Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter II - My Lord, The Lion

”I promise we will always be together! If something happens just wait for me and Ill be there I promise! ” Pale hands took his own as those vibrant eyes drew him closer, a story, this promise, unfulfilled.

Noah blinked as he felt the carriage shake that got him out of my daydream, He began to remember my childhood memory that he has kept locked off and hid away even to his family. Noah hummed as he looked out of the window and saw the thick and ever-tall trees that acts as a wall surrounding the estate to seclude them in the wood and sharp intimidating barren mountains. He grabbed his pocket watch as he checked the time for our arrival,

”It seems that we are arriving earlier than expected. ” Noah said to myself as he began to see the giant walls that act as a second barrier of defense, the pristine white walls of the Duchy were shimmering under the summer sky with its lavish exterior rivaling that of the Imperial Palace in the Capital.

He smiled as Noah remembered his precious memory of this place, but he can seem to hide his shaking hands, and nervousness from an upcoming person who is currently residing in the most powerful Grand Dukedom in the continent.

As he slowly saw the golden gates of the Castle, he tried to act calm and composed as the carriage went inside and pass through the distinct Blue Rose Garden in the main entrance and turn the carriage by the main fountain in the middle which is designed as Lion, made of hard black stone and Rare Purple Diamonds that came from their mines. A tiny detail of the statue is that it holds an Evergreen branch of White Pine.

He felt the carriage slowly stops as the large black oak doors of the castle greeted his sight, He took a deep breath as he got up when a servant opened the carriage door.

He was immediately greeted by a familiar scent of roses and a line of servants by the door, all waiting in a single line by gender. ”Welcome, Lord Noah Wisteria ”

They all said and bowed in sync. Noah smiled at them and looked up at the window to the left as he felt a pair of eyes looking at him since he entered the gates.

Noah nodded at them all before he walked his way inside the castle as a maid lead him up to the room he would be staying for a while.

They ascended the grand staircase and walked towards the left wing of the castle as the maid showed Noah his room, Noah was a surprised as he entered the room he last used since his visit, everything was untouched but not a speck of dust in sight. As if it was deliberately cleaned as it was before.

He looked around the room as his luggage arrived, everything was the same. From the way the books were a pile besides the divan to the opened curtains of the window couch. Even the cleaned bed covers were the same type of material and color.

Noah found a book he never finished, Tale of Evergreen it reads. He smiled as he opened it and saw the pressed flower bookmark he made. Suddenly, there was a loud noise from outside his room as the maid and him both turned their heads to the origin of the sound, as they turned, they were greeted by a tall figure wearing a black Silk dress shirt, cravat, Black dress Coat and black trouser, leaning against the door frame while holding a book, Noah smiled as he recognized who was the person in front of him.

”Noah Wisteria greets Lord Leondale. ” Noah said as he bowed his head as a sign of greeting. Lord Leondale nodded and walked at little closer to him, ”It has been a long time, Iris. ”

Noah smiled as he finally saw the person whom he wanted to see and hide from.

”This room never changed Vincent. ” Noah said as Vincent looked around, ”I ordered them to keep it that way. ” Vincent said.

”This room never has, but I see that the owner of said room has. ” Vincent pointed out as looked at Noah.

”I never thought that Ive change, Im still the same. ” Noah said as he followed Vincent.

”Yes you did. You should have called me Vince otherwise. ” Vincent said with a pout.

”Well, I did that to see this face of your Vince. It was worth it. ” Noah said as he ran towards his luggage to escape Vincent.

”You did change, Iris. ” Vincent mumbled to himself.

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