Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter VI - My Strawberries, The Foundation

the plant and found out that the vine like leaves were Poison Oaks and Ivy while the ones on the carpet floor were jequirity beans. They both understood why their Brother didn dare to move Noah yet.

”This was a miscalculation on my part. It seems like Noah still haven change that habit of his. ” Vincent said with a sigh.

”Ive seen him only once angry, you wouldn want him to get angry children. It was a terrible day with a terrible downpour. And whats even more worse is that, we forgot to re-stock Strawberries for Noah and we can move out until the rain died down. But, it was a nightmare. ” He said as nudge Noah on his shoulders, his long sleeve coat act as a barrier for the poisonous leaves..

”We know that Iris is very very fond of strawberries, his Mother specifically asked the Duchess to purchase as many as possible, but when he found out that we don have strawberries. He went dead quiet. ” he told them more as he finally grabbed Noah and put him in his chair and placed a bowl of Candied strawberries on his table.

”At first, we thought that he will cry and and throw a fit. But we didn even noticed the sudden wash of rain in the sky. The wind blew and the rain drops knocked loudly at our window and the sudden flash of thunder was heard and burned one of the largest trees in our forest. ” Noah didn mind the story and just continued to eat his strawberries, his mind was still recovering when the negative energy took control on his mind.

The twins already sat when Vincent placed Noah on his lap, he already removed his coat and burned it and also his gloves and took another pair of gloves he has. ”Then, does that mean that Noah was the one who caused that? ” They asked in union.

Vincent only nodded his head as he recalled that how many days they all endure to satisfy Noahs tendency to rampage when his mood sudden fell in such level. ”I would advice you not to touch that plant, they
e extremely poisonous and would cause a sudden outbreak of rash. ” He said as he didn even looked at the maid who pulled back her hands from fear on accidentally touching the poisoned vines. The twins only looked briefly and continued to listen.

”Now now, Iris. Why don you pull them back now? You know they can stay in here. ” Vincent asked in a carefree tone, like he was talking to a child. Noah nodded and directed his right hand towards the wall. [Go Back] The vines slowly crawled back and disappeared.

”Sorry for acting like that. ” He said with a sincere sorry look at the twins, the twins understand and nodded then looked displeased at their smiling brother. Vincent noticed their glare and purposely got closer to Noah who is still busy eating strawberries with occasional sip of bitter tea.

His actions lead to the twins getting angry, yet they stopped because their teacher smiled at them, ”We are going to learn about Origins and Magic foundation later, and a little bit of the Empires leading figures. ” He said as he finished the last piece of strawberry and took a bite of a bread slice, the twins already started eating before starting a staring contest with their brother.

”Origins and Magic foundation? ” The twins asked while eating their bacon and eggs with hot chocolate for their drink with a separate cup for clean water.

The Origin of All

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