Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter IV - My Students, The Elements

t the spiral elements in Noahs right hand which hold the elements he can control while his left hand has small fragments of the elements he finds difficult to use.

”Since you both now know that we have the 6 Elements, We would first want to know what your affinities are. ” Noah said as the elements in his hand disappear.

”How do we do that Sir Noah? ” Richard asked while Audriana followed.

Noah smiled as he crouched down to the twins level, ”Please, call me Noah. As for how can we know your affinity we would have to use these Element Crystals to know. ” The twins looked at Noahs palm which have tiny pieces of crystals in different colors.

”As you can guess. Red is Fire, Blue is Water, Green is Earth, Clear is Wind, White is Light, and Black is Dark. ” Noah explained as he pointed each crystal of its affinity.

”But what about this Gray one Noah? ” Audriana asked.

”This Gray one is Unique, its a Neutral Crystal of a neutral affinity. This also means that if you have the affinity for this you can use a Bloodline magic or Unique magic a person has. ” Noah explained while holding the gray gem.

”But thats strange, I thought that only one person has the neutral gem in the empire. So why do you have one Noah? ” Richard asked while looking at him, as well as Audriana. Noah playfully smiled and placed his pointer finger in his lips.

”This is a secret Ok? Im the one who found this gem. And this is also my secret affinity. ” He said while the twins eyes widened.

”Your the one? Even the tower couldn touch the owner but it was you?! Can you really tell us a super secret like this? ” They both asked in sync.

Noah laughed as the twins were panicking because of the revelation. ”Of course! I trust you both that you won say it. But if its an emergency you can use this affinity if you have one. And besides its our secret. ” The twins both nodded while holding their mouths. Noah laughed as the twins were just panicking and looked like scared rabbits.

”Don worry, I won be mad if you use it to help. Now then, take turns and just imagine and chant the element that the gem holds. ” With determined faces, the twins began.

Richard went first and tried all the Element Crystals by pouring a small amount of Mana into the stone and chanting the element. He succeeded on the element of Fire, Earth, Wind and Dark while using Water didn only made him exhausted but he was also not compatible with it.

”Water, How can I not control it? ” He asked Noah, dejected. Noah smiled and patted his head.

Audriana comforted Richard and praised him before she went ahead and tried hers. She huffed as she look frustrated by the fact she only managed to control the Elements of Fire, Water and Dark while she had a very hard time from Earth and Wind. She was also dejected but looked at Noah as he praised her and them both.

”It was said that a persons ability to control elements are based on their personality. Based on that, you will have your answer. You can control: Fire because you have hope and inspiration but it also means destruction, Earth because you have a steady foundation but it also mean it can crumble, Wind because you want to sore high and be free but it also means a storm, Water because you care for life but it also mean you can drown into something and Dark because your family carried this element since before the family is called Leondale, It would mean its in the blood. But that doesn mean that its just full of destruction and everything bad. ” Noah said as he sighed.

”As Ive said earlier, if someone with good intentions teaches a student to use it for the right then it will guide them to the right path. But everyone has a perception on what is right and what is wrong, the color of black and white, sun and moon. Even so, when a person only do and wished for good but still uses the dark will that mean he is evil but all in his life he only saved people? ” He asked the twins.

Unsure the twin looked at each other, ”Then, We would defend that person. Because we know what is right or wrong, just because its not something everyone use and considered evil. Everyone shouldn judge anyone just by their element. ” They both said as Noah looked at them in shock, before his lips formed into a gentle smile and his face looks serene.

”Thats the answer I was looking for, Richard and Audriana. ” He said while patting their heads.

Before long, it was already 1 in the afternoon.

The twins have both known what element they can control and were happy for the praises it earned them.

”Now, for the neutral. ” He first handed the neutral gem to Richard.

”Why don we start with something easy. Try chanting (Grab) or example. ” Richard was confused but looked at Noah before confirming what he wants. A second later, his hands held the Amber cuffs Noah owns.

Noah was satisfied and praised him, ”Great Job. To tell you the truth I was the one who created that neutral spell. I used it to grab and hide things from people in my job. It was really helpful. But do be careful, you wouldn want grabbing something bad, right? Use this for the good Ok? ” Richard understood and nodded.

”Now then, Audriana. Its your turn. But first lets go here. ” The twins looked at each other as Noah walked towards a tree, which was enclosed with them.

”(Break) ” Noah said as the tree split apart.

”Oh, be careful about (Break) one wrong moved and that person is spilt in half like the tree. ” The twins nod. With a smile, Noah gave the gem to Audriana,

”Say (Reverse) while focusing on the tree. ” Audriana looked at the gem and held it tight before focusing her mind and vision towards the tree.

”(Reverse!) ” She said, and the split apart tree return to its original condition.

”Excellent! Reverse is a spell that can, you guess reverse something to its original condition. Simply put, that tree was split right? So by reverse it turned back to its original condition. But that spell can only activate if the object of interest is damage within the same day. So if that tree was already broken for a long, you can reverse it anymore. Just think of what would be the advantage of learning this in a serious situation. It could be very handy. ” Noah explained as he dispelled the barrier.

”Ok, lets end the lesson today. Tomorrow, we will learn about where these Elements came from. ” He said as he dusted the twins of wind a low leveled wind spell.

”(Breeze) ” He said as the wind flew all the dirt and sand from their clothes, now it looked like it was brand new.

”But Noah, we both have Fire and Dark elements that we control. And you mentioned that you can use them very well. ” The twins both said. Noah sent quiet as he think for a solution.

”I know! ” He shouted, the twins were surprised as their eyes widened.

”Why did you shout? ” They both asked. Noah smiled and waved his pointer finger.

”Your Older brother, Vincent. Is very proficient with that element. And also its branch element Lightning. ” He said in a matter of fact tone.

But the twins were confused, ”You think Older brother will help us? We didn even know he was proficient with these element. ” They both said.

Noah laughed, ”Of course he would. Ill ask him later. Besides, I know that he can because he can already control them when we were kids! ” He said as he grabbed the twins hand, Richard in his right, while Audriana in his left.

”Now, clean up and rest. You can come find me later, after lunch so we can also discuss some fun things! ” He excitedly said. Both the twins eyes lit up, ”we will! ” And the three of them laughed.

After Noah sent them inside to rest

The area here didn change since then. Noah thought as he sat down besides the large tree he used to sit and read under in the past.

Its a good thing I brought a book. Vince said that he will handle lunch so I just have to wait. He opened the book and began to read.

Some time passed, and before he noticed hes already halfway the through the book he was reading.

He sighed as Vincent was running late, ”Hey you! ” he was confused as someone shouted at his direction.

”What are you doing here? ” A maid stopped in front of him, she was of average height and beauty and only her light brown hair stand out.

”Im reading a book here. ” Noah answered as he showed the book.

”And why would you read a book when theres so much work to do?! ” She shouted.

Work? What is she talking about? Noah thought as she must have mistaken him for a new servant.

”Im sorry miss, but you must be mistaken. ” Noah said as he stood up.

”Shut up and follow me! You dare talk back at me! Your just a newbie here! ” She screamed and grabbed Noahs collar and harshly dragged him.

She did mistake me for a servant.; Noah cried in his head.

”I told you! You
e heavily mistaken. ” Noah tried to pry her hands of, but he has a principle to not hurt a lady no matter their standing.

Oh no, Vincents going to be furious! Noah taught as he got ready for the worse as he was already at the West part of the Castle, already far away from the East garden.

Meanwhile, back in the meeting place.

Elias was already scared as his Master was losing patience, his Master already finished his work when an important report came that made him late. Only to find out that Noah was not under the tree, he knew Noah was not the type to go when waiting for a person.

This means that someone took him away, this thought made Vincent furious. Ready to skin away the person who took his Noah.

”Find and bring Noah in front of me! Now Elias! ” He ordered.

”Yes! ” He answered.

Just where are you Master Noah! He thought as he ran frantically to look for Noah.

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