You’re Gorgeous

The Special Edition

It was Christmas and Kayla Smith was feeling like she deserved to treat herself to a special edition of her favourite novel of all time Lost in You by Rachel Hayford. Yes, at that precise moment she held the special edition in her hands with the greatest care the world would never see, as she cradled it to her chest like a mother would a newborn baby. She thought how lovely if she could purchase all Rachels other books as well. At that moment she could not afford it as we all know special editions come with special prices as well. Should she buy it, should she not? She thought for a moment and listed the pros and cons mentally.

She had not read a book in ages! Since she had started her degree programme at Brickfields University. Dear God how she missed those times of snuggling in the corner of the couch near the fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate. If it weren for her annoyingly protective older brother, she would have had the chance to bring all her novels with her but oh no he and mom had ganged up on her and demanded that she leave her beloved collection of books behind. She could not blame them entirely for such treatment as she was rather famous for being so immersed in reading a book she could read on for days and nights at a stretch without taking breaks in between except to use the bathroom.

Even so, she still thought they were being unfair even if they meant well for her. She would be able to concentrate more on her studies and not get wearied out by too much reading. Her phone rang once she reached the counter to pay for the book.

”Kay, where are you? ” Asked her brother on the other end.

”At Noels Bookstore. Why? ”

”Im coming over to pick you up, mom is waiting for us to have dinner together. ”

”Alright, Im almost done. ” She answered then cut the line as it was her turn to pay for the book in her hand.

”That will be ninety dollars, Miss. ”

”Can I pay with my debit card? ”

”Yes Miss, ” said the shopkeeper.

She pulled out her debit card and touched it on the machine that was close by. It beeped and the receipt came out of it. The shopkeeper tore the receipt and presented it with her book.

Jaxon her brother called her again to remind her that he was waiting outside, Kayla left the shop and scanned the street for her brothers car.

Aha! There it was that silver mercedes parked just across from the bookstore. She walked over to the car and opened the passenger side door and got in.

”Waiting long? ” She asked her brother.

”Nope ”, was his curt reply.

They arrived home and Kayla could smell the roast chicken that was coming through the doorway as she entered the house. Mom must have really outdone herself this time by preparing such a feast.

She was surprised to find that they had visitors who would be joining them for dinner, oh well thought Kayla the more the merrier.

Present at the table was Ava Jaxons wife, Mary-Anne and her husband Jedidiah with their two old son, named Felix.

”Merry Christmas you guys I can believe yall are all here! ” Exclaimed Kayla giving each of them a hug.

e delighted to join you and your mom for Christmas, ” said Jedidiah with a g

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