rogram it was, to which she answered, “The recently built aquarium! They did an overview of the place, and I really wanna go there!” She overflowed with excitement.

There’s been a lot of talks recently about that place, which is relatively closeby.
Two stops by train, to be precise.
I’m sure this is what she’s talking about.

She’s always been fond of aquariums and the like.
I guess her desire to go there only grew after seeing it featured on television.
But this could be an opportunity for me.
That’s why I’d invite her on a date there on Christmas day, and then I’d tell her how I feel.
I thought it was a good strategy, so I decided to act right away.

“Um, about that aquarium.
Do you wanna go there with me? Erm, on Christmas?”

“That’s great! I’m pumped! I’ve also heard there’d be a Christmas event there!”

She took up my offer quite readily, and I was secretly punching the air with happiness.
This is looking good—

“Let’s invite our friends and go all together!” It was a gut punch.
I almost stumbled over her unintentional stomach-wrenching statement.

“Hey, erm, Suzuka? It’s Christmas, so don’t they have, um, plans or something?” I tried to nudge it all in the direction of a possible date, somehow.

“Oh, you’re right.
People who’re dating will be busy, so let’s go with all the bachelors!”

“No, that was supposed to be a date…” My voice died.

“Hmm? What did you say, Hinata?”


…Haah, this is totally hopeless.
In contrast to me cringing inside my head, Suzuka started to happily jot down some plans.
“I’ll figure it out, then I’ll invite the ones who can…” She did it all with a smile.

My thoughts weren’t going through her thick protagonist skull at all.

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