Chapter 4 – Hu (2)

Far from the water on the shore, Hongsu, Miss Yang’s personal servant girl, was hugging Wang Shao’s leg and weeping, “Young master, please save our lady, she is also your fiancée!”

“Wang Shao kicked her hand away impatiently, and said in a cold tone, “Zanxing was dragged into the water by that monster, so there is no way she is still alive.
That monster is equivalent to a cultivator in the late stage of Foundation Establishment.
Do you want all of us to die?”

The servant girl wanted to cry again, but Wang Shao had already walked ahead, and said, “I’m also very sad that Zanxing is dead, but don’t worry, when I join Taiyan Sect, I’ll send a report back to my father to present a generous memorial ceremony to the Yang family.”

The words were so heartless that Hongsu almost fainted from crying so much.

Wang Shao walked to the other end where Liu Yunxin and Mu Cengxiao were bound under a tree with their hands and feet tied behind their backs.

“Miss Liu, you killed my fiancée, how will you compensate me?” Wang Shao looked at Liu Yunxin condescendingly.

Liu Yunxin was frightened.
She was drenched in water earlier, and her clothes were still wet, outlining a slim and thin figure as fragile as a lotus flower, which made her look especially pitiful.

“Nonsense!” Mu Cengxiao said angrily, “It’s clear that Yang Zanxing deliberately pushed Yunxin into the water, and she accidentally fell in.
It’s her own fault, so don’t frame others!”

“Accidentally?” Wang Shao seemed to have heard a funny joke, “Who saw it, did you see it?” He asked a follower beside him, who shook his head again and again.
He then asked another boy, “Did you see it?” The boy shook his head like a rattle.

“That’s it.” Wang Shao folded his hands and looked at Liu Yunxin with a smile, “Originally, in this matter, it’s a life for a life, but I’m kind-hearted and have always been sympathetic, so…” He stretched out his hand to touch Liu Yunxin’s face, but Liu Yunxin dodged her head, so he could only withdraw his hand regretfully, and said, “If you follow me, even if you made me lose my woman, I will find a way to help you settle this matter.”

“Wishful thinking! “Mu Cengxiao gritted his teeth and replied.

“Hey Mu, I’m talking to your sister, what are you talking about here.” Wang Shao stared at Mu Cengxiao with an unfriendly expression. He had been coveting Liu Yunxin’s body for a long time.
If Mu Cengxiao had not interfered… Liu Yunxin would have become his woman long ago. In front of Liu Yunxin, it’s not easy for him to kill people, but tonight… Wang Shao’s mouth curled up, Mu Cengxiao would no longer exist in this world.

There would be no better excuse than Mu Cengxiao exploring the stream at night and was killed by the demonic monster.

He hummed a little song in a good mood and walked away.
Under the tree, Liu Yunxin asked the young man beside her, “Brother Mu, what should we do… I don’t want to marry the young master.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you marry this kind of person.” Mu Cengxiao said in a low voice, “I’ll take you away tonight.”

“Brother Mu…” Liu Yunxin hesitated for a moment.

“What’s wrong?”

“Miss Yang did fall while trying to save me.” Liu Yun said. At that time, she was about to be attacked by the demonic monster, and it was Miss Yang who pushed her away.

“Don’t speak up for her.” Mu Cengxiao frowned, “I could clearly see from a distance that she pushed you from behind.
That woman is arrogant and domineering.
She punishes others at every turn, and even tried to ruin your appearance several times.
How could you be so kind? Now it’s time for her retribution, so don’t worry about it!”

Liu Yunxin sighed, looked at the little servant girl who was crying in the distance, and thought to herself, Miss Yang… is she really dead?


Of course Yang Zanxing was not dead.

Not only was she not dead, she was in excellent condition.

It’s like having a holiday after working overtime for a week, where she slept at home for ten hours, and felt refreshed after reading a whole cultivation novel.

Every part of her body seemed to have been soaked in hot spring water, which was refreshing. She didn’t feel hungry, thirsty or tired, and her whole body felt completely new, completely different from before.

When Zanxing opened her eyes, she wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but she felt that her eyesight had improved. Even lines of the stone cracks on the high cave wall could be seen clearly. She stood up, and her legs felt much stronger than before.

She didn’t know how long she slept.
After waking up, she felt very different.
Zanxing wondered, could this be the result of successful cultivation?

She looked through the crack in the rock again, and as expected, she saw the mosaic swimming around again.

I don’t know what cultivation stage I’m at now, and whether I’ve the ability to fight this monster… Zanxing was thinking, when her heart started to heat up.
The Xiao Yuan Pearl in her body seemed to have bonded with her, and she could feel the movement of the pearl, as if it was attracted by the monster ‘Hu’ and was eager to make a move.

Is it… encouraging her to go out and do something big?

Zanxing was a little hesitant.

How did the male lead defeat the demonic monster in the original novel, she couldn’t even remember the moves. However, Xiao Yuan Pearl was the protagonist’s golden finger.
As long as there was Xiao Yuan Pearl, the protagonist could be saved and fight back even if he was violently beaten.
If Xiao Yuan Pearl was urging her to go for it, there shouldn’t be a big problem, right?

Believe in the power of the golden finger, and believe that the protagonist would not die. Since the pearl wanted to create trouble, it showed that the plot line was right.

Zanxing mustered up her courage and slipped out from between the rocks.

One end of the crevice was a sand cave, and the other end of the crevice was a water curtain, but from one end to the other, the feeling did not change. Miraculously, the water curtain seemed to be a natural shield that separated the water. It’s not so much water as it was air.

The demonic monster ‘Hu’ was obviously only a fuzzy mosaic, without eyes and nose, but it’s extremely sensitive. The moment Zanxing came out, the demonic monster rushed towards her.

The demonic monster that hides in the water and harms people secretly would become bold when people fall into the water.

Zanxing panicked for a moment, but soon, she found that she could swim freely in the water without any resistance.
As soon as she pushed her foot out, she soared, as if she stepped on an elastic board. Her fist also seemed to be full of strength, and when she swung it, there seemed to be an invisible airflow.
Zanxing felt that her fist might be able to smash the demonic monster in front of her.

Is this the power of the Xiao Yuan Pearl?

In the clear water curtain, the huge monster rushed towards her, which looked quite beautiful at first glance, if the disgusting smell of water which was perhaps mixed with human blood could be ignored.

Undaunted, Zanxing swung her fist.

In an instant, the cluster of black dots scattered, and a jet of black liquid suddenly sprayed out from the demonic monster’s face.
Zanxing couldn’t dodge in time and was caught head-on.

She felt a hot burning sensation on her face.

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