frost bite

Chapter 1

”Im scared mama, ” he says looking up at the woman beside him still not comprehending what was going on. ”Don worry baby, they are here to help, ” she says holding his hand protectively in hers.

The men around them started moving towards them slowly, their faces were hidden behind huge black cloaks which made them look scarier. He subconsciously moved and hid behind the woman. He closed his eyes waiting for the worst but it never came, he slowly entangle himself from her and looked forward, the cloaked men were standing still.

”What do you want Diana? You know you aren welcomed here, ” a man says emerging from the shadows.

”I need your help Eliphas, ” the woman says looking at him, ignoring the aura he was emitting.

”And why should I help you? ” he asks, ”You and your sister betrayed us after all. ”

”I know you are mad-

A dark chuckle that made every one shudder cuts through the air.

”Mad? No no saying I am mad is an understatement. I am furious. Your little game caused the death of many of our own, ”

”Please just listen you can do whatever you want with me I don care but I need you to protect him, ” the woman says pulling the boy from behind her. The boy looks up and meet with Eliphas gaze.

”An andari. Interesting, I haven seen one in a long time. Whos is it? ” he asks kneeling beside the boy.

”Idril, ” the woman says with a low voice looking down, ”she slept with a demon. ”

”So she got a child and now she wants to dump her responsibilities on us? Again. ”

”No she got a child and raised him, then she got killed trying to save him, ”

”What are you saying? ” Eliphas asked his voice still lacking emotion.

”Some people, probably her enemies, broke into the house and caught her unprepared they killed her, I got their before they managed to hurt him, ” she says pointing at the boy.

”So what do you want us to do exactly, ” Eliphas asks standing up, his black void like eyes looking at them..

”Mama? ” the boy calls in fear.

”Its okay honey he wants to help, ”

”I want you to keep him here and protect him, ” she says making the boys eyes widen.

”You know nothing comes for free, especially to a traitor, ” Eliphas says.

”I know. Take this, ” She says giving him a small black bag. Eliphas looks inside it and smiles.

”Your soul core. You know you won survive a day without it, ” he says

”I just want the child safe till he is ready to fight, ” she says. Eliphas snaps his fingers and one of the men with black cloaks steps forward and grabs the boy by his shoulder. The woman looks at him tears in her eyes.

”Whats going on mama? ” the boy asks scared, wondering why his mama was leaving him. Hes always been good, never talks too much, never disturbs anybody, but his mum left and now his mama wants to leave him.

”Don worry baby its for the best, ”

”I don understand mama what is for the best? ” he asks and she doesn answer. She smiles sadly at him and starts walking away.

”Mama? ” he calls again but she doesn answer, he tries to break free from the persons iron grip but to no avail

”Mama? ”

His voice was wavering.

”I don want to do this anymore mama, ” he says still trying to get free. Hoping it was a joke and his mama would turn back the next minute with a smile on her face and hug him. It didn happen.

Eliphas stands in front of the boy and looks down at him.

”Don worry child, youll get used to it. The pain of abandonment, ” He says in a tone so different than the one he used on his mama he sounded nice…it made him feel sleepy.

”I want my mama back, ” the boy says drowsily making him chuckle.

”I know you do, ” he says running his finger down his face, wiping off his tears. The action was made him sleepier.

”Can you take me to her? ” he asks in high hopes.

”Only if you behave. Will you do that for me? ” Eliphas asks and he nods his head feeling tired, he slowly leans on the person behind him darkness suddenly enveloping his vision.

”Then, Sleep tight child. ”

Thats how the boys story should have begun but it didn , that was just one of the many tests he would face to make him stronger before everything.

His story begun within the royal courts and deep inside imperial academy where humans are beings driven by nothing by greed in their search for power, where he met a being, neither a man nor a monster. Tortured, he became a being they couldn control and so they wanted him hanged for being a monster they made. He saw him seated in the darkest dungeon, he looked into his eyes and saw the hope the being once had fleeing, and before he knew what he was doing he held his hand and gave a promise, he never forgot, it seemed like an empty promise at first but only he knew is that he would not allow the man to become the monster they wanted him to be.

But thats a story of the bright and dark future. One which would begin with a summon.

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