Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter IV - My Students, The Elements

”Welcome back, Noah. ” The Head of the Duchy of Leondale, the only Daughter of the late Duke Alexis Leondale. Her long black hair that reaches the ground, her beautiful yet piercing violet eyes. She is the Duchess of Leondale, Duchess Ophelia Ainara Leondale.

Noah bowed down with his hands on his chest, ”I greet her grace, Duchess Leondale. Thank you for inviting me. ” And stood up straight after his greeting.

The Duchess was pleased as she smiled and directed both of them to their seats, and as Noah walked, he also notices two more people in the dining hall. Both are similar, yet their genders are not. One is a handsome young boy with jet black hair and shy looking violet eyes, while the other is a beautiful young girl with black and violet colored hair yet her eyes hold order and power. They both wore matching tailored coat and dresses in shades of dark purple and gold.

As Noah sat down, he was sat beside Vincent who is on the left of the Duchess, while the twins are on the right side. Following their actions, the servants began to walked and served their dinner one by one. Each displaying meticulous, careful and quiet movements as to not make any mistakes and ruin their masters suits and dresses. When the servants were done, they all backed away and closed the door connected to the dining hall as a sign of privacy.

”Thank you for coming early Noah, Im glad that your here and I am sorry that you have to cancel 2 months worth of work. ” Duchess Ophelia said as she looked apologetically.

Noah smiled and said, ”Its alright, your Grace. But I would really appreciate if you would permit me to receive important work with the help of your Ravens. ” Noah said and began to eat the salad Vincent placed on his plate while he was talking to the Duchess.

”Of course! Anything for you. Just send them to Kevin and he will deliver it. And as your work is urgent you will received it faster. ” She said and drank a little bit of wine before eating her meal, she also glances briefly to Noahs plate as Vincent kept on placing food on Noahs plate with only Vincent noticing her gaze and coldly glaring at her.

”You should eat too Vince, don keep giving me anymore food. ” Noah said as he lightly scolds Vincent, which Vincent then began to emit at gloomy aura.

Noah panicked as he then tried to appease the sulking man besides him, ”Sigh…Vince, don you dare sulk on me. You know that Im weak against that mood of yours. Im still going to eat what you gave me but I told you, you need to eat. ” Noah said as he began to shake Vincent by his arm, it didn take long before Vincent ate, though he forcefully ate his food while sulking with a satisfied Noah besides him.

Unknown to the both of them in their own world is that they have missed the shocked faces of the twins, as they look back and forth to both Vincent and Noah. They were both shocked at everything that happened in such a short amount of time.

Their Older Brother who only expressed a cold and serious face ever since they could remember was sulking earlier!

And not only that, he was also scolded by someone the twins haven even met!

And only for their brother to listen to any of his commands without a second thought and even an angered refute they were so accustomed too.

They looked at each other, thinking that their brothers sudden change when this man arrived was a good or bad outcome.

”Oh right, Noah. I need to introduce to you the twins. ” Duchess Ophelia said as she finished watching something she was glad to see.

The Young Lord and Lady both stood up and introduced themselves, ”Im Richard Alexander Leondale, nice to meet you ” He said, and after that the Young Lady began,

”Im Audriana Alexandria Leondale, Im glad to meet you. ” She said and they both sat down in sync.

The Duchess then spoke again. ”Children, He is Noah Wisteria, he is the second son of the Wisteria family and also a very important person to your Older brother. ” She said as she emphasizes the VERY part.

” Its a pleasure to meet you both. ” Noah smiled as both the twins eyes lit up, as if they have seen something that got their curiosity out in the bag.

Noah lightly laughed as he finished his meal and drank his water. Vincent was also finished and glared at his mother for a brief moment before placing a bowl of strawberries in front of Noah and slightly leaned to Noahs side as he watched Noah happily ate the strawberries.

”You know you can have more of these tomorrow, right? ” Vincent said as he looked at his terrified siblings and a smirking Duchess.

”I know, yet you also know I like strawberries very much. ” Noah said as he finished the last strawberry and smiled as he is full and very much satisfied with his meal.

”Fresh Strawberries here are still very tasty, I would want to have a garden full of these. ” Noah said as Vincent closed his eyes.

”I don think so Iris, you can come back here anytime you want for strawberries so Im not giving you any seed. ” He said as Noah looked at him like he was betrayed but his face also lit up by the mention of coming back again.

”For now, I will agree. But that doesn mean I will give up on collecting enough seeds for a garden Vince. ” Noah said as he laughed when Vincent rolled his eyes.

”Ill ask the chef tomorrow to prepare your tea snacks full of sweets and strawberries. ” Vincent said as he fully leaned on Noah shoulders as he was tired from anxiously waiting for Noah to arrive earlier.

Noah looked across the table to see such terrified expressions of the twin and a giggling Duchess, he then looked worried and asked what was wrong, the Duchess answered.

”Its nothing dear, but please stay with us for a longer time. It would be very helpful especially for Vincent. ” She said as she smiled, Noah smiled back.

”My Mother told me to stay here as long as I want when she slightly chased me out of the mansion earlier, she was also very excited for me to go that when I arrived earlier at our mansion the carriage that Ill be using is already packed with my luggage, ready. ” Noah told the Duchess his story as she laughed at how her best friend reacted.

”My Mother was so excited that I didn get a chance to say goodbye to my Older Brother even though we were both in the Capital that time. ” Noah said as Vincent nodded.

”Then, shall I send regards to Earl Wisteria? ” Vincent asked, and Noah nodded immediately.

”Brother will worry and he has a mission with his corps in the South-West, it will certainly decline a bit of his energy. ” Noah said as the twins tilted their heads and Vincent raised a brow.

”Wasn the Earl a General? Why would he bring a Corps of Soldiers to the South-West? ” He asked as Noah furrowed his eyebrows.

”He was secretive of the mission but he did say it was not confirmed on how much soldiers the mission would need. At first the Emperor at first said that a Regiment is fine, but Brother insisted to take a corps of 100,000 troops. ” Noah explained as everyone listened to him.

”Brother has a high rate at trusting his intuition, none of his suspicion were wrong. But this time, he was also unsure if bringing that may troops will help or will only hinder the advancement. But the worst scenario would be a complete wipe-out. ” He said as he recalled his conversation with his brother earlier in his office.

”I see, then I must prepare. It seems like this was actually a very important matter that I was not informed about, but If the Earl himself is unsure I will send a notice to my troops, we are ready to go anytime they need help. ” Vincent said as Noah nodded.

The Twins understood some part of what they were discussing as the Duchess nodded her head towards Kevin. Vincent also tapped his fingers 5 Times.

Duchess Ophelia understood and proceeded to call for the servants to clean the table and she stood up with a smile.

”Its time to go to sleep. Everyone, Goodnight. ” The Duchess said as all of them stood up and went separate ways towards their room.

Soon, Noah arrived at his room and said his Goodnights to Vincent, before closing the door and changing himself with a nightgown. And Vincent too, after receiving his Goodnights also went ahead to sleep.

As such, the Castle which is usually dark and scary is somehow energetically up that night to protect.

But will trusting this feeling of unease lead to victory or defeat.

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