turned around and faced me again.


「Well then, Jilbagias.
Let me to show you first the magic of 【Naming】.」


Platy retreated the moment she saw Warg taking a deep breath.


I had a bad feeling upon seeing Platy’s movement and attempted to do the same but, I was a bit too late.


Thanks to that I received a critical hit right from the front.




His voice resounded throughout the entire training ground.


Races with low magic resistance who heard his voice fell down, twitching non stop on the ground, the demon race or night elf only got startled and turned around toward the owner of the voice.


The moment he finished reciting his name, I felt that the presence of Warg in front of me had doubled many times over.


This sense of intimidation!! It was the same as the Demon King of that day!!


――But, different from the Demon King, his noble attire couldn’t withstand his overflowing magical power and was torn in various places!!!


「GAHAHAHAHAHA! The 『Outside』 clothes might look nice but, it’s way too brittle!!」


In just a moment, Warg turned from an old man to a sultry, half-naked old man.
He laughed heartily as he hit his abdomen.
His skull shoulder pads and dried-up ears necklace was safe for some reason.
In addition, he wears nothing but underwear made of fur.


Do I really… have to learn this embarrassing lineage magic?


「Will my clothes, be torn up too?」

「It never happens to His Majesty though.」


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Platy replied so when I unintentionally spit out my worry.


「Don’t worry, something like this won’t happen as long as your attire is accustomed to your mana!!」


Warg was laughing heartily again as he cast a glance toward the torn-up clothes―― With lots of frills―― scattered on the ground beneath him.


「It looks good and is quite comfortable! But, this old man can’t get used to the clothes from the outside! GAHAHAHAHA!!」


After laughing his ass off, the warrior who had returned to the appearance of that befitting savage tribe then heaved a sigh.


「Well then, Jilbagias.
As you can see, 【Naming】 magic is magic that can only be used by a true warrior.」


True warrior was (philosophy).


「In short, you who inherit Orgi blood is as 『Warrior』… Jilbagias, what is the reason for you to take up your weapon? For whose sake do you fight?」


The old warrior asked so while looking into my eyes.


「Do you want to become Demon King due to your mother’s order?」


He spoke as if he was testing me, and yet, it felt like he looked down on me too.


I had no idea about what kind of expectation he had for me but I only had a single answer for his question.


「Becoming Demon King isn’t my goal.」


Warg frowned upon hearing that, even Platy couldn’t hide her shock.




I continued on this time with my true intention.


「――I want to become stronger than my father.」


I wanted to surpass the current Demon King.


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Warg nodded with a hearty laugh as he struck my shoulders.
Damn, that hurts.


「Good, Jilbagias! You understand the truth.
Demon king, duke, count, all of those are nothing more than mere decoration! Warrior’s goal is to become stronger! Anything else is a trivial matter!!」


Warg paused for a moment, and then looked at the outskirt of the training ground.


「But, your spirit alone isn’t enough to make you a warrior.
A battle is a place where you take other’s life.
You’ve to fulfil the minimum qualification to call yourself a warrior… Archduke Platyfia, Jilbagias is still a virgin, right?」

He has yet to hold a spear.」

「I see.
Then, today will be your anniversary.」


… Dammit, I got a bad feeling about this.


And then, I heard the jingling sound of chains from behind.


I turned around slowly――


『――Faster than I thought.』


Ante, who kept her silence until now, was laughing inside me.


This is a chance that might never come again.』


The Demon God of Taboo whispered while licking her lips.


「That’s why Jilbagias.
We prepared prey for you.」


The ones who were lined up behind me, restricted with chains, were―― Male humans.


Though everyone had various wounds on their body and clearly lost a lot of their weight, their eyes were gleaming with hatred.


「They’re small fry of the human race that we caught on the battlefield.
Now you know what you have to do to become a warrior right, Jilbagias?」


Warg was pushing my back from behind with the face of a grandfather sympathizing with his grandson.


「――Kill them.」


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