Chapter 3 – Hu (1)

The pearl rushed into her body like a puff of smoke, leaving nothing behind.

Zanxing stretched out her hand and touched her chest.
She felt that there was a small area in her heart that was warm, like a stove simmering in winter, but it was not uncomfortable.

This was probably the treasure recognizing its master.

In all the novels about cultivation, a drop of the protagonist’s blood on the treasure would immediately unlock its spiritual wisdom and it would recognize the protagonist as its master, forming an irresolvable bond.
Then, the loyal treasure would lead the protagonist to heaven and earth, opening the door to a new world.

It’s the same with this pearl.

But right now, the most important thing was how to get out of here.

In the original plot, after the male lead got the Xiao Yuan Pearl, he cultivated underwater.
Zanxing read the novel a few years ago, and she subsequently read dozens of books on cultivation.
The plot for this novel, especially this level of detailed description, had long been forgotten.
In short, the male lead was as fierce as a tiger, and in a single operation, “a flash of inspiration” and “a sudden movement of the heart”, he had advanced three levels in a row, and seemingly also found the exit.
But now… Zanxing looked at her hand, and there was seemingly nothing different except for the pearl in her heart that heat up.

She put her hand on the cave wall, sank into her qi core, took a deep breath, and slapped her palm against the cave wall.

Two small grains of sand fell from the cave wall, and Zanxing let out a pained cry.
She looked at her red palm and felt that she was thinking too simply.

Sure enough, the novels were all deceitful, and this way would not work.

She stood up and was quiet for a moment, feeling a slight cool breeze from somewhere in front of her.


The only light in the cave was overhead, and there were walls on all sides of the cave.
Where did the wind come from?

Zanxing stopped for a moment.
She didn’t know if it was because of the Xiao Yuan Pearl, but she felt that the blowing wind gradually became more obvious.
It seemed to be connected in a long line, and as long as she followed the line, she would get to the end of the thread.

She stood up and moved slowly in the direction of the wind.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, just when she thought the darkness would never end, a ray of light suddenly appeared in front of her.
Unlike the faint and distant light overhead, this ray of light was accompanied by the sound of water.

On the cave wall not far away, a crack appeared.
The crack was narrow, just enough to allow a person to pass through.
Zanxing hesitated for a moment before she stepped forward.
She did not rush out, but just leaned against the crack and looked out.

There was a boundless curtain of water, and the sound of the waterfall splashing down from above could be heard.
Looking up, the shadow of the mountain peak could be seen faintly. Zanxing was overjoyed, and regardless of the unscientific setting why water would not flow through the crack into the cave, she understood one thing. There was a stream outside, and as long as she got out from the cave, she could swim ashore.

She had just tentatively stretched out a leg, when a black shadow suddenly appeared in the calm water curtain. The black shadow was neither big nor small.
It was about the size of a cow, but it had no shape and was just a flat streak. It looked a little like the snowflake spots whenever there was no TV signal when she was a child, or like an ant colony formed by countless black ants.

Patients with intense phobia could die on the spot seeing this.

Zanxing withdrew her leg which was previously eager to go outside with lightning speed.
She suddenly remembered that at this point in the original novel, the male lead had a final hurdle before he could go ashore, which was to kill the damn demonic monster.

The demonic monster ‘Hu’ was hidden in the calm water stream.

‘Hu’ could shoot people with sand. Those who were shot suffered shortness of breath, headache, fever, and would eventually die. The so-called idiom “to attack someone by innuendo” came from this. This thing liked to hide in the water, and no one had seen its true face.
Now that Zanxing could clearly see it, it looked like a mosaic and was not very attractive.

So now the question was, did she, a weak woman, really want to fight with a mosaic with her bare hands underwater?And this mosaic was a long-range mage, this was not hard mode, this was hell mode!

Zanxing sat down on the ground, and suddenly felt that the path ahead was uncertain.

There was no danger in staying in the cave, but she would eventually starve to death, she could not eat the soil.Going out was also bad, as there was still a mosaic waiting outside.This was actually not a cultivation not, but a survival novel!

“Calm down, Yang Zanxing.”She took a deep breath and forced herself to recall the plot.The male lead, Mu Cengxiao, was also here.After getting the Xiao Yuan Pearl, he began to cultivate.He had a special physique.Although he did not achieve a breakthrough to Foundation Establishment, vitality had accumulated in his body.The Xiao Yuan Pearlbroke through the shackles of his physique for him.In the past few years, all his vitality was attributed to his core, and he advanced several levels in an instant.
From the early stage of Qi Refining to the late stage of Foundation Establishment, he was only one step away from a Golden Core.

The upgraded male lead successfully killed the demonic monster and returned to shore.

The premise of killing monsters was to have enough cultivation base.
Did she also want to cultivate here?

Zanxing still remembered that in the original novel, the female cannon fodder with the same name as her had a very low level of cultivation, and her existence seemed to be just to showcase Liu Yunxin’s kindness and tolerance, and to help the cannon fodder, Wang Shao and the male lead, Mu Cengxiao, reinforce their hatred for each other.As for “Miss Yang”, the original novel described her as beautiful and domineering, but with a vicious heart.
Regarding her cultivation, it was only briefly mentioned.

But it can’t be that great.

But the current “Miss Yang” had become Yang Zanxing. Yang Zanxing, a reclusive animal from modern society, did not even exercise, let alone cultivate. If it’s really necessary to talk about exercise, it would be the Tai Chi exercises during physical education class back in middle school.

How was cultivation done in the novel… Zanxing racked her brain for a long time, and she finally sat upright like a gourd.

The first step should be to retreat and meditate…was that right?

Sit cross-legged, relax the body, what was the second step… she didn’t know.
It’s like yoga, close the eyes and concentrate, empty the mind, and adjust the breath.

Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale…

Perhaps she had not stopped since she transmigrated, so as soon as Zanxing relaxed, she felt exhausted.
It seemed as if she was about to fall asleep, and her expression gradually relaxed. She felt her whole body floating in the air, and became extraordinarily light. She was clearly in the dry sand cave, but it seemed as though there was water flowing slowly through her body, and the warmth was just right. And the water flow was also like taking a breath, similar to the gills of a fish, opening and closing, taking in air.

Zanxing’s eyes were closed, and she couldn’t see the faint golden light being emitted from her heart.
Countless beams of light like water streams gradually appeared in the water curtain outside, which then swept in and quietly drilled into the body of Zanxing, who was sitting quietly with her eyes closed.

If there was a cultivator here, they would be able to see at a glance that this girl, whose cultivation level was not even worth mentioning, broke through Qi Refining in such a short period of time.
It could be seen that she was about to enter the Foundation Establishment stage.

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