Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter II - My Lord, The Lion

, Mother was insisting on me arriving a month earlier back at the Capital. It resulted in me cancelling the next 2 months of my schedule, but the most important ones are needed to be handled by me immediately. So, I do hope that you would allow me to receive work. ” Noah said as he continued to organize his luggage before pulling the rope beside him, this rope is connected to the kitchen and it will notify the chef based on which room they are allowed to serve.

”Twins, it seems like they will be written in the marriageable list of the Nobles back in the Empire. ” Noah said as he listened to the sounds of footsteps outside the door before pausing to enter.

The maid took a second before opening the door and bowing as a respect. She set down the tea set with a tray of assorted sandwiches in small square basket and a round basket full of fruits and sweets, she again bowed down as she quietly left the room without turning her back at the two masters as it was considered rude to turn you back to those higher than your rank.

”Didn you also got added to that said list 2 months ago Iris? ” Vincent said as he watched Noah prepare the tea that has just been brought.

”Yes, I was. Yet unexpectedly, no marriage proposal has been sent to our house even after 2 months. I thought it was strange, yet my family paid no mind to it. Which eventually made me forgot all about it. ” He said and after finishing, popped a chocolate in his mouth.

”You already entered the list a year ago. Why haven you married yet? ” Noah asked and poured the tea on two tea cups decorated in blue flowers lined with gold. Vincent showed an uninterested face but returned when Noah handed him his share of tea.

”I have no interest in marriage. They can force me to marry someone. ” Vincent said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Noah laughed at his tone and sipped his tea.

”Well, if its Vince. Its almost impossible to force you. ” Noah said as he placed his cup down as well as the book he was reading before.

”What do you mean impossible? You can answer and understand me better than the others. ” Vincent said as he also placed his stuff down the table.

”Your pretty easy to understand Vince. All of your thoughts are written in your face. ” Noah said as he went out the door, Vincent following closely behind him.

After walking in silence for 30 minutes, they both encountered the Family Butler of the Leondale Castle, Kevin Hart who is in his mid-40 but resembles a man who is in his early 20s. He smiled at them both of and bowed.

”Dinner is about to be ready. Please proceed to the Dining Hall Master Vincent and Master Noah. ” He said as he waited for the both out them to pass him before following behind them.

Kevin already knows Noah ever since he was sent here and knows that Noah already memorized the parts of the castle like the back of his palm and that they won need a guide to lead them.

After a short walk, the large doors leading to the Dining Hall began to get closer.

Kevin then began to walked ahead of us to go to his position besides the two guards guarding the doors. The guards bowed before opening the dark oak doors and they enter, as the door was so large it can fit up to 3 people if you prefer through. Noah and Vincent both stopped as they both looked at the head of the table.

An Elegant woman with deep black hair and shinning violet eyes, dressed in long sleeved A-line gown in a shade of black and purple and diamond crusted with gold embroidery greeted them both.

”Welcome back, Noah. ” She said as she smiled.

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