Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter VIII - My Resolve, The Troublemaker Part 2

As the Twins continued to drink tea, Noah recovered from the situation and suddenly became quiet. Vincent was also quiet and it seems like the both of them are thinking of the same thing and thought of solutions based on the given clue. The twins also pondered about the confidential news they hear and wondered why the attack happened in the same place and didn spread out from the area of Viscount Wrolent.

”Must you personally go and oversee the situation? ” Vincent asked Noah as he leaned back on his chair, Aelfdene also waited for his response as he sent out a message to one of the spirits to check on the current situation in the land of Wrolent.

”No, Its still not the level that I would personally go. Reginald will be the one to go. ” He said as he sip the calming tea again as the twins tried to remember who Reginald was. They both look in disbelief as Vincent thought of many reasons why would Noah send that person for the job.

Reginald Thorton, or also called The Troublemaker by his fellow peers and also the citizens in the continent. He is a very skilled magician and a powerful one and yet his fiery personality of not following things by rules and almost destroying an entire acre of land in the west on his last mission, thats why he was on prohibition up until now that Noah decided to let him out.

”Teacher, are you really thinking of sending him out? Its almost 3 months since he was declared to be on a prohibition. I think he will cause chaos again. ” The Twins said in concern as Noah smiled at them both, yet his smile hid dangerous intent. They both noticed it and gulped down in fear.

”Don worry, Ill put him on a tight leash. If he decided to break it forcibly he won be seeing the outside word for a century, As someone who practices with mana Im sure that a mere century for him is nothing. A millennium would probably make him crazy so he should consider what he would gain from challenging me. He will consider his actions as I am the one who locked him up in the first place. ” He said while smiling as the twins avert their eyes away from their grinning teacher who summoned a communication orb in his hands. The orb glowed as it shows a shade of orange and yellow colored hair. Noah cleared his throat as Vincent gestured to cover there ears. The twins trusted this and covered them.

”Youve got a nerve for sleeping while doing research Reginald. ” The twins were glad that they covered them as they saw how the angelic face of Noah turned dark and sinister as they all saw the floating spirits shiver and run away from his voice.

Aelfdene looked like he was telling the others to comfort the running spirits, yet he looked amused in his own way. The twins just looked at him blankly like he is some kind ridiculous being who likes to tease other for their own enjoyment.

Reginald on the other hand jolted awake as he looked directly as the Noahs eyes and began to explain the situation, but to no avail Noah still looks displeased as countless little white thunderbolts began to dance around menacingly behind him, his eyes squinting in judgement.

”Blanche! You can do this to me! You
e the one who decided to take a 2 month leave and left all these unfinished documents to me! How could you leave this things to your secretary huh?! ” He said as he grumbled and showed the stack of paper around him, the papers were towering even when the room Reginald was using was a magic type. Noah sighed as he gestured him to stop. Reginald immediately stopped and listened.

”I need you to search the current situation on the report sent to me earlier. The soldiers of Viscount Wrolent were all murdered and none of them survived to tell the details. It seems like this occur every end of the month and considering the time you need to get there is also by the end of the month youll likely see the situation and report it back to me. ” He looked like he was about to cry and shout in frustration but he only nodded and reluctantly accepted the job.

”And split up the paper works, give the others to Reve. Im sure he would be sleeping up until now so give him the other half of those. I never said that you would be the only one working for those paperwork. ” Noah said as he ended the communication and clasped his head and sighed. Vincent handed him a strawberry tart as he happily indulge himself from the taste. Vincent smiled a little as Aelfdene received news from the situation.

”It seems like the border you
e talking about is outside the protection of the God of Time and Space. The land of Wrolent seemed to expand over than the specific border. Its safe to say that he was also part of the blame and cause that his men were killed. ” He said as Noah nodded.

”Do you think the monsters his majesty talked about are returning again? ” The Twins asked as Noah looked at them both and pondered.

”The Monsters? You mean the Unfaithfuls ?Its a possibility. Yet we don have any evidence as we didn have any contact with Calsithea during those times. And we didn even know what they looked like. ” He said as they all nodded. The twins knew why the monsters were called unfaithfuls, they were created because they lose fate and as a result they all became some unknown monster. They couldn imagine what these monster looked like.

”Why would they appear right now? Especially near the border? ” They asked as Aelfdene looked troubled, he was concerned for his wife. He already told her that travelling towards the East was not a great idea, especially when she is pregnant again after all the centuries they waited.

”Someone must have been leading them. This monsters are all unable to think for themselves and are mostly using their sense of smell rather head. ” He said as Noah sighed. Vincent was also thinking of a way to prevent them to get inside the Empire. If the barrier were to weaken even for a day, It will surely result to a trail of destruction. Noah finished stuffing his mouth before making a final decision on the matter.

”I will wait for Reginalds report, If I find it lacking, or if the situation worsened then. I will personally go there myself to investigate. ” He said. Vincent frowned when Noah said that he will go there himself as he sat seriously unlike his slumped position earlier, the twins didn react because they knew their Teacher is only staying until they finished their Debut and will leave the same day. But when they thought about it, they both realized that they only have a little time to spend with Noah.

”Going alone? Iris, you know you can do that. ” Vincent said as Noah looked at him. ”Don worry, Im going in Incognito. ” He assured.

”Its not that Iris, I know that your strong but I still don think its fine to go without a guard. ” He reasoned, Noah looked serious, ”I still need to go, whether you like it or not. Its my duty. ” He answered, not backing down.

Vincent sighed and placed his right hand to his aching head, ”Still-

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