Your Chains that Bind Me(BL)

Chapter IX - My Mission, The Leondale Castle

-so stubborn. ” He groaned, ”Thank you for the complement. ” Noah said as he stood up.

”Then why don you accompany him Vincent. ” Aelfdene said as Vincent looked at him like someone who spoke something extraordinary as Noah sharply gaze at the said King.

”I also want to request something to you Noah, please. ” Aelfdene said with worry etched on his normally calm face. Noah immediately focused his attention to his teacher, ”I would also like to request that you check on my wife, Elianor. Shes currently pregnant and stays at the Serenity Palace in the south-east. ” He requested as Noah looked shocked when he announced Elianors pregnancy.

”Aunt Elianor is pregnant?! and you allowed her to stay outside your reach?! ” Noah exclaimed of surprised and exasperation, Aelfdene on hung his head low, averted his eyes and released a long sigh.

”You know I can say no to my treasure. ” Aelfdene said while looking at his golden branched bracelet he received from Elianor. ”That is why I would like for Vincent to accompany you Child. ” He smiled to cover his worry.

”What? Stop looking at me like I committed a Mass murder. Those gaze of your makes me rethink of you being a beloved student of mine. ” He said. Noah sighed and only shakes his head.

”Well, I do remember you telling me you DID commit a massacre back then. ” Noah said as Aelfdene averted his gaze yet again to hide his shame.

”Ill go with you, Whether you like it or not. ” Vincent replied to the suggestion, Noah could only close his eyes while the Twins were planning on monopolizing Noah in their spare time.

”Well then, we need to go back now. ” Noah informed them all as Vincent sat up followed by the twins.

”Ill also gather information regarding the matter Child, And please do visit me more often. Preferably when Elianor comes back, play with our child and bring the twins over. ” Aelfdene said while he walked besides the Door Noah opened leading to the drawing room.

”We will Teacher, take care. I will escort Aunt Elianor as soon as I can. ” Noah said as he was the last one who got out of the Door.

”Welcome back, Masters and Lady. ” Kevin greeted them all inside the room. ”Her grace sent me fro the Young Master and Mistress. ” He informed. ”Mother? ” Richard said, ”What does she ” Audriana added, ”Want from the both of us. ” They finished together in sync.

”The Seamstresses and tailors has arrived for the adjustments to the clothes you both will be wearing for your debut. ” He said, The twins both nodded but turned to Noah.

”Then, Can Noah help us? We also want his opinion. ” They said, ”I want to know what style would suit me in Noahs opinion. ” Richard said, ”I want to know what jewels and lace would to suit me in Noahs opinion. ” Audriana said.

Noah was flustered as he looked at the twins asking him for his opinion, ”Alright, Alright. Ill join you two. ” He surrendered. The Twins smirked mischievously and drag him by his hand.

”Sir? ” Kevin looked dumbfounded as he watched Noahs and the twins figure fade.

”After the Debut of Richard and Audriana, Me and Iris need to leave. His task this time overlapped with mine. But we will not be moving until we received report from Reginald. ” He said to Kevin who nodded.

”Prepare my soldiers, tell them to immediately respond when a signal from Earl Wisteria comes in the barracks. Tell them to act accordingly and follow Eliass shadow. Elias will relay at the same time what was happening to me so they need not to worry. ” He said as Elias appeared and nodded.

”Then, I shall prepare in case. I will also give you the remaining work for the following month. ” Kevin informed him as he went to the opposite direction.

”Also Kevin, inform Iris after he finishes selecting for the twins. I will meet him at my bedroom. ” Vincent said as he went off to his office to complete several months of work as Kevin bowed at his orders.


”Noah! Noah! Which one do you think suits me more? ” asked Audriana as Richard went out of the separated changing room for his use, looking tired than the overly excited lady in front of Noah.

”Audriana, I think this black lace and gold silk will match your dress. Richard likes it simple so I think embroidering your coat and using a piece of 2 of violet roses will suit you. ” Noah said as he showed the items he gathered as Richard nodded and Audriana smiled.

”Then, the suits and dresses will arrive shortly after this Young Masters and Young Lady. We already tailored a Suit and Dress for the both of you, we will add the items as you can pick which one you shall wear for the debut. ” The Tailor and Dressmaker, Catherina is a very famous dressmaker from the Capital that even the royal family gets their clothes on her store.

”If you allow us, we shall excuse ourselves. ” She said and bowed as Richard and Audriana nodded and soon the entire team of Catherina was nowhere in sight.

”Well then, Richard Audriana its time for me to work. ” Noah said as he stood up from the divan, as the twin looked down.

”Whats wrong? ” Noah asked as he kneels in front of them.

”Do you really have to go after the party? ” They both asked as Noah squeezed their hands gently at the question.

”I do, because its my job to keep everything in balance. ” Noah said as he stood up.

”I, too wanted to stay a while longer. But if it means that I can protect everyone by leaving early, then that is what I must do. As someone who maintains the balance of everything alike, we are not to suppose to be going on public events like your debut. But I wanted to see the Leondale Family for the last time because the tower will be going on a seclusion. ” Noah said as the twin looked up with puffy eyes, Noah didn dare look at them and continued to the large windows in the room.

”Why must you go into seclusion? ” The twins asked with a tone of anger and sadness.

”Its…We, in the Tower. We need to strengthen the barrier of our continent. As you two heard earlier, the suspected Unfaithfuls have crossed it. In order to do that, we need the strength of everyone in the tower to proceed with the spell and after that, we most likely be exhausted beyond imaginable. ” He explained as he walked through the door, but not before patting the twins head.

”For everyone, Im willing to give my everything. ” Noah said as he went out of the room and found Kevin. The twins were teary eyed.

”Master Vincent has told me to inform you that he needs your presence in his bedroom after talking with the Young Master and Young Lady. ” Kevin said as Noah nodded and smiled. He then proceeded to walk towards Vincents bedroom.

”Ive heard you called for me? Vince? ” He said as he knocked on the door.

”Come in, Iris. ” Vincent said from inside as Noah opened the door. Vincent was on his nightgown but still sitting on his work desk with a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of his nose.

”Youve arrived, sit down. ” He said as he looked up and smiled, his violet eyes gleamed and flicker from the light of the candles.

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