Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter IX - My Mission, The Leondale Castle

ll. They hold the coat of arms bearing two snakes coiled around a flowing river, their family color is Amber. The Southern land is also the land of Beastmen, they are in a peace treaty with House Maxwell since they signed it 30 years ago when they invaded, now they are all living peacefully and earn money by volunteering and joining the military of Maxwell.

The House of Vermont, A March in the East and the one responsible for the Eastern Border. Unlike the other two houses of Leondale and Maxwell, the House of Vermont is a family composed of intellectual people in their family. They earned their title on focusing more on trade, knowledge and economic gain for their people rather than focus on military strength, but even though they didn focus of power, they focused on high-level defense system. Currently the 135th Head of House Vermont is Marquess Alfred Favian Vermont. They hold the coat of arms bearing an owl with a book and a single scroll at its talons, their family color is Peridot. The Eastern Land earned their defenses by working with the dwarfs in the hidden mountains, this was the work of the 50th Head of Vermont.

”But it is no use to worry for my Brother, Im sure Alfred will help him when they notice an emergency flare. We just need to inform them in advance so that they know who would send such a flare. ” Noah said as Vincent nodded and sat back down to grab a pen and parchment, he proceeds to write a letter addressing the Marquess of Vermont.

”Since we already know that Marquess Vermont is going to be alerted, what is the situation with your mission? ” Vincent asked as he continued to write the letter, Noah relaxed his back in his seat before answering.

”I would wait for Reginalds report as I have said so earlier, but depending on the urgency I would either leave before or after the party. ” He said with a sigh, this made Vincent stop looking at the letter he finished writing.

”Are you going to leave immediately? ” He asked again to be certain, ”Yes, Its my duty as the Supreme Councilor. Right now, his majesty, King Aelfdene has given me an information to prepare for the worst and I need to follow her majesty, Queen Elianor because she is with a child. I cannot stand by and do nothing since this is the first time in a hundred years they were blessed with a child again. ” Noah said and explained to Vincent who frowned while sealing the letter.

”Then I will go with you just as I have said earlier, no taking back. Mark my words. ” Vincent said as Elias appeared, he handed over two letters to him before Elias disappeared again.

”You cannot, the Heir of House Leondale? Following the Supreme Councilor in certain danger? I cannot, ever let that happen. ” Noah said with an annoyed tone that Vincent didn take lightly.

”That is more reason to follow you, I may be the Heir but I am also the 1st ranked Commander in the Empire. Me following the Supreme Councilor will not only quicken your mission but also guarantee that none will get hurt. ” He reasoned that made Noah cross his arms.

”You gave me a reason again, you being the Commander means that his majesty, the Emperor is the one who holds order. And I do not need to quicken my mission, I need a clean and throughout investigation. Even if I have to sweep the whole land of Wrolent and go to the Kingdom of Ralnce. ” He said with a crossed arms and huff of annoyance. He can risk bring harm to an heir, Noah himself was safe because he is the youngest but that does not mean his parents are worried for his safety.

”Im not going back on my words, and I will follow you even if it is the end of Calsithea. ” Vincent said that finalized the argument.

”Why must you do this Vince? ” Noah asked in defeat. Vincent just raised his shoulders in a shrug and smiled.

”I will not let you get away this time, Iris. Not anymore, Not ever again. ” Vincent said that earned him a pout.

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