Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter VI - My Strawberries, The Foundation

”Why are you so slow? Don you know that the mansion currently has a little worth of servants because this household is strict about their workers reliability? ” Noah huffed as he finished stacking the firewood which have been chopped off by another worker besides him, the guy only looked at him with pity in his eye.

Noah sigh as he was thinking of a way to get out of the situation. He considered using magic, but he has a principle to follow. He mustn use magic for simple matters such as being mistaken as a worker, of course the principle is absurd but what can he do? He is very strict with himself and always follow the rules, with a little bend to his will.

He may have absolute control of his powers but that doesn mean he doesn have restrictions placed upon him by the time he was given hat title 4 years ago, he was delighted to have been given such absurd title at such a young age but he was given the burden of following rules and workload ever since.

It would have been much easier if Im not someone like that. Noah thought as he feed the horses with hay.

Worse case scenario for him would be Vincent finding him in here, all dirtied up and clearly doing servant work. Noah thinks that the maid won really get out alive. Remembering how Vincent last reacted when he found Noah being in the Forest of thorns, he was lost because the maid who was assigned to escort him suddenly left him alone. That led them on finding him that night curled up near a tree on the outer layer of the forest, after that he had to stay in bed for 2 days because he caught a fever.

The maid responsible was pulled into a room called Room of Silence after they had found her and she never appeared in front of Noah again in his stay.

”Uhm..Miss? Whats your name? ” Noah asked politely while still feeding the horses.

The Maid was about to leave when he asked that, but she sighed and crossed her arms. She clearly stood her ground as someone superior to Noah, yet Noah only focused on not getting even more dirty.

”My name is Stella, one of the maids serving the Main Castle. ” She said as she left. She was probably going to the kitchen to give the training knights some snacks.

”Hey…new guy. Im sorry for her attitude. She may act like that because she experienced extreme bullying by other servants before her climbing up to that position. I know that doesn justify her actions, but I hope she changes for the better. ” One of the workers said as he continued to chop the firewood.

Noah wondered why they were chopping firewood when there are those who can use mana in the house, but he quickly dismissed the thought because he remembered the quarters for the servants outside the castle and the barracks for the knight needing the use of firewood for the winter season.

Noah understood that and just sighed. By then, he noticed an old man was tending to one of the horses when he noticed that the horse looks majestic and strong. This Horse was tall and muscular with a black coat and long mane that looks very well taken care off, the man caressed the horses head affectionately as the horse complied with a snort.

Noah was amazed and was very curious of the horse, ”Hes Max, in short for Maximilian. His owner is a great person and as such, a great horse is perfect for him. ” He explained as he glance at Noah to come closer.

Noah was surprised that such a majestic animal was actually the horse he met 13 years ago, the same one that Vincent was using for his horse riding training. He joked about Vincent keeping it and naming it Maximilian when he found out that he was only using Max for his training. He didn thought that Vincent kept Maximilian. He smiled.

He then slowly guided Noahs hand to Maxs head, Max was at first hesitant, but he gave in as he saw Noah. Max happily brushed his head to Noahs hand. This made Noah very happy and also the man who was tending to Max.

”Im Klein. And this is the first time I saw Max being so friendly to another person. Especially a person he only met today. ” The man, named Klein said as he laughed.

Noah smiled as he brushed his hand on Maxs mane, ”Im happy to meet you too. ” Noah said.

”Mr. Klein, I was wondering if theres a horse named Linette in here? ” He asked as Klein looked at him like he saw a ghost. ”Is something wrong Mr. Klein? ” He asked as Klein looked at him.

”Are you the owner of Linette? Lord Noah? ” He asked as Noah smiled and nodded, ”Yes, Linette is my racehorse when I stayed here. I was wondering if shes still here because Max is here, they were bought together here 13 years ago. ” He said as Klein nodded.

”Linette is here, She and Max are usually together in a stable Master Vincent ordered. Max is only here for weekly grooming, while Linette was groomed earlier and is now back at her stable. ” Klein explained with a smile as Max nudged Noahs cheeks when Noah stopped patting him, Noah laughed as he listened to Max request and continued to pat him.

”Who said you can touch that horse! ” Noah and Klein were startled when Stella shouted and came closer to gripped Noahs collar tightly and dragged him forcefully outside the stables.

Klein tried to scold Stella but Max became outraged when Stella dragged Noah, he was throwing his hooves and kicking. Nostrils flared as he neighed loudly and tried to run and attack Stella but he was stabilize by Klein who is surprised that Max lashed out. He needs to clear the misunderstanding but leaving Max here who is intelligent will do no good.

He decided to bring Max along with him to find where Stella dragged the person you don want to mess with. He shivered at the thought of seeing his Young Master angry again as Max snorted as he followed Klein obediently.

”How dare a lowly servant touched the horse of our Young Master! Your not even qualified to touched a single piece of hair of his horse. ” She said as she continued to drag him to the training grounds of the currently training knights of Leondale.

These Knights were startled out there training when they saw a maid dragging and shouting curses upon curses on another person. They all looked at each other and nodded before they cleaned themselves and put their uniforms and swords on themselves.

”Please stop Ms. Stella. I know that your angry but Im afraid that the one currently waiting for me is much more scarier! ” Noah shouted as he got out of Stellas hold, Noah sighed before he was slapped in his cheeks. He tried his hardest not to tear up and he calmed himself down.

Noah was silent before looking at Stella who is blinded by rage, Noah sighed again before calming Stella down. He needs to stabilize such action as reasoning with a person blinded by rage can become a tricky conversation,

”Ms. Stella, please calm down. But I really should be going if I don head- ” but before he got to finish his reasons, Noah felt an extremely furious eyes behind him.

”And if you don Noah? What would happen? ” Noah flinched as he heard Vincents cold voice.

He now knows that he can escape the situation, he slowly turned around to face the angry Vincent and observed his expression, Stone Cold. Thats the only thing he could read.

Vincent then motioned his hands to tell Noah to get closer, Noah laughed nervously.

Whats with them today motioning me to get closer to them? he thought before he was an arm length away from Vincent.

Vincent clicked his tongue and grabbed his right arm and collided Noah to his chest, Noah could tell the Vincent got even furious as his cold gaze turned sharp as he began to check his condition.

Noahs clean white dress shirt was dirty, not to mention the crumpled collar, his hands which are mentioned to be always clean is also covered in dirt. His White-green hair turned gray by the dust and dirt in the stables, his face is also covered in dirt. Not to mention his cheeks, which are currently bright red because of Stellas slap.

Noah was getting nervous and thinking of ways to get the hell out of there, but as he observed Vincents whose eyes are like those very sharp and outraged eyes. Noah even tried to cover his cheeks when he noticed Vincents eyes traveled to his face, Vincents face darkened again and he gently yet forcefully pry Noahs hands off.

”Don you dare use magic to cover that up. ” Noah froze as Vincent cold voice echoed in his ear. He could only stop hiding his cheeks with mana which he made so tiny that he hope Vincent won notice, but he did. He surrendered to Vincents ever so calculating gaze.

”Young Master. ” A voice called out as Vincent looked at them with such cold eyes the Knight instinctively backed away, he sensed danger and intent to kill from that one gaze alone.

”Captain Harold, State your business. ” Vincent said when he recognized the Knight standing a few meters away. Harold felt the hair at the back of his neck stood up from fear and pressure Vincent was emitting.

”Im hear to say what we all witnessed earlier Young Master. That maid was shouting curses earlier as she forcefully pulled him from the direction of the stables. She was shouting about him touching Young Masters horse, Maximilian. She also didn listen to his reasoning and slapped him. ” Harold felt his knees buckle as another Knight supported him from behind, but the others couldn stop themselves from falling onto their feet when they saw how Vincents eyes glowed and his murderous intent showed when lighting began forming around him.

Klein arrived at the scene as he hold onto Max when he felt the pressure their Young Master was releasing. Max looked at him before he looked at Noah and Vincent and neighed to call out to them, which is successful when the two looked at his direction.

”I can be the witness Young Master, Master Noah was with me in the stables talking about Maximilian and Linette earlier. I was also shocked to see Master Noah again but she dragged him away before I could tell her who he is. Maximilian also lashed out Young Master when he saw Master Noah being dragged, I had to calm him down. Im deeply sorry for not protecting Master Noah ” He said as he bowed his head.

Noah told Klein that it was not his fault and to stop lowering his head, while Vincent looked at Maximilian. Said horse was looking like he achieved something far greater and showing off. Vincents anger only doubled when he heard Kleins side of the story.

”She dare slap you when I only handled you with care. ” Vincent said as Noah noticed the forming purple lighting in Vincents hands. Noah immediately gripped Vincents hands and hissed as the lighting was a lot more powerful than he expected.

”Stop Vincent! She didn know who I was so she doesn deserve to die. That doesn justify it! ” He shouted as he shakes Vincent by his shoulders.

”Justify?! Iris! I swore to protect you but this maid dare to raise her hand against you when I never have hurt you. I gently lead you while she dragged you harshly, she shouts at you as if you have committed a crime. Tell me, Iris, how does these not justify me on killing her? ” Vincent questioned, his voice, strained and in pain as he continued to look at the maid.

Noah tugged his shoulders and hug him, ”Its alright Vince. I know you will never hurt me intentionally. ” He said as he pats Vincent in his head.

Vincent calmed down a little as he panicked when he noticed Noahs bloodied hand.

”Iris! Why would you do that! ” Noah let out a relieved sighed and noticed that Vincent was wrapping his handkerchief to his bloodied left hand. Noah chuckled as Vincent did it so gently that he didn even noticed it was finished.

”How could you laugh at something like this! You know that a person capable of healing others cannot heal themselves! ” Vincent shouted.

”Elias! Prepare medicine in Noahs room. We will go after. ” Vincent ordered hurriedly.

”Its not that bad Vincent, besides the twins can heal me later. ” Noah said as he laughed.

”Those children? Elias! Call for the twins to Noahs room. ” He shouted. Noah was confused on how Elias can hear him but he just shrugged it off.

”And you, Don expect to not received appropriate punishment for assaulting a noble. ” Vincent said as they both looked at the slumped maid on the grass ground. She was trembling as over, but her eyes shot up when Vincent said the word, noble. Noah was feeling sorry, but feeling sorry won solve everything.

”Im sorry I forgot to introduce myself. Im Noah Wisteria, the second son of Marquis Wisteria. It wasn my wish to deceive you with an ordinary appearance. But I do hope that you know that you don have to judge a person by their appearance. But I promise you that your punishment will be lowered as it was also my fault for dressing plainly. ” Noah said as he dragged Vincent towards the mansion.

The Knights who witnessed the scene slowly stood up and looked at each other, their cold and seclusive Yong Master actually cares and listened to a person. Whats more is that he was the child of Marchioness Wisteria that is close to the Duchess Leondale.

They all nodded in union that they will only treat Lord Noah Wisteria with high respect and regards if they don want to see hat expression again. They all sighed a breath of relief and they took and dragged the maid to one the cells outside the barracks and told a superior of what happened but left out the part of their Young Master being gentle.

Klein also went back to Max and Linettes stable and told Linette that Noah was looking for her that earned him a nudge in the head as a sign of thanks. He smiled, ”Don worry Linette, Master Noah will visit you soon. ” He said as he looked outside the stables, hoping for the best.

e too soft, you should know that a punishment for threatening and raising a hand at a Noble is also a lifetime imprisonment. If you lower that, she only has to leave the house and get out of the capital. ” Vincent said in a serious yet whinny tone, Noah shakes his head.

”I don want someone to suffer a lifetime imprisonment just because of me. And as Ive said earlier it was my fault. ” He said as they turned the hallway and saw the door leading to Noahs room.

”We also didn have lunch, so why not have it in my room? ” Noah said as he attempted to open the door, only for Vincent to stop him and opened it for him.

”I think that would be for the best. I would also ordered lots of Strawberries for you. ” He said as he closed the door when they both entered.

”That would be great! ” Noah said as his eyes sparkle at a mere mention of Strawberries.

”Noah! ” They both turned their heads as they both heard the twins shout and run towards them.

”What happened to you! You were just fine a while ago! ” They both said with worry in their eyes as they gently held his left hand.

”Who ever done this to you must be punished! ” They both said with a determined look. Noah can only scratch his cheeks with his right hand while looking at Vincent, who has a little annoyed yet guilty expression.

Vincent felt like he will kill himself while looking at the smiling Noah in front of him, not only did he raised his voice to him but also injured him because his emotions took over his reasoning. He swore to only treat Noah as gently as he can but now it felt like the world was ending in front of him.

I couldn even stop someone from hurting him in my own land, Im pathetic. He thinks to himself.

”Now now! I called you here because I want you to both heal me. Can you do that? ” He said as he walked towards the window bed he used to read books often.

”But can you heal yourself? ” They asked.

Noah shakes his head, ”Those who can heal cannot heal themselves. Thats why everyone needs a healer. ” He said as he demonstrated, and the usual soft green light when using heal appeared but theres no sign of healing.

The twins looked troubled, ”But Audrey doesn have wind. ” She said, ”Richy also doesn have water. ” He said.

Noah chuckled, ”I know, but listen. I was actually thinking of this. Because heal is a spell which uses wind,fire and water. The wind is the one who has the ability to help something regenerate faster, while the water helps to cool down the fire which is used to burn the bacteria which might have entered the wound. As Richard can control Wind easier, while Audriana can control both water and fire simultaneously I think that we can pull this off. If not, we can just ask for the family doctor which your brother have forgotten about. ” He said as he laughed when he sneaked a glance at the guilty Vincent who is currently sitting on the divan with a slumped and gloomy expression.

The twins looked at each other, then their brother and receiving a nod, and finally their Teacher who they both acknowledge. They both nodded and placed their hands on Noahs hand.

”Wind is mostly needed, next is Water and then Fire. But you need the water to be at least greater than the fire because it will end up burning the person your healing. ” Noah instructed as he was amazed on how much control the twins have on their magic power.

”You two are doing a great job. I can see my hands already healing. ” He cheerfully smiled, and not long after that he can now move his uninjured left hand with ease. He then saw the twins shoulders, relaxed.

He squatted and hugged them both, ”You two did an amazing job. ” He said as he pat both of their heads.

”Now then. Now that we
e all here, why don we enjoy our lunch together! ” Noah declared as Vincent was surprised, but hes still happy that Noah was being energetic like his usual self. Vincent is also feeling very guilty on what he had done and so he agreed with it silently.

They all had lunch with Noah insisting on Elias joining them, in which the man tried to refuse but in the end he was defeated of Noahs glare, ”If you won eat right now. Then expect to not eat your entire life. ” And as a result he was eating on the outside and crying on the inside. And when he asked for his Masters help, his master only looked amused! He sighed as he was given two very demanding Masters.

After they had lunch, Noah insisted on Vincent staying a bit longer at his bedroom. Vincent didn fought back as the twins and Elias went out without a second thought.

”Vincent. ” Noah said in a low voice that Vincent flinched visibly.

”Do you know what you did wrong Vincent? ” Noah asked as he observed the trembling shoulders of Vincent. Vincent nodded.

”Really? What did you do wrong? ” He asked as Vincent began talking nervously.

”I failed to protect you and that my emotions got the better of me. ” He said with a slumped shoulders.

”Wrong. ” Noah said that made Vincents head bow lower. ”What you did wrong today was being angry at yourself. ” He said as he lifted Vincents head and cupped his cheeks.

”I do not like you blaming yourself on something you don have any control. It was my fault for not clarifying anything because I thought she will notice. I also can hurt her because its against the Noble Laws, so don think it was your fault. ” He said as he brushed a strand of hair and tucked it behind Vincents ear as he saw tears streaming down his face.

”Im angry, so angry at myself Iris. If only I didn get held back you wouldn have gotten treated like some lowly creature. Im sorry for hurting you Iris. ” He said as he wrapped his arms around Noahs waist and hid his face in his stomach.

”Its alright, I forgive you. It was not you intention. ” Noah said as he stroked Vincents disheveled hair probably from running around, looking for him.

Unknown to him, Vincents eyes were cold with fury as he gaze out the orange sky, he will make that maid regret that she dare lay hands on Iris, mark his word.

”Don punish her roughly Vincent. If I found out that you killed her I won talk to you again. ” Noah said seriously. He looked up and rubbed his face onto Noahs stomach before he nodded. Noah smiled in approval.

Vincent grinned internally, But you said I can punish her, and I can make it you never heard she died nor find her body. No news will escape. He plotted in his mind.

That Evening in the Castle

”Assemble all servants in the banquet room of the mansion. And tell them to not make a single sound of there heads will fall off. ” Vincent ordered to Kevin, the Head Butler.

”Yes, Young Lord. ” He answered and swiftly informed the servants one by one.

”Elias, keep check on Noahs room. We can have him knowing on whats happening. ” He ordered to his servant, ”My clone is already deployed my Lord. ”*He answered by the shadows.

Vincent nodded in satisfaction, as he crossed his legs and looked at the arriving rows of servants coming inside the room with his highest view from his throne.

”Shes here right? That smell who lingers in Noahs red cheeks. ” The twins said in a cold manner as both their eyes glowed purple, their seats are on Vincents left side in his perspective

”Shes here, Richard and Audriana. ” Vincent said with a smirk as he spotted Stella on the 8th vertical line, number 13. She was already trembling and shaking with fear.

”What a nice gathering you have here. ” The sudden voice of the Duchess further made the servants tremble as the room grew colder when the Duchess Ophelia made eye contact with Vincent.

”I didn expect the Duchess to arrive. Although I don really like you to be here, you
e the one with the final call. So sit down. ” Vincent said in a bored yet piercing tone. The Duchess chuckled as she sat down besides Audriana.

”I presume that one of you knows the reason why I called for in such a late hour. ” He said in a cold tone. The servants trembled yet they all looked at each other with a confused look.

”Does anyone know that a guest had arrived at the mansion? ” The twins asked. All the servants who worked at the left wing raised their hands.

”I see…It seems like someone got in trouble because they didn know that someone special arrived at the mansion 2 days ago. Im sure that I didn kept it a secret that someone was arriving. ” The Duchess said as she sipped her wine that Kevin gave her.

”What did this someone do? ” She asked. ”She forced Iris to work in the stables and ordered him to arrange the stack of firewood while also shouting at him. She also forced him by his collar when he touched Maximilian and slapped Iris in front of me. ” A sudden sound of glass shattering and abrupt standing of the shocked Duchess further surprised and scare the servants. The Duchess was still in shocked but she sat down again.

”Bring her here. She will received the worst punishment of the House of Leondales. ” She said.

”Iris said that he wants her to receive a light punishment. ” Vincent said with a bored look.

”Aren you glad he was such an angel? Stella. ” Vincent said as Stella was presented in front of them, pale as a ghost and trembling non-stop.

”Haa…I will always fulfill the wish of my beloved. He specifically said that I should not punish you roughly. He also said I could not kill you ” He said as Stella bowed down to the ground.

”Then, I would suffice that you will be dragged in the Room of Wrath then. Im sure that is a light punishment considering I wanted to put you in the Room of Silence. Im sure the 5th layer is much more lenient than the Room of Deception. ” He stated as the shadows dragged away Stella who passed out.

Shes going to be in the Room of Wrath where countless prisoners kill each other to be set free on a fixed time and kill count.

”As for the rest of you. You all must know your place, don you dare lay your hands on our teacher. ” The twins said with a glare.

”You must respect my beloved. He is Noah Wisteria, the second son of Marquis Wisteria. If I ever see or hear that someone did something to him. I will personally drag you to the Room of Silence. ” He said.

The Room of Silence is part of the series of 10 underground prison in the castle with different titles of each room, these are the Room of: 1st Oblivion, 2nd Desire, 3rd Voracity, 4th Avarice, 5th Wrath, 6th Dissent, 7th Violence, 8th Deception, 9th Betrayal and 10th Silence.

The Room of Silence is particularly that place where one will hope to just die than enter that room. It was a room only used for very severe crimes done in the North, none can escape the room and no one was ever seen again after they entered it.

Only the worse of the worse crimes are placed in the room of silence, this would be the 2nd maid being dragged inside because of her crimes. The first one was the one who left Noah 13 years ago, Vincent was angered and ordered for her to be dragged there, his Mother tried to reason him but he didn lower his verdict.

”Noah is new here, he was scared to get lost Mother! I specifically ordered for the maid not to leave him, and look at the results! Hes now burning with fever for being scratched in the Forest of Thorns! ” 7 year old Vincent argued with his Mother. Duchess Leondale sighed.

”But the Room of Silence is reserve for the most severe crimes such as treason. You just can put someone in there my child. ” She said as she tried to coax Vincent.

Vincent went silent before he smiled sickly that the Duchesss heart paced in fear. The first time Vincents eyes glowed as he looked at his mother with such innocently sweet smile but with eyes harboring such murderous intent.

”It is Treason Mother. ” He said as he showed his Mother the book of Imperial Laws.

”Treason is the act of betrayal Mother, disloyalty. We can have such a servant who betrays her own Master don we? ” He said as he touched the printed words of Treason.

”Why is it betrayal my Child? ” She asked, Vincent smiled.

”She betrayed my Trust, and also yours Mother. You also ordered her to protect and escort him didn you? Don tell me this is still not a good reason, Mother. ” Such an innocent looking face with venom dripping like honey in his mouth.

”Are you sure you won regret this, my child? ” She asked as she hugged Vincent as he gripped her gown.

”Im sure Mother, I won . Never to hurt him. I promised him before. ” He said the Duchess nodded.

True to its name, the area of it are eerily silent and only became noisy when a prisoner is being dragged inside and thrown. You can expect that once the small door closes, it will never open again, it will make you scream, starve, and hallucinate to death.

No one wanted to be sentenced in such death as they all stood careful ground when working, but knowing that just touching and provoking the wrong person will lead them to that hellhole will certainly make them thread carefully even more.

When the Room of Silence was mentioned, every servants kneels down, ”We will follow your orders, Young Lord! ” They said kneeling the lowest way possible. With a satisfied smile of Vincent and innocent smile of the Twins and a headache forming for the Duchess. The assembly was bought to an end.

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