolk, even demon race from another clan―― All of them gave a standing ovation for me.
It was an extremely bizarre situation.


『And here I thought that you went mad back then but, it seems I’m still underestimating you.』


Count Warg praised me with a whole-faced smile.


『Splendid! Normally, all children like you need to do is finish off the prey that has been restrained, and then move on to live combat as you get used to that sensation! And yet, you fight five of them at once! Not to mention that despite their wounds, all of them are trained soldiers! This is too unbelievable!』


Hearing that, Platy unfolded her fan as she covered the lower-half of her face.


『He’s my son after all.
He’s special.』

『Uhm, you’re right.
Not to mention that he can use 【Naming】 even before I taught him!』


It seems I unconsciously used another one of my lineage magic, 【Naming】 at the beginning of the battle.


『Truly a natural born warrior!! A geni―― No, it’s as if he has known how to fight since his birth!! Splendid, truly splendid!!』


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Warg declared so with a delighted look on his face.


『Jilbagias! There’s nothing left for me to teach you anymore! You’re undoubtedly the inheritor of Orgi clan’s bloodline!!』


Thus, demon prince Jilbagias safely proved the legitimation of his bloodline.


『Even if he isn’t the son of the Demon King, I want him to join our clan.』

『No can do.
Even if he isn’t the son of Demon King, he’s still member of Reiju clan.』



――Lastly, after dismantling my prey, I took the solid and tough thigh bones, and then left the training ground.

I heard later that the rest of the corpses were given to the Lich as the medium for necromancy.
Since I felt it would be too pitiful for them to be killed by denizens of darkness and yet still be forced to serve them even after their death, I asked for their skull as a memento.


It seems their skulls were going to be delivered to me after receiving proper treatment…


『… Jilbagias.
The matter of you slaying five human soldiers with a single knife is truly splendid.
And I’m really proud of you.
But, don’t you know that reckless is an understatement to express your action just now?』


After we returned to my room, Platy praised me and gave me a little sermon.


『The reason that nothing went wrong this time is the testimony of your skill… But, you must remember that recklessness isn’t equal to bravery.
It’s confusing since you never act pretentious like that in your daily life.
Can you at least tell me the reason why you choose to fight them of all available options?』


Well, it seems she was really worried about my safety during that battle.


But, I’ve prepared an answer for that.


『I imposed a restriction on myself.』


Namely, a contract with a devil.


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『I think you’ve noticed that too but, it’s thanks to that fact that I gained power.』

『… Sure enough, your magical power has grown beyond recognition just from single combat.
You’re already as powerful as a common soldier of the demon race.』


She closed her folding fan with a snap.


『So you gained more power by applying a restriction while fighting against five opponents at once.』


I nodded in silence.


『That devil seems to be someone of high status.
Amongst my acquaintances are someone who makes a contract with the devil of slaughter.
Only after slaughtering countless human soldiers did they manage to raise their power a little bit.
And yet, compared to that… Yours is much more efficient.』


… Thank goodness I entrusted part of my newly gained power to Ante as a saving.
I would be in jeopardy if I took all of that power.


『I understand, Jilbagias.
I’m really glad that you’re not doing that for a show.
Seriously… even though you’re my child, sometimes I forget that you’re just five years old this year.
When I was around your age…』


Platy leaned on the backrest of the chair as she revealed a peculiar smile.


『There’s no shortcut to becoming stronger.
As someone who used to be constantly brushing with death, I understand your view on this matter.
If you ever meet a dangerous option like that―― Make sure that you tell me about it first.』

『I understand, Mother.』


I get this feeling that Platy had changed a little bit after I returned from Hell.


Maybe the half-year of my disappearance had a great impact on her――


And after various things that she experienced during that span of half a year, she finally became the current her.


After that battle, no one would doubt me even if I said that I was so exhausted.


I moved my bed to the side of the window, lying down as I looked at the night sky.

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A petite figure with dark brown skin appeared by my side.


「… What now?」

『I just think that you’ll be lonely if you sleep alone.』


Ante who was lying down right beside me then brushed my head.


I don’t need your pity.
It was just a waste of mana on top of that…


『And here I am, coming out on top of that.』


Uhm? Did she just read my mind like usual?


『I know that you―― are really vexed right now.
You seem so ephemeral right now.
That’s how you express your current situation, right?』


The part about what she said was rather worrisome but… well, she might be referring to that.
She used the same method similar to that of a succubus.


It has a similar mechanism.』


She’s not… angry? I mean, I expect that she’ll say something along 『To treat this Demon God like those lowly succubus~!』.


Do you want to scold me? It seems you want to say something rude to this one.
Whichever it is, This One is big-hearted enough to take that head-on.
Now curse me with your rage, adorable human child.』


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