17.1 Return of The Demon Prince

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TN: Mother-in-law VS Wife


Good day, this is Jilbagias who grew taller after his return from Hell and being embraced by his crying mother.


Platy was a literal sobby mess but, as one would expect from the demon king’s wife, she regained her composure in just a few minutes.


When I listened to her story after she calmed down, it seemed that six months had elapsed since I entered the portal.


I expected that a few years had passed since then.
Turns out, my case was a really unexpected case―― I mean, according to Platy, it normally would take a few hours or days at most.


She had already half-despaired about my survival in Hell.


Though most devils were friendly toward demon races, some of them would eat any visitor from the outside regardless of the circumstances.
There were several demon races who went missing after they entered the dark portal.


Platy didn’t tell me about this matter beforehand to reassure me.


「Even I almost give up on your survival…」


Though Platy could still keep her composure in the first few days, she was starting to get anxious after five days had passed, as if that wasn’t enough, the mother of the other princes(esses) even took their time to ride dragons all the way to this place just to fan her rage.


「Has your dear son come out yet? (LMAO)」

「He better return alive(Chuckle)」

「The youngest ever to enter Hell(LMAO) is missing(LOLOLOLOLOLOL)」


Starting from Lazriel, every single one of them was taking turns to fan Platy’s agitation…


As a result, Platy’s mental state was in shambles.
No food could enter her throat, she couldn’t sleep at night(noon).
But, even when others believed that I was already dead, she stayed in Cosmolodge, praying everyday for my survival―― which continued for half a year.
She lost a damn lot of weight.


Platy, whose mental state completely recovered with my return cursed 「I’ll make those women who mocked me regret it till they died…!」 with bloodshot eyes.


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The other mothers… might think that Platy was dropping out from the competition with my (supposed)death…


What a worthless conflict.


「… So, you managed to contract a devil, right?」


In a certain room in Cosmolodge.


Platy was sitting on the sofa, looking at Ante.


Ante never ceased her grin after she came to the material world.
Platy was frowning upon seeing Ante’s lack of etiquette.


Both of them―― were staring at each other, appraising the other party.


Maybe this was akin to a scene in which a son is bringing his bad girlfriend home… My opinion in this regard would be ignored by them.


By the way, I got a change of clothes, the size was too big for me though.
Well, it was the handsome dude wearing a vest made from animal pelt… though it was the beginning of spring when I entered the portal, it was already autumn when I left the portal.


My physique before entering the portal was that of a ten years old human child, who suddenly rose to rival those of a fifteen year old…


Though Ante taught me secretly that some of my status would rise to abnormal levels after the contract, after crossing from Hell→ material world, my body was reconstructed as close as possible to my soul state.


Well, it was a normal case for the demon race who returned from Hell to have some change in their body.


But then, according to Platy―― My case was the most extreme one.


「Uhm, this one here is… Devil of Constraint, Ante.
The one I contracted with.」


I, who fell into silence, couldn’t help but to break the ice since there were invisible sparks between Platy and Ante.
This time, Platy was looking at me.


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「I thought that this might be the effect of your contract partner… or maybe because of the aftereffect of your long stay in Hell but, your magical power growing beyond recognition.
Is that one a high-rank devil? She is… rather unique.」


By the way, Ante’s shoulders were twitching non-stop as she muttering 「For us… to be treated like… those small fries devil… how disgraceful…!」.
Well no doubt about it, this one was “Unique”.
Anyhow, even Platy couldn’t measure Ante’s strength.


「No doubt about it, her rank is quite high indeed.」


High rank aside, she was in fact a Demon God.


「What is her authority?」

「I can’t say too much about the content of our contract or her authority due to the limitation placed in it.」


I tried to be evasive.


「I also have several limitations imposed on my actions.
Since I gained more power by breaking the limitation I imposed on myself.」

「Uhm… so it’s some sort of hexing-type magic.
I don’t think it’s a problem, but for you to be able to make a pact with a high-ranking devil in your first try entering Hell is the best outcome of this trip.
Good job, Jilbagias… But, shouldn’t you return faster though?」


Platy asked so with a disappointed face.
She might be conscious about exposing her unsightly side during my absence.
And now that I returned, she became more and more irritated upon recalling the remarks of the other mothers.


But, upon thinking carefully, I also ain’t to be blamed for her unjustified irritation.


「I went pretty far after all…」

「Didn’t you meet the devil of guide?」

「I met him.
And the direction of the place I’m looking for that was pointed by him turned out to be so far away.」


I mean, I would never have expected that it would take me half a year just to go back and forth.


「In the end, I returned safe and sound, so there’s nothing to worry about.」

「… Fine.
I guess I also can’t blame you for that.」


Platy heaved a sigh as she forgoned her irritation toward me.

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「Make sure that you don’t go too far the next time you enter Hell.」


Seriously, are you planning to send me to Hell again after this incident?


But, that wasn’t something to worry about.


「About that… It seems I can’t enter Hell anymore.」

「… Eh?」

「Since this contract took my entire soul vessel, I can’t enter Hell again.」


Platy who made a startled face upon hearing my remark then glared at Ante’s extremely grim look on her face.




If not for the table separating both of them, Platy might’ve grabbed Ante by her collar right now.




Ante replied, didn’t even try to mask her frown as she plugged her fingers into her ears.


Ah, this one is definitely enjoying this situation.
I mean, the look in her eyes was different from before.


「You used all his soul vessel!」

I poured all my authority till his soul vessel was on the verge of bursting.」



Platy was at a loss for words.


「Why such a thing? You won’t be able to make a pact with another devil!」

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「Are you regretting it?」


Ante asked that question as she was sitting on the sofa with a haughty attitude.


「THAT’S ONLY NATURAL! He can’t get subordinate devil’s, and magic of authority, all he can use is yours…!」

「And that’s how it’s supposed to be.」



Ante said so as if teaching a child that 1+1 = 2.


「Telling him to handle several authorities at his age and status is absurd.
Doing that will only Weaken his power.
You can’t rely on such a half-hearted method such as having several authority… such method is only befitting of the WEAK.」




The forbidden world remark for demon race!


「… That way of speaking,」


Seeing Platy groaning upon hearing Ante’s remark,


「Personally, I think that he―― only needs real power.」

「Shall I test you first?」


Ante was leaning on her sofa as she spoke, looking down on Platy.




Platy reached to her belt and took out a metal rod.


The ivy that was modelled after the hilt of the sword―― transformed into spear tips as soon as Platy unleashed her mana.

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