Chapter 3 (Raven)

ound. With all my strength, I pulled myself up and before I knew it, I was standing on the ladder just below the ceiling. I gripped the top rung firmly with my left hand, and with my right hand I pushed hard on the ceiling hatch. Once I thought it was closed, the obstacle gave way. I felt the sun on my skin. I pushed the hatch harder and it slammed open, allowing me to climb onto the roof. There was a beautiful view of the city in front of me. On the right there was a park with a playground where children often played all day.

On the left, there was a road to the shopping center. Next to the school, the courtyard with small trees and benches looked nice. Our school was very fond of ecology, so we tried to keep the school grounds very green and clean. I walked to the edge of the roof and started looking for teenager once again. I felt like crying with relief when I saw blue hair near the park. Lisa was sitting on the bench and rummaging through her backpack. For the first time, I was glad that Lisa stood out so much from the crowd and was easy to spot. I was about to go back down when something caught my attention. Around the bend, not far from the street where Lisa was sitting, was a parked blue van with some advertising sign on the side. According to the letter, such a car was supposed to kill Lisa. I felt a chill creep up my spine. I pivoted on my heel and ran towards the lapel.

I ran across the courtyard and went to the place where the blue-haired girl was sitting. After a while, I was surrounded by green trees. As I was running through the park, I passed the playground. Two girls were swinging on the swings. A little boy was just sliding down the slide, secured by his parents. Some of the older children were playing on ladders and spider webs. The playground was fenced off with a green fence separating it from the rest of the park. I was running down the sidewalk towards the park exit. When I got to the place where the park ended and the street began, I looked towards the bench where I had last seen Lisa. Then one word popped into my head. Fuck. There was no one on the bench anymore. I collapsed into the seat. Part of me wanted to ignore it and go home. The race finished me off and it was all for nothing because I lost the girl. All this running and following the teenager, was wasted. The other part of me didn want to let the girl die. The problem was, I had no idea what to do. I took out my cell phone but realized I didn even have Lisas number so I couldn call her. I also didn know anyone who could give the girls location. I came to the conclusion that I could have carried out this whole action differently. I got up from the bench and started walking towards my house. After a few meters, however, I remembered that I had left my phone on the bench. I turned again, cursing myself mentally. I guess I must have looked like a lunatic to a bystander.

Not everyone runs with all their strength towards the bench, then sits on it for a few minutes, then gets up and goes away, just to return to the same place a few seconds later. I picked up the phone and tucked it in the back pocket of my jeans. I looked ahead and remembered this street. Suddenly it dawned on me and I was reminded of my time on the roof and the blue car. Gathering my last strength, I ran towards the street where I hoped there was still parked a van. When I reached the intersection, my heart started to beat faster. I saw that characteristic blue hair. A teenager was just coming out of the store with water and a candy bar in her hand. ”Lisa! ” I screamed as I walked towards her.

Unfortunately, the goth did not hear me. She had large black headphones on her head, which limited her contact with the outside world. I had no idea what to say to her. My plan has been a bit chaotic even so far. I just knew if I left now something very bad was going to happen. I ran so that the girl was only a few meters away. I was hoping that the teenager would pay attention to me, but she was staring at the phone, probably texting someone. Lisa was just entering the pedestrian crossing when I heard the sound of tires on the road. I turned my head in time to see a van come around the corner. Without thinking much, I run these few meters so that I found myself behind the girl. I pushed her so that the car wouldn hit her. The last thing I remember is pain in my shoulder and my head.


I opened my eyes and saw white. More specifically, a white ceiling. I rose on my elbows to a semi-sitting position. I was lying on a hospital bed with an IV in my hand. Before I had time to think about what had happened, I heard a cry. Beth ran into my room, and Ashley followed her. My sister threw herself around my neck, squeezing me so tightly she almost suffocated me.

”God! How unlucky I am! First, Tommy fell down those **ing stairs, and now my little sister was hit by a car. Ashley and I were just in the shopping mall when I got a call from the hospital telling me they had brought you here. I thought I was going to get a heart attack! ”

”Beth, I promise Im okay. It doesn even hurt. Everything is all right. ” I tried to calm my sister down. I didn want her to do a drama or feel sorry for me.

But Im actually thirsty. Could you get me something to drink? ” I asked, looking at the girls.

”Sure, Im on my way. Everything for my little sister. I have to post that you woke up from a coma anyway. ”

After the girl left the room, I looked at Ashley. I thought the blonde would go with her, but she only approached my bed. ”Don worry, Beth is overreacting with whole this coma thing. You slept for a few hours. She tilted her head as if she was thinking about something. ”I was surprised you didn want to go shopping with us. Not because you didn want to, because I know you don like it. But you usually do your best to please Beth. Or at least not to upset her. So I was curious about what is so important that you decided to leave your sister almost immediately after her boyfriend had an accident. Then suddenly you and Lisa Lake are hit by a car. The chick youve been following all day. You are acting suspiciously to say the least. ”

”Wait. Lisa had an accident too? ” I froze, waiting for the answer if the whole day was wasted and Lisa is dead.

”Lisa is alive. ” The teenager said as if reading my mind. ”Shes in a little worse shape than you and shes gonna stay in the hospital a little longer, but shell be fine. And as for you, I think theyll release you in a few days. ” She turned her head towards the corridor from where we heard Beth coming.

”Okay. End of conversation for now, BUT you will tell me later what this is all about. ”

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