Chapter 1: Two opposites.

Common Honorifics:
-san: A polite suffix, but not excessively formal.
-kun: A common suffix among friends and younger people.
-chan: A common suffix among people you’re close with, mostly used for feminine nicknames and girls, since it’s cutesy and childlike.
-senpai: A common suffix and noun used to address or refer to one’s older or more senior colleagues in a school, workplace, dojo, or sports club.

TL Note: I’m translating names as if they were western, meaning the first one you’ll see is the first name, and the other one is the last.
I’m doing that for intuitive reading, but forgive me for any mistakes.
I’m just another humble MTL translator.


There are two beautiful girls in my class.
One is Suzuka Ichinose, my childhood friend.

Her hair is beautiful and undyed, barely scraping her shoulders.
A thin nose and a fair face compliment her feminine figure, showing just the right amount in the right places.
She’s bright as the sun, which only matches her appearance, resulting in her having many friends.
A girl popular with people of both sexes, she is.

She and I are next-door neighbors and our parents are friends.
Our families, us included, have a relationship undeniably worthy of the “childhood friend” title, and no doubt it was enviable to some around us.
We’ve been glued to the hip ever since we were kids, even now.

Needless to say, we’re also good friends, not just our parents.
That’s why we’d often walk to school together, and get involved with each other during classes.
So much so, that our classmates started to think we were more than just friends.

Naturally, as we were just that, we both laughed it off and denied anything, but I secretly felt happy inside…

That’s ‘cause I actually like her.

I’ve never been one to stand out, admittedly.
I’m not particularly good-looking, or a good talker, not even good at brightening the atmosphere around me.

The reason why I have so many friends is Suzuka, who’s always been with me.
I also think there was a part of me who felt some kind of superiority for always being with her, a girl incredibly popular.

However, she wasn’t just a friend to me.
She was and is indispensable.

Well, she doesn’t see me as anything other than a friend, and whenever I ask her out on dates, she always invites other friends and isn’t conscious of my a

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