I was sitting on the cold floor of the cave. I thought I should go outside and look what is going on. I don know how this bodys original owner died but its mine now I got a new chance in life . so I can live my life as I wanted .

This world is way more dangerous and cruel and I don know how much infighting is going on within brothers for the seat of the patriarch because in the memories there is no mention about that.

As I was walking outside I heard a voice saying ”young master where were you? we were looking for you this whole time ”.

A nice looking young girl about 5 feet tall and having green eyes asked me. looking at this girl broke me from my slumber and woke me up.

I decided to face the reality, this is my life now and my decision are the ones that will decide how will I live.

I just went to the cave and looked at the pets that were there , I said. she looked at me and the dirt that was on my clothes and said – ” Mr. yan was asking for you and told you to come and see him ”.

I thought for a bit and let out a breath of troubled air out of my lungs. Now that I have decided to live my life as Aron, so I should start acting like it.

okay, take me to him….. ahm..ahm where is dad asking me to come . maid looked at aron like he was ill or something, but said ”yes , follow me young master, master is calling you to him room ”.

To which I replied : ok.


I entered a building so huge and magnificent that I thought I was in heaven. every thing, every brick that palace was build out of was white marbel, the palace looked like a place that should be present in heaven

And the golden embroidery that was on the walls and the gems and sapphire that were on the ceiling of the palace was breath taking.

looking at this beautiful place through memory and seeing with your own eyes does seem like a heaven to earth difference , atleast here , I thought.

I was walking through a gate from the front of the palace that was so large that even some large dragons , if there are any in this world can pass through them. The ceilings of this place were high enough , that I have to strain my neck to see it.

When I was walking inside many eyes we
e looking at me, I don know if there is something wrong or they just reacting to the dirt I have on me right now.

either way , i don like attention. so I told the maid to go faster. when I entered a room which was about 15 minutes away from the main gate we entered , in front of me was a table and on it someone was working and going through some documents.

It was my dad ”yan valton ” . Master yan , ”young master is here ”, she said to father.

He looked at me and then told the young maid to leave.

I was feeling quite awkward because I didn had parents, i was an orphan from the young age and I was a loner. I didn have any friends or any family or rather relatives to speak. so I was thinking what should I say.

After some time the tension I was feeling was growing so I called him ”dad ”.

Through Aron memories I know that he had not very good relationship with his dad so I didn say anything afterwards.

He looked at me and then start sorting the documents and then said after at my clothes. ” whats with your clothes, why are they so dirty and what happened to your face, did you had any fights with your brothers ( cousins) .

I looked at him and said
o father I was just at the cave where they keep all the pets and then I had a migraine and fell down, I didn had any fights . I replied a ling answer . even I was surprised that I spoke that much with a man who I am not familiar with.

He said ”… hmm ” in a low voice and then said,

”l was looking for you so that you can go and prepare for the ”annual event ceremony ” that will happen tomorrow, although I don know what talent or what affinity you will get or which path you will choose after your ceremony but I will just say this don choose and start following everyone else .

Trust your heart. you don have to he a knight if you don want to. Your mother was telling me this yesterday that you have been very keen in learning more about magic then swords, so don worry about anything you cousins or anybody says and follow whatever you like ”.

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