>At this point, he had only said a few words to Liu Yunxin.
Upon seeing this, Mu Cengxiao, who was getting water, immediately marched up to Wang Shao to block him and angrily asked, “Wang Shao, what are you trying to do?”

Wang Shao looked at Mu Cengxiao in front of him.

The young man had thick and straight eyebrows like swords, and handsome facial features.
Although the clothes he wore daily had patches, he appeared to possess a clear and resolute qi.
It was said that he reached Qi Refining at eight years old.
He was once favored by the people of Yue City in the past when they thought he was another prodigy.
But up to now, he had not reached Foundation Establishment.

“Miss Liu, I heard that you are not in good health.” Wang Shao was not angry, but smiled gracefully at Liu Yunxin.
He said, “Perhaps your brother wants to enter Taiyan Sect’s school for the spirit elixirs and spirit pills to cure your illness.
I can understand that you have a deep sibling bond, but—” He glanced at Mu Cengxiao with disdain.
“Don’t you think it’s a little naive to pin your hopes on rubbish that has not even reached a breakthrough to Foundation Establishment? You might as well be my woman.
When I enter the Taiyan Sect in the future, you can use as many spirit elixirs and spirit pills as you like…”

“Shut up!” Before waiting for him to finish, Mu Cengxiao interrupted him and angrily shouted, “Shameless!”

“You’re rubbish.
Do you have the right to speak?”

The two men were at odds with each other and were about to pull out their blades when there was a sudden cry coming from the stream.
“Young master, it’s horrible! Y-you have to come and see!”

The two men who were in a disagreement just now looked at the stream at the same time.

The skies were clear and there was no wind.
The stream water was like a waterfall, spiraling down into a hole.
There seemed to be a faint shadow moving around under the water surface.
At the next moment, several dark shadows shot up from the water and penetrated into some of the people’s shadows.
Immediately after, there was a series of screams.

“It hurts—”

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“AAaah! Help! What is this?”

“My eyes! My eyes!”

The carriage’s horses were frightened and wanted to run forward.
However, the reins were tied to a tree.
The people in the carriage fell out.
Eldest miss Yang scrambled up and ran.
She hid behind Wang Shao and questioned in a panic, “Oh my gosh, what is that?”

“That is the demonic beast ‘Hu’,” Mu Cengxiao muttered.

“What is ‘Hu’?” Wang Shao frowned.

“It is a legendary monster that hides in the water and stealthily inflicts harm on people.
The mouth of the Hu contains sand and will shoot people with it.
People who are shot at will get skin ulcers, and those whose shadows are shot at will die!” Mu Cengxiao did not look back and started running to the stream.
“I will save those people! Wang Shao, protect Yunxin! Do not let it touch your shadow!”

Wang Shao looked at My Cengxiao’s back.
He pulled Liu Yunxin away, and did not forget to mock him.
“I have never seen a fool who is in a hurry to get himself killed!”

At this time, the water from the stream’s source between the two cliffs suddenly increased.
The water was instantly overflowing and reached their feet, as if it was submerging the ground they were on.
Meanwhile, the shadow under the water became more distinct.
Only a few “pupupu” sounds could be heard.
The surrounding maids and attendants shrieked, and a large area of the stream was dyed red.

Wang Shao covered his head and ran away in fright without caring about his fiancee and Liu Yunxin.
Liu Yunxin was already sick and weak.
She was out of breath after fleeing a few steps.
Eldest miss Yang saw this and her eyes flashed with darkness.
She was about to take Liu Yunxin’s shoulder with one hand and push her into the water.

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A small drop of water came out from the splashing stream and shattered a mossy rock, but in an instant, it returned to the shape of a dewdrop.

Liu Yunxin screamed and her eyes widened.

A hand grabbed her arm.

Liu Yunxin turned around and saw eldest miss Yang gripping her arm firmly.
Her eyes contained honest concern.
“Are you all right?”

She was shocked and was about to speak when she heard someone bellowing behind her.
“Yunxin, run! It’s behind you!”

The water suddenly rose.
They were definitely standing on the ground, but being in the splashing stream was like being in the raging sea.
Liu Yunxin looked back and saw the true appearance of “it” that was similar to a blurry round shadow.
It looked like an enormous beetle that was shrouded with the overpowering fishy smell of water.

“Be careful!” There was a girl’s cry next to her ear.

Liu Yunxin felt a force pushing her away.
To her side, the figure in green was instantly swallowed by the shadow.

The water gradually calmed down.
The damp ground that was overflowing with the stream water became exposed to the sun.
A faint rainbow appeared, and everything seemed to be an illusion.

Liu Yunxin murmured, “Eldest miss Yang… is gone.”

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