Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter VIII - My Resolve, The Troublemaker

The forest was lively, the sunlight reached the ground but it was not too strong to cause sweating and damage to the skin. The animals, creatures, fairies and spirits alike are all walking around and didn mind the sudden visitors they see. In fact, they were all very curious on who are the people the King has permitted to enter the sacred Forest.

The twins, both in a white horse that contrast their color pallet of black and purple were excited and happy to go out in the forest. This must be their first time going out of the Leondale mansion in their life, and that should explain why they were so eager and couldn control the expressions they were making.

”Wow! This place is full of light. Its all tingly and sparkling. ” The twins both said as the King Aelfdene looked back at them. He smiled as he observed the twins playing around with different kinds of fairies and spirits.

”A pair of twins. Both of them make a whole and each of them represents the element the other lack, but both of you are gifted with sight that can see light which is seldom to someone who is constantly wrapped with darkness. ” He said as the twins looked at him as they bid farewell to the fairies they were talking to.

”You are right, your majesty. We are a pair and being together makes us whole. This place is different from our house, which is filled with black murky smoke. In here we feel alive and the air isn suffocating. ” They explained as the King nodded. ”That is right. People who shares the same ability like the both of you are suppose to cover your eyes as it will get very difficult to see with so many lights dancing around. ” The twins looked at each other before turning their attention to Noah.

They looked at each other again and nodded. They seem to come to a conclusion on what they were thinking. ”Your majesty. Noah has a very peculiar color. Even older brother is peculiar. ”The statement made Vincent and Noah looked at each other, and both of them are confused.

The King nodded as they soon saw a big palace in the middle of the forest. The palace was beautiful and the walls are painted with a soft yellow as thick vines crawl up the wall.

Everyone unmounted there use of transportation and they all left to roam the large Forest and to rest. The large doors of the palace opened automatically as the state of the inside is a magnificent as the outside. Not a single dust was seen and everything was clean and tidy.

They all went up and followed the King to a large study and lounging area. They all say down when the King sat on the head seat as Noah and Vincent sat down on the Kings right and the twins on the left. ”Noah? We didn know the right time to ask this. But did you perhaps informed our mother of this sudden trip you bought us? ” The twins asked as the King let out a small laughter as Noahs expression twisted.

He stood up as he invoke a spell [ Domain Array Open] and opening to reveal the front door office of the Duchess. He bowed down to the King first to excuse himself as he walked and pass through the gate he created. ”Now then, while my dear student is away. I will now ask what is your objective to todays visit. ” King Aelfdene asked as the twin nodded and looked at the King.

”Your Majesty, Noah told us we are going to learn about the origin and magic formation. But he decided to go here suddenly. We didn know Noah was someone really amazing. ” They exclaimed as the Kings eyes widened and blinked before laughing softly. He smiled and nodded.

”Well aren you twins lucky. Your beloved teacher is my disciple since he was still just a little child, you could say that Im his teacher and the one who taught him the ways of the world. But Noah was already a bright child and understood everything I say. His knowledge is vast and so is his Mana, the color and shiny little gold dust you two see are all Mana as this place is a Sacred Forest that is governed by me. ” He explained as the twins both nodded. Both are happy that there teacher is getting praised.

”My Wife, Elianor was surprised when I bought him here after he got lost. That time, my wife already missed playing with children and with Noah being there they both got attached to each other very quickly. ” He smiled at the fond memory.

”And as you two said earlier. Your Older brother and Noah has a peculiar color? It must be one similar to Noah when he was training in here. Somehow, something was blocking his true strength and that made me investigate his body and tried to cure it. But no matter what, the deal is still not removed. ” He said as he recalled staying up late to search for a remedy. The twins looked at their older brother and nodded.

”Both of them have something blocking their bodies. ” The twins informed the King, he nodded as Vincent was looking at the gate ever since Noah walked out to inform the Duchess.

”I already knew something was blocking inside of me ever since I discovered how to control the mana flow to strengthen your body. Every time I encased myself and trained to control my mana flow in my whole body including the inside, but theres always a place out of reach and I can seem to still reach it to this day. ” Vincent said as he tapped on the arm rest of the chair, still looking at the gate and didn bother anyone.

The King eyed him interestingly and didn say anything. Somehow, Noah still hasn returned and so King Aelfdene himself taught and explained the lessons which is supposed to be handled by Noah.

”Marialenna was someone who created everything in the beginning. Everything she invoke will become a reality which is a double edge sword for her. Her powers led her to not speak until it was necessary, which caused something tragic that happened a 100 years ago in another continent. She was silent and was considered almost as a the Silent God who weeps in sorrow. One unable to speak and express

Some humans thought that the Goddess has abandoned them and decided to worship other Gods that would ensure survival of the fittest. The Goddess was saddened as her people slowly left one by one, but I heard she granted a request to someone who purged the tragedy but the exact content of the request was not heard. ” He said but he smiled.

”That is what everyone thinks off. Our Creator, The Progenitor is not someone with limitations, Children. ” He said as stood up.

”Maria Leanna is what they call the Progenitor several millenniums ago. They, unlike all of us have no limitations ever known. But they were lonely and so they created us, but they also created a God, a Goddess to be exact who looks similar to them. ” He looked outside the windows.

”Dianthe or Silentia. The Goddess of Silence, Peace and Gentleness. I saw her countless times for she has also asked me to lend my winds for her people. ” Back then, they were very happy for the guidance of Dianthe who roamed her lands without fail.

”Dianthe was a simple Goddess, fitting of her title. But tragedy struck when the ground splits and the sealed evil that Tenebris, The Spirit of Darkness maintained crumbled. Dianthe was no means a Goddess capable of fighting, created mute she longed to answer to her peoples prayers. She cannot do so, for her people lost their faith to her and her power grew weak. ” King Aelfdene remebered what happened clearly, Dianthe who looked ethereal before looked broken when her people turned their backs to her.

”The Progenitor was heartbroken, they knew that they were the caused of her downfall. For creating her without the ability to talk but only express. They now knew that actions are not enough for that the people would believe words than gestures. ” He sat down again and sipped his tea.

”The Continent the Empire of Salworia emerge is ruled by the God of Time and Space. He over see the following events that would happen based on the stars. That is why everyone in the Empire values Time and Astrology more than anything. Celesto or Tempus, The God of Time and Space was fond of Dianthe. ” He said with a sighed. The Twins only continued to listen for the untold history of the world, Vincent also listened but he seemed more focused on the door Noah left most.

”After finding out what happened to Dianthe, he begged the Progenitor to let Dianthe stay at his realm of Space to heal. The Progenitor agreed as they bought her inside the realm to recuperate , and there she waited and stayed even now. ” He ended the story.

”The Continent that I mentioned earlier is called Calsithea, currently unusual movements are reported to me about the state of Calsithea but Im positive that it will not affect the Empire in any ways. I think this is the information I can give you for now, Ill leave your teacher to teach you two all of it. ” He said as

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